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  1. Search for torrents, I don't think we can post links here best regards
  2. tell him to delete the Cache, Logs and WTF folder, even the Interface(maybe is an addon that is causing this), then if he's running Windows 8+ right click on Wow.exe and click on Troubleshoot Compatibility, let that run and then test the application, all the settings will be reset to default, even addons, but that's ok, you can always add them later. best regards
  3. this is definitely a bad configuration, if you managed to access to the realm server from the outside and not getting into the world is a configuration problem, read the guide line by line again, I'm sure that you'll spot your problem. best regards
  4. that sounds like lag to me, how's your friend bandwidth? is it saturated? how much Latency does the client shows? best regards
  5. did you delete your client cache? best regards
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