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  1. Aokromes

    Character Transfer - cMangos to TrinityCore

    no, that tool is extremely outdated. (last update 2014)
  2. Aokromes

    MariaDB, what is that? Install Guide Debian 9

    mariadb replaced mysql on debian 9.
  3. Aokromes

    Player logout and groups

    if they logout voluntary is blizzlike being removed from group.
  4. Aokromes

    Cast through wall

    not blizzlike.
  5. Aokromes

    WoW client (enUS) to start from

    nor trinity, nor mangos never shared links to clients.
  6. Aokromes

    3.3.5a Auction House Bot

    cannot confirm with 17000 items on ah.
  7. Aokromes

    3.3.5a Auction House Bot

    you don't need account for ahbot anymore.
  8. Aokromes

    Disable Character Achievements

    the gm part, no you cannot, gms arent made to play.
  9. Aokromes

    Can't Connect to Realm

    --- Canned message start --- This help request is in no way related to the official codebase of TrinityCore and/or TrinityDatabase and does not belong on these boards. --- Canned message end
  10. they aren't needed, that's why i deleted them from wiki.
  11. yeah gitextensions no longer ships git, you will need to get it from https://git-scm.com/download/win and install it. P.S. wiki updated.
  12. rochet2 answered you that 2 days ago.
  13. you don't must follow near 1 year old screenshot as guide for what revision suports trinitycore.
  14. Aokromes

    Lookup for group channel not available

    iirc you cannot change the city requirement.
  15. Aokromes

    New SQL File

    idk what you have do, but you look to have a mix of 3.3.5a and master branch.
  16. Aokromes

    New SQL File

    fresh core install works fine, if you have issues you must have custom changes or you are trying to use the database on incorrect branch.
  17. be sure you change the value and not the default value.
  18. Aokromes

    Vanilla/zero server

  19. i suggest you to use clang like wiki states. https://trinitycore.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/tc/pages/10977288/Linux+Requirements
  20. Aokromes

    Branches For Specific Versions

    tc never suported mop, so you will need one non-tc.
  21. Aokromes

    The wiki tab links to Nirvana

    main page is protected.
  22. Aokromes

    The wiki tab links to Nirvana

    hackkkk, kingpin must fix redirect xd as for the other 3 links fixed.