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  1. Hello! It may be the wrong place to ask such questions but still... Master branch as of 10 Jan 2021. The actual heal/damage value and the one shown in client's tooltip are the same if versatility percent is 0. But tooltip shows more than actual with versatility bonus. I checked a few server-side calculations with diferent versatility ratings and it looks like client takes approx. twice the value of versatility pct than shown in charcter info page. Formula: total = attack_power * [spell_mod_bonus1 * .. * spell_mod_bonusN] * (1 + versatility) For example, https://ww
  2. I had 7 in worldserver.conf but 8 did not work. I was just proposed to convert the account to Shadowlands on a character selection screen which had no effect. But what seemed to work is a change of expansion value in auth>account DB table.
  3. Hi, Community! I have a problem when I try to teleport to Shadowlands zone with .go zonexy command. The message says I need to install Shadowlands patch to get to that zone. I have the latest client version atm and master-branch server build as of 20 DEC 2020. And I can get to any other zone: BfA, Legion etc. Any ideas how to fix that? Thank you.
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