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  1. This becomes more of a problem over time. You used to be able to install from purchased media and there was a reliable patch wiki. That's no longer the case. Now if you don't keep your own copy of clients you have to rely on illegal servers that share clients which you often waste time downloading to find they're modified, missing data, or not the language you want. There should be tools built that check clients for missing data since it's impossible to tell from extractor errors that list pages of errors even on complete clients without missing data. Too much of a guessing game now whether you have a reliable client or not.
  2. I haven't gotten around to setting up my build environment yet. But the new wiki updates should help.
  3. Even if there is a lack of data to fully support old versions, isn't there some value in supporting specific versions to the extent you can? I've been away from TrinityCore for a few years. Looking around since I left I see more projects that have broken off based on TrinityCore based on a focus on specific versions of WoW. Worse than that I see a lot of private servers advertising for developers or with paid developers. I doubt the latter submits much if any code back to this project even though they wouldn't exist without it in the first place. It just seems like a lot of effort gets spread out over many projects when none of them can hope to have the resources to finish everything. Even if there were unsupported branches that were more inclusive of things that weren't ready for supported branches it would at least make the game client experience more complete. I'm wandering a bit off topic. If there were multiple branches and DBC for specific versions can a commit be tagged for multiple versions and applied automatically, or does a fix that only applies for certain versions have to be applied to each branch separately?
  4. From a development standpoint how hard would it be to add branches on github for specific versions of clients? Right now there is mostly the master branch, 3.3.5, and BfA. If you wanted to build for a specific client like MoP before the legendary cloak quest was unavailable, or Legion 7.2.5 before scaling was added is that possible with Trinity or do you have to resort to other projects that just branched off from Trinity long ago and may no longer be updated?
  5. Thanks for posting the follow up. In case I run into the same error. :-)
  6. The old Is it Stable? thread is necrotic worm food. Time for a new one. TrinityCore rev. (master branch) (Unix, None) Online players: (max: ) Active connections: (max: ) Queued connections: 0 (max: 0) Server uptime: Day(s) Minute(s) Second(s). Can some people list their server specs and OS? Be nice to have a modern idea what's working and what might not.
  7. You might want to list what core version you're running and what database. It's been years since I've been poking around TrinityCore so until I get up to speed I might not be much help.
  8. In soviet Russia websites blacklist you.
  9. Still the proverbial thorn in the side I see. Keep up the good work. Hey! I said keep up the "good" work! Get back to work slacker! ;-)
  10. I've had problems with it not working before. Sometimes I have to go back and edit my post, redo the image link, and save changes. I have no idea why but I suspected it was some web caching issue since editing the post generally fixed it.
  11. 4.3.4 isn't ready so you kind of use it at your own risk. I haven't used it but from what I understand it's in no way ready for anything but testing. Legitimate bugs should be posted on the tracker and if something doesn't work you either have to wait until it's fixed, revert to a previous revision, or use 3.3.5a.
  12. I like it. I expect to get a lot of use out of it. It's more convenient than going to Google and doing it myself when trying to find solutions to newb questions. Easy is always better.
  13. Peerblock isn't blocking it. My hosts file blocks a lot of stuff but nothing on this site. Maybe Ghostery is blocking it.... Yeah Ghostery was blocking it. Had to disable blocking for Google Ajax Search on this site.
  14. I love good news, and I think this qualifies. Welcome aboard.
  15. Are you doing a debug build and if so why? If you deviate from the wiki instructions you're more likely to have problems.
  16. http://www.trinitycore.org/f/topic/1518-trouble-with-your-trinity-install-readme-1st-faqs/
  17. Tinfoil hats aside it's a good idea to eliminate security risks whenever you find them. Most people won't be affected by such malware but it is true that infections from such things happen more than you know. Vulnerable systems can't protect themselves from known exploits that are allowed to exist. I still have a few customers using computers with archaic and vulnerable systems like Windows ME.
  18. linking images can't be harmful..? Image files can contain malware in a variety of ways. Most often they contain trojan horses used to exploit vulnerabilities in software. As far back as Windows 98 I remember jpeg vulnerabilities in software programs and patches from Microsoft to fix them. Safety on the internet is an illusion.
  19. Why would they be in the source folder? Did you follow the wiki? I don't think so because the wiki explains how to make the .bat file. BuildbinRelease is the correct folder for the compiled tools and extractors.
  20. That's the problem of having a popular forum. Get too popular and you have a big red target on your forehead. Spammers and malware losers love to exploit forums if they can get away with it.
  21. Happened to me a few times over the last few weeks or so. I googled one of the errors I got and it seemed like the statistical tracking stuff for whatever tracks the heat map stuff was the bottleneck at the time.
  22. Burn the updates to DVD. They're nice to have especially as time goes by and they get harder to find. I have all my patch files on DVD so anytime I need to reload the client I shut off the internet and patch manually and when it's all done I rename launcher.exe to launcher.exe.old so it can't run and auto-update my client. I change my WoW shortcuts to run WoW.exe.
  23. In your auth database under realmlist table what do you have? ID Name Address?
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