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  1. port 1119 is not the only one you need open, there is also 8081
  2. Using hotfix database - you want to insert data to item, item_sparse, item_modified_appearance tables
  3. It cannot be configured in options GUI, you need to set it with /console These are the cvars used (all enabled by default): synchronizeMacros, synchronizeBindings, synchronizeConfig, synchronizeSettings
  4. Macros are stored in one of account_data tables if their owner configured the client to save config on server (beware, its not a macro storage only, it also has other settings and isnt exactly a text field, its binary) And for second question: that is completely false, you must change it in source
  5. did someone really replace js with lua as output for TS?
  6. send gm commands to /g (works even without a guild because commands are handled before any other chat function)
  7. You could iterate spells linked to profession skills in SkillLineAbility.dbc (and check the created item id) but that will also include craftable materials (example: https://www.wowhead.com/spell=32454/knothide-leather) as well as items that are not supposed to be obtained (they are placeholders to display in profession UI, discovery spells use that)
  8. You dont need game_tele for that, you can use .go xyz command instead and use coords
  9. I am pretty sure blizz only uses one phaseid OR one phaseGroup
  10. terrain_worldmap is mapid and phaseid
  11. You should also run sudo update-alternatives --config g++ And check if you dont have CC/CXX environment variables defined pointing to 4.8
  12. I don't have any knowledge about building on mac, just repeating that mysql 8 is not supported on any platform (not related to mac specifically)
  13. That looks like you are using mysql 8 which is not supported
  14. I have never figured out how to calculate the ShaHashPublicKeyInfo field in certificate bundle file so the answer is "it cant be done"
  15. No, the auctionhouse branch has some ah backend changes, not related to any functionality, both of them have the bot
  16. Its used to speedup quest status checks so you dont need to iterate entire inventory all the time (this is super important because its part of SMSG_UPDATE_OBJECT (sparkling of gameobjects with quest items))
  17. It doesn't work. https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/commit/8411ec7ed6366e3f9c0dc722671492ed091b8fbd
  18. I don't even know what to say... any version from 2011 definitely isn't supported
  19. No, you should not be getting compile time errors if you did not reinstall any packages First try "make clean" and build again, if that fails delete build directory completely and restart with cmake step
  20. You do not need to switch distros, the reason for this is mysql version 8 (and newer)
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