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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I have been using TC for a few weeks now and have noticed a few issues. I am using TDB_full_735.00_2018_02_19 and loading the updates from the src folder ( As suggested from the database setup) 1. Cooking window shows 0/0 and will not allow me to update the skills 2. Unable to learn any cooking skills 3. After purchasing the fishing skill, logging out and coming back in. The Skill is removed from my professions and I cannot purchase it again 4. While fishing, the fishing bobber never plays the animation that a fish has landed. Any suggestions on what could be causing these issue? I have been digging around in the code looking into possible ways to fix it but am not sure where to start. I have read the documentation about contributing but still, there is a lot there. Also, is there any write up on how the database is setup or an explanation as to how the tables are structured? I would love to start contributing to this project. Seems like a fun/challenging process. Thank you, Chaz
  2. Hello everyone! It is my first publication so I will try to make it as understandable as possible. I was working on an instant server in version 4.3.4 with the ArkCore source code, everything was fine until I got into the professions. I found and fixed a script that taught you instantly the professions, this will be executed perfectly. The problem arises when I observe in the graphical interface of WoW, the learned profession was duplicated and, when trying to learn another, it was not learned; In addition to trying to forget this profession the game was hanging. I thought that only by disconnecting and reconnecting myself when I learned this profession would it return to "normal", but no. Then try to upload the profession myself to see if the error was from the script that taught you or a mistake of the game, check that erro came from the game since I raised a profession only up to 150 skill points and it already presented the mentioned errors previously; I added that when I was disconnected and connected this profession was returned to a single skill point but with all the recipes learned. I attached this link to a video where the error is shown. Link: and sorry if I write something wrong in English, I do not speak it so well. Thanks!
  3. Help! Having a huge brain fart right now. After being give the easy life in Cataclysm and MoP then WoD.....I've totally forgotten how to craft my profession skills! Everything Ive searched gives info to creating recipes/cooking/bandages through the professions pane in Cata and above! I want to make a simple bandage from Linen so I can up my First Aid! Old age sucks..... senility sucks! Thanks for any advice.
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