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  1. I know what the problem is. For anyone who wonders the same thing, check this issue. [master] DBErrors.log · Issue #15829 · TrinityCore/TrinityCore (github.com) But how can I close this topic?
  2. My Progress so far: 1. Able to create account 2. Able to login 3. Able to create character and complete quest on startup 4. Able to use GM commands to level up to maximum and learn skills and talent 5. Able to create a DK character and see Wich King and NPC in WLK 6. Able to create a DH character My Problems: 1. I can't see any NPC(enemy or ally) at outland when I start with my newly created DH 2. My DH won't land once triggered Skill Glide 3. There is some ERROR/WARNING when I start my worldserver.exe, basically there are these types of warnings/errors `quest_poi` quest id (xxxxx) Idx1 (x) does not exist in `quest_template` Table `gameobject_queststarter` has data gameobject entry (xxxxxx) for quest xxxx, but GO is not GAMEOBJECT_YPE_QUESTGIVER `pool_gameobject` pool id (xxxx) is not in `pool_template`, skipped `game_event_gameobject` contains gameobject (GUID: xxxxx) not found in `gameobject` table. Table npc_spellclick_spells creature: xxxxx references unknown spellid xxxxx. Skipping entry. npc_spellclick_spells: Creature template xxxxx has UNIT_NPC_FLAG_SPELLCLICK but no data in spellclick table! Removing flag Area Trigger (ID: xxx) does not exist in AreaTrigger.dbc. Failed to load dungeon xxxxxx (Id: xxxx), cant find areatrigger for map xxxx Table 'reference_loot_template' Entry xxxxx Item xxxx : equal-chanced grouped entry, but group not defined - skipped I think problem 1 and 3 should be related? Environments: 1. System: Windows11 2. Game Version: 7.3.5/26972 3. SQL Files: TDB_world_735.00_2018_02_19.sql and TDB_hotfixes_735.00_2018_02_19.sql from this link Release TDB 735.00 · TrinityCore/TrinityCore (github.com) 4. Code Version: TrinityCore/TrinityCore at 7.3.5/26972 (github.com) My Pipeline to setup Server End: 1. run `worldserver.exe` and type 4 yes to create auth, character, hotfixes and world database, and wait for the data import script to end 2. create user when worldserver is ready 3. run `bnetserver.exe` 4. login and play Thanks in advance!
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