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  1. still not loading, and I checked, is it down for just me and said appears down, so ya :(.
  2. Point is some of those were discovered just last month, and there is more that haven't been discovered/leaked today. Joomla was built with a build first fix later type mentality, I wouldn't think of it as secure.
  3. If you understand php and mysql insertion through php, it is very simple to accomplish. Also there are many examples out there, you just have looked hard enough. Not necessarily the truth, although for commands like account deletion it is... The trick for sql account insertion is allowing both databases to hold their `ID` integrity and have a separate table that stores both account id's (ie: CMS/account DB) in an associated field, from there you its just a matter of calling the account ID any time a change is needed. This isn't gonna happen, there will always be some customization to the base code, Joomla is crap, and unsecured from out of the box. Your best bet is hire someone that knows what they're doing and have them create you a secure registration page independent, from any CMS/Forum you plan to use. Or pick one of the many free ones from the web
  4. Was working around 12 hours ago, now I am getting a cloudflare error, anyone else able to connect? "522 Ray ID: 24c8195f8fba1407 • 2015-11-28 19:26:50 UTC Connection timed out"
  5. you talking about this post: http://www.trinitycore.org/f/topic/7496-cannot-connect-from-lan-or-internet/ ?
  6. hello, you can try this, have the IP address in the realmlist table set to the external IP, portforward and try connecting through the external IP on the local machine.
  7. or select the Visual studio *Version *Proc platform (ex: Visual studio 8 Win32) http://www.trinitycore.info/How-to:Win#Configuring_and_Generating_Visual_C.2B.2B_solutions_with_CMake -> step 6
  8. for example you appiled TDB_full_335.49_2012_09_16 to the world database you'd apply 2012_09_16_00_world_version.sql and beyond. you can use the cmd method or a sql combiner to combine all the files instead of doing them one by one. A user posted one on the forums heres the link.. Trinity SQL combiner also if you reread the link i posted above it explains how to do this.
  9. The C compiler identification is unknown The CXX compiler identification is unknown Detected 32-bit platform
  10. this might be trying to tell you something.. just maybe
  11. Didn't you apply the base sql files? cause the update folder is in the same spot (/TrinityCore/sql/updates/) just navigate to your TrinityCore soruce directory, from there its /sql/updates. also might do you some good to reread this section (entirely): http://www.trinitycore.info/How-to:Win#INSTALLING_THE_DATABASES
  12. +KingPin memcache is doing it again. Warning: memcache_connect(): Can't connect to, Operation now in progress (115) in /home/kingpin/web/tcorg/f/ips_kernel/classCacheMemcache.php on line 90 and Warning: memcache_connect(): Can't connect to, Connection timed out (110) in /home/kingpin/web/tcorg/f/ips_kernel/classCacheMemcache.php on line 90 edit: also http://i.imgur.com/FbltC.png o.O all sorts of chaos
  13. What compiler did you select from the window prompted my cmake after pressing 'configure'? What version of visual studio is installed? PS: could you be awesome, an use spoiler/code tags, next time. thanks.
  14. You are binding the server to listen to local traffic how do you expect to connect through the internet? Read through this thread, you'll get the idea..
  15. I'm saying an image linked through the board.. how'd that possibly affect your computer?
  16. I can't imagine it being malicious unless you access other parts of the site... linking images can't be harmful..?
  17. o.O but its just images? edit: lol, ofc its the images paradox posted..
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