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  1. Hi all again, it appears I did something wrong during setup. I still don't know what it actually was, but setting up the address field in the realmlist database table for the realm to the external IP address (or the hostname rather) did work now. I can access the server from that hostname when I am outside of my LAN and I can also access the server using its local LAN's IP address from within that LAN properly. I can confirm one entry in the realmlist db table is enough for that. The field "localAddress" is set to Sorry for the senseless post. Hannibal
  2. Hi all, I am wondering whether it is possible to configure trinitycore to allow for logins from a LAN as well as from an internet client outside of the local network (so via internet). This basically requires two different settings in the realmlist DB for the respective realm. The address field needs to be either the public IP adress / hostname, or the LAN IP. But can I somehow setup both in parallel? Best Hannibal
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