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Found 2 results

  1. Hey Guys, I'm using the last build of TrinityCore for WoD, currently using latest TDB release, I noticed that there are no spawns in Draenor, I would like to konw how could I solve it? is the TDB not populated with Draenor mobs/npc spawns?
  2. Hello, (sorry for bad english) i was trying out the 6.X Core and there was no Spawns in Dreanor. So i want to Sniff them from Live and add them my Self. If i manage to get it to work i will share my Work. I need some help. Im complete new to sniffing/parsing. And the last time i was setting up a Privatserver is some years ago. Some month ago i made my degree in Software dev. so i got "some" C# & SQL knowledge. Im compiling the Core and Parser myself. My sniffing attemps I was walking around in Dreanor/Gorgrond for testing to get some spawns. I got a 2MB .pkt Package and try to parse the creatures and i got some data out that looks not correct to me. - The names of the creatures not working, looks like some utf-8 problem. - The data dont look correct, and dont match the TDB tables. for example: [...] modelid1=32784, modelid2=117440512, name='�', rank=1852130080, family=1851877746, type=1866932324 [...] The parsed SQL is producing errors like this: Out of range value for column 'modelid2' at row 1 Out of range value for column 'rank' at row 1 Out of range value for column 'family' at row 1 [...] Can you help me getting this to work? See attachments. - FreddyLIE WowPacketParser.exe.config 2016_06_10_22_33_04_21742_2016-06-10_19-55-38_0E9CA614.pkt.sql 2016_06_10_22_33_02_log.txt
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