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  1. Could you possibly post the solution here? I'm trying to figure out how to do the same thing but information is very lacking. It should be simple enough to code a bit of PHP or a MySQL stored procedure to handle this process then post it so we get some idea how this is even supposed to work with the salt and verifier. Currently, instructions say to manually run ./wowserver and use the account create command. That's not really feasible when the server is already running with users on it. Wouldn't it be beneficial to create a standalone executable that can be called in a PHP ( or other language ) shell, passed the username and password and it will go ahead and create the account, without interrupting the running wowserver? Or, can wowserver be called from the command line with params to just create an account, without interrupting the current process? I'm not finding details on a way to simply hook up a PHP form to account creation.
  2. I'm looking at the current account table structure, with salt binary(32) and verifier binary (32) presumably for storing password. It is not clear to me how to code the values to go in here. I'm trying to hook up a PHP page to allow users to create their own accounts, so I don't have to manually run ./wowserver and type in account info. I'm not finding any info on this site regarding how to create accounts programmatically, or via a stored procedure in the auth database ( that would be VERY handy ), etc. Is there a clear set of instructions on how to make a PHP call to the MySQL database to create an account, satisfying the current structure? It used to be pretty easy to create such a stored procedure for the older SHA1 encryption into the sha_pass_hash field. What can we do now?
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