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  1. Hey! I just want to update you. It seems like it worked! The last Time i've looked the Server had an Uptime of 8 Days. Thank you for helping! I really appreciate it!
  2. I think you have to compile it on the server that you wanna upload it. Why? I think when you compile it, it bounds the Paths to your Computers. Example: When you compile it on your computer the paths that the server has to read out will be something like that: xgamerninjax/Trinitycore/server/src/... So when you move it onto the Server (where it has other paths i believe) then the server has to read out the path xgamerninjax/Trinitycore/server/src/... but it can't because the Server is not having this Path. Idk if that is exactly the Problem put i'm trying to help and that would be my thinking right now
  3. Hey everyone! I've starting with scripting on a Trinitycore Server and now i'm facing a little bit of a Problem. I've created a custom boss and sometimes when you attack the boss, the whole server crashes and sometimes it doesn't - other than that he works completely fine. So it's just the Problem, that sometimes the Server crashes on pulling him. So i think it has something to do with the Initialize i believe? The Boss is on a custom instance map. This is my first Boss script so i'm sorry when it's a bit messy. Open the Spoiler for more Informations and the Script of the Boss:
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