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  1. The wiki for OS X lacks the steps to choose branch (master or 3.3.5a). Just take that part from the Linux section that is exactly the same. You can do what the linux wiki says and use: git clone -b 3.3.5 git://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore.git Or if you already have the repo cloned, simply switch to the 3.3.5 branch: git checkout 3.3.5
  2. Just follow the wiki step by step sticking to the version you want, and in any case, do not mix both versions. (Start over all the times you need, eventually you'll learn to do it easily without the wiki)
  3. I don't think it's 'cause I'm using wow through wine but when I try to connect it won't (it keeps "connecting"). The server is up and running, I changed SET portal "EU" to "" and patched both binaries (normal and x64). Can someone confirm if it's working? Thanks.
  4. I assume you are using Git GUI and not a Command Prompt or Git Bash. So i recommend you to use one of them, it's easier than the git app. When you clone a repo, the default branch should be master (unless another were specified in repo), so if you want to use another branch you have to enter in the repo folder with a console (TrinityCore by default) the following command: First we change the repository's branch with the following command (Be sure to be in repo folder): C:TrinitySource>git checkout 4.3.4 Branch 4.3.4 set up to track remote branch 4.3.4 from origin. (only appear first time) Switched to a new branch '4.3.4' Then, as Guybrush said, we select the revision we want to compile: C:TrinitySource>git checkout b95b19b3 If you never used a console, it's very easy: Just open a console (Press "win-key + R", write cmd and press enter) or Git Bash (both are consoles). One time we have a console opened, we navigate to the repo folder with the following command: C:UsersMyUserName>cd C:TrinitySource Now just follow the first two steps. Paradox: Probably you are right, but unfortunately this is a forum...
  5. kcraptor82, if you want to compile and use 4.3.4 branch, first you must select that branch on your local repository. Use "git checkout 4.3.4" in your repo folder to switch to that branch. And compile again ofc, and extract dbc, maps, vmaps from 4.3.4 game client. The best way to run 4.3.4 is using the last DB release commit to compile and be able to use the full db without single sql updates, and wait to sync the updates that are not importable by the moment (in 4.3.4_DB_Alpha repository will be updated with syncs). Use this "b95b19b3cb21f0b51481c71b77ac58bf7268b2c4" to compile from.
  6. You need to tell assembler where is the buildings (extracted) and vamps (empty) folders. md vmaps vmap4assembler.exe buildings vmaps pause Next time, run this: vmap4extractor.exe md vmaps vmap4assembler.exe buildings vmaps pause Save it as .cmd or .bat
  7. hehe you always so straightforward eh paradox xD If i post it in TC forums is because i wanna know why always it was working and now not...just that Athena did you mean in DB or in SQL file? Firsts lines of locales_quest: -- ==================== -- -- LOCALES_QUEST -- -- ==================== -- ALTER TABLE `locales_quest` CONVERT TO CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci; /*Borrado del contenido de columnas previo a la actualización */ UPDATE `locales_quest` SET `Title_loc6`=NULL WHERE `Title_loc6` IS NOT NULL; UPDATE `locales_quest` SET `Details_loc6`=NULL WHERE `Details_loc6` IS NOT NULL; UPDATE `locales_quest` SET `Objectives_loc6`=NULL WHERE `Objectives_loc6` IS NOT NULL; UPDATE `locales_quest` SET `OfferRewardText_loc6`=NULL WHERE `OfferRewardText_loc6` IS NOT NULL; UPDATE `locales_quest` SET `RequestItemsText_loc6`=NULL WHERE `RequestItemsText_loc6` IS NOT NULL; UPDATE `locales_quest` SET `EndText_loc6`=NULL WHERE `EndText_loc6` IS NOT NULL; UPDATE `locales_quest` SET `CompletedText_loc6`=NULL WHERE `CompletedText_loc6` IS NOT NULL; UPDATE `locales_quest` SET `ObjectiveText1_loc6`=NULL WHERE `ObjectiveText1_loc6` IS NOT NULL; UPDATE `locales_quest` SET `ObjectiveText2_loc6`=NULL WHERE `ObjectiveText2_loc6` IS NOT NULL; UPDATE `locales_quest` SET `ObjectiveText3_loc6`=NULL WHERE `ObjectiveText3_loc6` IS NOT NULL; UPDATE `locales_quest` SET `ObjectiveText4_loc6`=NULL WHERE `ObjectiveText4_loc6` IS NOT NULL; INSERT IGNORE INTO `locales_quest` (`entry`) SELECT `entry` FROM `quest_template`; UPDATE `locales_quest` SET `Title_loc6`='Misión de Kanrethad',`Details_loc6`='$gBienvenido:Bienvenida; de vuelta del mundo de los muertos.$B$BHace mucho tiempo tus hermanos te consideraban $gun orgulloso héroe:una orgullosa heroína;. Ahora has caído y estás $gdestrozado:destrozada;... no eres más que una reliquia del pasado. Colócate ante mí para que pueda volver a despertar la leyenda que fuiste antaño.$B$BTe devolveré los poderes y las armas que has perdido, y así volverás a estar $gcompleto:completa;.',`Objectives_loc6`='Habla con Kanrethad para que restaure tus talentos, armas y montura.$BIsla del Diseñador' WHERE `entry`='1'; UPDATE `locales_quest` SET `Title_loc6`='La garfa de Garrafilada',`Details_loc6`='El poderoso hipogrifo Garrafilada ha sido ejecutado, con la garra de la bestia derribada como testimonio de tu victoria. Seguro que Senani Truenozón, del Puesto del Hachazo, estará interesado en ver este trofeo que prueba tus actos.',`Objectives_loc6`='Llévale la garra de Garrafilada a Senani Truenozón en el Puesto del Hachazo, Vallefresno.' WHERE `entry`='2'; Firsts lines of creature_ai_texts: -- ======================= -- -- CREATURE_AI_TEXTS -- -- ======================= -- ALTER TABLE `locales_quest` CONVERT TO CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci; INSERT IGNORE INTO `locales_quest` (`entry`) SELECT `entry` FROM `quest_template`; UPDATE `creature_ai_texts` SET `content_loc6`='Parece que esos idiotas de la Abadía nos han enviado carne fresca.' WHERE `entry`='-1' ; UPDATE `creature_ai_texts` SET `content_loc6`='La Hermandad no tolerará tus actos.' WHERE `entry`='-2' ; UPDATE `creature_ai_texts` SET `content_loc6`='Ah, una oportunidad para usar esta hoja recién afilada.' WHERE `entry`='-3' ; UPDATE `creature_ai_texts` SET `content_loc6`='¡Siente el poder de la Hermandad!' WHERE `entry`='-4' ; I have to do what Micha told me, no??? Thanks Micha!! Now it work.
  8. Mmmm but if i always was able to import project to TDB, and now theres is a problem, i think is not eswow2 problem... u understand the problem xD DB return a error... and never did it (older versions)... how do you explain this? im confused with all this...
  9. yes, is eswow2 project (eswow2 dot org) and i never had any problem importing it (with installer). The one problem is that quest aren't translated (if cant find entry column, so the table is empty, theres no data for locale6) and creature_ai_text...
  10. Mmmmmm maybe i understood this bad... That mean the DB is prepared for 4.x or simply that you will upgrade it before v45 will be released? In any case, sorry for my confusing. Coming back to the topic... why is produced that sql error? i do all that i always do, clean install update db to the last version and import sqls (using the bat installer that comes with eswow2). If a created this topic is because i never get that error... sorry Thanks
  11. Hi, as we know new version (adapted to 4.x) is getting some problems... By example, importing some sqls in "locales_quest" and "creature_ai_text" i got the next error (db fully updated): The column "entry" is physically there... (into locales_quest and creature_ai_text) Personally i think (not only for this) if cata still not stable, at the moment, best option would have been leave changes aside, in another DB prepared to merged it when will ready... (because the DB is still used by the 3.x version) but that's only my personal feedback...
  12. When installing git, add git to the system path (second option). For the project version. You will need to pull, fetch or if you havent any custom patch or something, clone again, deleting the old directory (recommended) Is a re-compile? --> clean solution and do compile again TC needs SSL Library for what?? Next time... Don't forget to give us more info!! - What is your O.S. version? - What is your core version? (There is no "last version", usualy we do more than 1 commit daily, so post your correct core version) - Where did you grab it? - Did you compiled yourself? (repacks aren't suported) - Do you have all dependency's correctly installed? - What are their versions? (Same as the core, each linux flavour (by example) has his owns versions. So even if you are on windows, tell us the versions) - Did you Follow our wiki? - Did you correctly updated the databases? - What is your MySQL Server version? (There is no "latest version") - What is your MySQL Client Version? (There is no "latest version", and i mean the library's) - Is your MySQL correctly configured and running? - What is your MySQL client? (SQLyog? MySQL command line? etc.. NOTE: please, don't use navicat) - Did you opened the necessary ports? - Do you have any custom patches in the core? Which ones? Did you try without them?
  13. wow currently made changes on his core without restart. The Hotfixes are recently implemented on official servers and the core still c++
  14. ok thx, so installing profesional version i'll can compile tc in 64 bits? and i only need "openssl 64bits + cmake" to run the config and generate?
  15. but u paid for the license of profesional version no? or googling hehe mmm and theres any difference between 32 and 64bits? more stable or more performance?? more powerfull! xD
  16. ok, so VC cant compile nothing in 64 bits? what compiler i can use for compile tc in 64 bits?
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