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  1. Went to post on a different thread and it posted here, sorry, editing because it wasnt relative.
  2. This is what Im geting trying to run 7.1.0 and 3.3.5 on the same machine World initialized in 0 minutes 7 seconds terminate called after throwing an instance of 'TC>boost::exception_detail::clone_impl<boost::exception_detail::error_info_injector<boost::system::system_error> >' what(): bind: Address already in use TC>Segmentation fault
  3. Morning Thulium, That's 3.3.5 Server stuff, I'm only running/testing the Master Branch but thanks for the heads up
  4. On my test server, I run a Cron Job that pulls source once a week, rebuilds the servers and restarts the servers. THIS IS FOR LINUX ONLY You do not need root access for this. Simply open a shell and type crontab -e Add the following to the cron tab 00 01 * * 0 /home/trinity/servers/legion/cron/update This will run at 1am every Sunday Save and Exit depending on which editor you choose to use. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Following update script is what I use which is placed in /home/trinity/server/cron The files name is update and needs to be set as executable (chmod +x update) cd /home/trinity/TrinityCore git pull origin master (or 6x if you are not using the master branch) cd build make clean cmake ../ -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/home/trinity/server -DTOOLS=0 -DWITH_WARNINGS=1 -DCONF_DIR=/home/trinity/server/etc make make install If you use a manage script to start and stop your servers, I recommend you run the stop command between make and make install This is just a recommendation, so your server is never far from the current revision but as always, keep an eye on IRC and the Github Repositories.
  5. Sorry @Aokromes been working on a launcher for my internal test server based on TC. When I got home from class that day I rebooted everything, worldserver, bnetserver and my wow client and everything worked. It was odd. I have my server setup to rebuild tonight via cron and will test again tomorrow morning but for now all is good.
  6. I am not at my development box, sitting in class so the specifics will be vague. my apologies. After Blizzard updated the client this morning,I did a pull and rebuilt TC, then patched WoW. When opening Wow_Patched, I got a CAS Error. Something to the effect of it cannot connect, was looking for github.io/TrinityCore I believe. Has anyone else experienced this yet today? Edit: I will update this when I get home from Class.
  7. When I land from a flight, I have to reboot the game or hearth out because I can;t move. I know I should post something on Github but I will probably get bitched at for doing so.
  8. @CodeRus, I had this issue a few days ago, please run git pull origin 6.x and rebuild. Also re patch Wow.exe with the current connection_patcher after you rebuild.
  9. Try running CMake with the -DWITH_WARNINGS=1 flag and see what it produces
  10. I moved to a stronger server, all installed and started but I have some issues that i will draft up and post in a new thread. @ Malcrom, not needed, take your smart ass comments to the kiddie pool please.
  11. @Aokromes In reference to our conversation on IRC, I'm rebooting the server to see whats up
  12. Loading Localization strings... >> Loaded 27247 creature locale strings in 1088 ms >> Loaded 19668 gameobject_template_locale strings in 919 ms ./world: line 4: 15674 Killed ./worldserver worldserver kills itself after loading local strings This is latest revision which failed to compile 3 seperate times, now that I have it compiled and installed, it is doing this. Logs show no errors, just what I posted above. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  13. I successfully built the current revision on Windows and Ubuntu 14 but when I attempted to patch a 4.3.4 client to 6.2.0, Blizzards stream launcher patched to 6.2.2 So I am wondering if anyone knows where I can get a good guide on patching to 6.2.0 or a full 6.2.0 client download. I'm using this as an edcucational project to learn game development in C++
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