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Found 2 results

  1. Hello from Brazil! I was able to compile both 3.3.5 and 6.x branchs on a virtual box machine with debian 8 and get both working. However the system compiled a 32bit .elf and tools only for linux. I bypassed this by mounting WoW directory and using the linux tools in the mounted directory. However, now I want to compile portable worldservers, auth and bnetservers EXEs on the debian virtual machine. What Flags, Parameters would make this possible?
  2. Heya I have been trying to extract the maps and every time the map extractor gets to dreanor crashes at 34% Compiled rev: 735606bc7329b63ffa950b9a5f4385763e238d52 OS: Windows 7 SP1 Client: Starter Edition I have tried extracting on a friends pc who has a retail subscription with everything including WOD installed I have also tried repairing my WoW