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  1. Ya I know all that, but there are a lot of companies that see the, I guess I'll call it "Resistance", to update & are going to support XP for the foreseable future. Trinity has been pretty slow on upgading to higher versions of some of the programs (MySQL comes to mind) So I thought I was safe for a while. Oh well, such is life Thanks for the help guys
  2. Hmm.. well that sucks What's the reason for the change? If you don't mind my asking. Was there something that forced it? And another question if you can answer it, What is the last update/patch/date that will compile on XP?
  3. So, if I am understanding correctly, If we still have Win XP, we are screwed & can no longer use Trinity because we can't install MSVC 2013?
  4. I re-compiled it today without errors, Thanks Machiavelli. I'll check into getting VS express 2012.....I was just delaying as long as possible because when I tried to go to 2010 I could not get it to work no matter what I tried & just got frustrated with it
  5. I am getting those exact same errors. Are we the only 2 getting them? FYI, I have been updating & compiling for a long time. I updated about a week ago & everything worked fine. I did everything the same way this time but now getting errors. I haven't added/changed any programs in a while. I have: MySQL 5.5.30 GITextension 2.43 Visual C++ 2008 express CMake 2.8 OpenSSL 1.0.1c I believe and SQLyog 11.1.1
  6. What they are telling you is, When you start up "worldserver.exe", a command prompt window opens & lots of info streams up in it. THAT is the "worldserver console". You type inside that window to create your accounts. Hope that makes it clear enough
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