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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, i just tried to replace GCC with Clang. Normally before i switch i use this script to get the crash log ``` #! /bin/bash DIR="$( cd "$( dirname "${BASH_SOURCE[0]}" )" && pwd )" echo $DIR cd $DIR echo "run\n" > gdbcommands echo "shell echo -e \"SERVERCRASHEVENT\" " >> gdbcommands echo "shell echo -e \"\nCRASH ON\" `date` " >> gdbcommands echo "info program " >> gdbcommands echo "shell echo -e \"\nBACKTRACE\n\" " >> gdbcommands echo "bt " >> gdbcommands echo "shell echo -e \"\nBACKTRACE FULL\n\" " >> gdbcommands echo "bt full " >> gdbcommands echo "shell echo -e \"\nTHREADS\n\" " >> gdbcommands echo "info threads " >> gdbcommands echo "shell echo -e \"\nTHREADS BACKTRACE\n\" " >> gdbcommands echo "thread apply all bt full " >> gdbcommands chmod +x gdbcommands while : do echo "starting worldserver"; sleep 5 mkdir -p crashes gdb worldserver --batch -x gdbcommands | tee crashes/current FILE=$(date +%s) sed -i '1,/SERVERCRASHEVENT/d' crashes/current mv crashes/current crashes/$FILE".crash" find crashes/ -name '*.crash' -and -size -10k -delete # Remove small files (not crashes) echo "worldserver stopped"; sleep 1 done ``` After replacing with Clang compiler, seem like it doesn't generate crash log in to crash folder anymore. I'm not sure what I'm missing, i have tried to search some before i create a new topic but i haven't found any answer then i decided to create this topic to ask for help Thanks for reading
  2. hi there i've met a strange problem on linux running TC worldserver. everything is ok when i direct type ./worldserver and don't close ssh window. the worldserver session only take 1% less cpu use. but when i try to use nohup or setsid to put worldserver backgroud. this world server instantly taking 100% cpu percent .no matter how long i wait,%cpu will not come down. i even try to use systemctl's service to made server run background,and i found server and systemctl still got 100% cpu use. i'm asking for help about how to run server background on ubuntu16.04,and not with 100%cpu use. thanks!!
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