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Found 3 results

  1. Hey guys, when updating the master branch, do I need to manually run the updated SQL files? Or does it get packed along the executable and gets run when I start the server? Thanks
  2. Hi! I have an up-to-date 6.x build that was working fine until I tried opening wow_64_patched.exe today, I got error #134: "Unable to open DBFilesClient\MovieOverlays.dbc: Can't find file in build manifest" Could this be related to the update to 6.2.2 that happened earlier today? I wanted to post this here in case it was some silly mistake I made before I put it on the issue tracker. Thanks!
  3. Here's a bit of an odd question regarding database auto-updates: I host my MySQL database on a separate server as I got tired of having multiple VMs with each having their own local MySQL install. This has been working out great as I host a couple of 3.3.5a servers and a 6.x server along with a few different web servers. Is there any way possible to specify a database host for the auto updater? I don't have a problem with applying the updates manually, but in the past it was pretty nice to git pull > recompile > launch program with updates auto applying. If this doesn't exist, I'm not sure it would receive enough use to merit any development work, but if it does exist, I'd love to know about it! Thanks in advance.
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