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  1. I forgot to install boost, my world is working thanks. Now i need to understand how to let another ip to find my realm, but i dont know many things: how to open port. and how to config, honestly that field was a bit short of words for me, i couldnt follow it. If you know where can i read an apprentice guide to set networking Online. i will appreciatte. Thanks by asnwer
  2. Hi community, im trying to follow TrinityCORE guide, since Requirement to Instalation Core. Where i get with this, i read some common errores but didnt find it. also it seems a sily things but i dont know anything about this tools and im completly lost. Hope you can help me soon. Boost_DIR NOT FOUND CMake Error at cmake/genrev.cmake:116 (string): string sub-command REGEX, mode MATCH needs at least 5 arguments total to command. Call Stack (most recent call first): CMakeLists.txt:83 (include) Trouble with your Trinity Install / Starting / Login / Readme 1st / Gas
  3. How to change Minimun level required to learn "riding" ? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi "Good day to you" (human citizen at dalaran ). I was looking to change "Minimun level required" to Learn Basic Mount. I learn that Riding is an Skill and each Riding's rank works as spell. Also i note that each single mount you can purchase or loot in game work as spell. But i could not change this Minimun Level required. to Learn that skill. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to change Minimun level required to learn "riding" ?
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