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  1. It was compiled for me, since I couldn't figure out the compile process. The DB had a few minor tweaks for convenience, like making Soul Shards stack. And I managed to get it fixed last night now, by simply regenerating the entire Auth database (since it was only me to worry about.)
  2. This isn't WoW Classic. I just have a client mod to get rid of the loud, roary dragon.
  3. I've been playing on my server just fine for quite some time. But today, I've found myself unable to. Unlike every other time I have booted my server up, today, I logged in to being asked to choose a realm, and a completely empty realm selection. It was not that my server was offline, it was missing entirely, and I don't know what I've done to cause it. I know it was working yesterday when I logged on it the morning. Later on, I turned it off as it was not being used. But now, turning it back on, it simply does not appear at all in the realm list, as if the server does not exist. This server has multiple accounts on it, with multiple characters levelled to the near-40's. Is there a way I can rescue my server and get it to start appearing back where it belongs in my realm selection? How might I have caused my server to disappear from it to begin with?
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