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  1. OK here is a background of what I am working with. I am hosting my own Trinity package on a virtual server '16 at work (don't judge me). I have 8050 and 3724 opened on our cisco firewall. I am using No-IP for DNS hosting. DNS is working fine. I can easily do a NSLookup and get reports back via inside seeing my server's Static and pinging outside ( to see my DNS set as my public IP. So I know DNS is working fine. I can access the private server fine outside my network with one 1 realm setup. Only way to access the "Server" inside my network is to setup a second realm in the database. So for explaining sake lets look at it like this: Realm 1 = Public access - Works fine Realm 2 = LAN access - Works fine but can't see anyone logged into Realm 1 and vice versa Now here is my issue. Is it possible to have both realms merged to where when I am sitting in my office playing I will be able to see my friend who is at it his house? Currently that is not the case, however what ever I do on the realm inside my network syncs to the public realm. Which is natural since it's the same database.
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