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  1. did you checkout the 3.3.5 branch? if not, you are trying to use 6.x tools to extract 3.x data... and have compiled the 6.x server, which is not compatible with the 3.x client...
  2. http://www.trinitycore.org/f/topic/1518-trouble-with-your-trinity-install-readme-1st-faqs/ http://www.trinitycore.org/f/topic/37-the-trinitycore-issuetracker-and-you/
  3. Oh, how silly of me to forget that TC no longer cares about doing things the right way.
  4. If you apply all the updates from your old revision to your new one in the updates directory (for auth and characters) that should do it.
  5. Your client is not your core, maybe this is above your skill level and you should stick to playing on official. Of course, the only thing your core would have to do with this is, if it is out of date, the tools would be, as well, and wouldn't work...
  6. You are trying to compile and install the server into a subfolder of the source directory, you can't do that.
  7. Did you do what i said? use ./ instead of / it works, that's how mine is (except I use ../data/ so it is beside of my server folder in a folder called data...)
  8. I haven't checked for sure in windows, but, I do know in Linux / is the MAIN ROOT directory, whereas ./ is the current directory... try it. make Using DataDir / to Using DataDir ./
  9. the main repo is now 6.x, not 3.3.5, for that, you need to checkout the 3.3.5 branch.
  10. Ummm.... can you even login and play 6.x? Seems silly to tell people to abandon a branch that works better than the one you are telling them to switch to.
  11. maybe this helps? http://www.trinitycore.org/f/topic/6510-tc-frontpage-heatmap/?hl=heatmap
  12. I don't see why you don't just do a kickstarter/gofundme campaign, and use the money collected to pay devs (existing, or new) to actually work on this project as if it were a real opensource project, still accepting fixes from the public (and, maybe even using this same system for those) but, having some actual management and direction? And, actually, you could change the project just a bit, to get the core working with a MMO that is not WOW, as the paid part, and just happen to use that developed engine with the unpaid side project that just so happens to be capable of supporting at least one, if not many WOW client version(s)...
  13. That's exactly what is wrong with this project is that you guys think I'm the poisonous one.
  14. The sad thing is, the people who really need to take notice of this, don't realize they are the poisonous people, especially if they are the ones making a lot of commits, thinking that is all it takes to be a good contributor... Pay close attention to needing goals, and limiting the scope, which does not mean "everyone do whatever they want, willy nilly" 22:34 I have been saying a lot of this for years, especially at this point.
  15. Did you remember to change the field in the auth.realmlist table?
  16. We can't provide support for an outdated revision.
  17. Just thought I would add that I successfully extracted everything (3.3.5a) under Debian yesterday, and that mmaps only took 4 1/4 hours this time.
  18. Find the topic by mrsmite about properly updating 4.3.4
  19. Universegaming: good luck on the rest of the complicated messes you will have attempting to run an illegal public server, some of which will be way more complicated than figuring out that 32 != 64. Sheldoor: Nay needs to look closer, you were already using VS 2013, he thought you were using VS 2012... try deleting your build directory and starting over. P.S. I hate this fucking editor!
  20. Why did you repost the error log? did you not read what he wrote?
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