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Found 2 results

  1. We need to create free (open source) World of Warcraft client. Do not talk about copyright. We can use code to open MPQs. Only MPQs are under copyright (images, sounds, etc.), but no other client parts (i think). I think, if we can develop normal server, we can develop normal client. Code to open MPQ and BLP already developed. P. S. I can host the server, but I cannot play the game. Very bad. I like 3.3.5a (12340) version. I try to create better Azeroth but my attempt is failed because no source code is available. P. P. S. If we have client source code, we can create all WoW features: trial version, test server features (if they exists) and other. Do not read: My email is [email protected], note for me because it is temporary.
  2. Hello everyone, I searched through all threads that may help but I could not find any related answer. So I hope this question is not duplicate. I have developed simple options like custom commands for GM. These developments are straightforward so I could add my preferred command with less than four times compilation. On the other hand, I want to develop a custom arena join system which work with different structures including: GroupQueueInfo, PlayerQueueInfo (BattlegroundQueue.h). In addition, I need to use other functions like ObjectAccessor::FindPlayerByName. In this regard, I am working with many parts of the source so it is very natural to face many and many bugs and errors. If I want to develop in the way that each time I need to compile the source from scratch, it may takes decades for me to finish the development. Therefore, I was looking for a solution to minimize compilation as much as is possible. I created custom CMakeLists to include required files separately, however, it seems the source is compiled with custom options so it failed. I appreciate it if someone could guide me to develop a custom code with minimum compilation or at least options that help to recompile only changed file not all of the source.
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