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[3.3.5] Can't take any starter quests

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I found a post here that you say it is a known issue, but that is on 6.x branch.


However, in 3.3.5 branch it happens the same, the result is that any character can be levelled as the very first quest chain can't be taken.

If this is a known issue also in 3.3.5 branch, is there any workaround?

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That's not an issue of the 3.3.5 branch. I just finished a fresh install and there are absolutely no issues with starter quests.

Make sure that you are using the correct core and TDB version, with updates applied.

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I did also a fresh install :(


Will redo the install now, and see if it happens again. It is very strange though :S


The updates applied automatically as I enabled that on config.

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I am trying to install from scratch, not finished yet, but when applying updates over a clean database, I got an error in updates/characters/2015_06_26_00_characters_335.sql:

ERROR 1054 (42S22) at line 2: Unknown column 'caster_guid' in 'character_aura'


Maybe the update is wrong? I am continuing meanwhile..

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These are the columns I have:

SHOW COLUMNS FROM character_aura;
| Field           | Type                  | Null | Key | Default | Extra |
| guid            | int(10) unsigned      | NO   | PRI | 0       |       |
| casterGuid      | bigint(20) unsigned   | NO   | PRI | 0       |       |
| itemGuid        | bigint(20) unsigned   | NO   | PRI | 0       |       |
| spell           | mediumint(8) unsigned | NO   | PRI | 0       |       |
| effectMask      | tinyint(3) unsigned   | NO   | PRI | 0       |       |
| recalculateMask | tinyint(3) unsigned   | NO   |     | 0       |       |
| stackCount      | tinyint(3) unsigned   | NO   |     | 1       |       |
| amount0         | int(11)               | NO   |     | 0       |       |
| amount1         | int(11)               | NO   |     | 0       |       |
| amount2         | int(11)               | NO   |     | 0       |       |
| base_amount0    | int(11)               | NO   |     | 0       |       |
| base_amount1    | int(11)               | NO   |     | 0       |       |
| base_amount2    | int(11)               | NO   |     | 0       |       |
| maxDuration     | int(11)               | NO   |     | 0       |       |
| remainTime      | int(11)               | NO   |     | 0       |       |
| remainCharges   | tinyint(3) unsigned   | NO   |     | 0       |       |


Seems that the update is already included on latests base/characters_database.sql as I've read the update and the data seems correct inside db

Also, world fails to start with:

Updating Character database...
>> Reapplying update "2015_06_26_00_characters_335.sql" 'f8230a5' -> 'C2CC6E5' (it changed)...
Warning: Using a password on the command line interface can be insecure.
ERROR 1054 (42S22) at line 2: Unknown column 'caster_guid' in 'character_aura'
Applying of file '/data/TrinityCore/3.3.5a/sources//sql/updates/characters/2015_06_26_00_characters_335.sql' to database 'Auschwitz_characters' failed! If you are an user pull the latest revision from the repository. If you are a developer fix your sql query.
Could not update the Character database, see log for details.


Due to the update seems already applied in base.


EDIT2: Also if I update manually, worldserver fails to start when it tries to apply over again the updates (if it has the autoupdate flag set) Is that normal? SHouldn't the updates record themselves when applied?

EDIT3: Finished installing from scratch, and the result is the same, I created a rogue undead, and can't take initial quest, quest mark is visible, and I can read it, but just can't accept it. Testing now to NOT install any update..

EDIT4: Located the issue down to the config file, with a new one it does not happen... Very weird though

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More info added

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Nay, I located the issue in the config file.

It is caused by this option: 

Quests.IgnoreAutoAccept = 1 (not the default though)

So either, this needs a bit of checking, to enable take the quest, when clicking on "accept" if this is ignored auto accept, or either, put a comment in the config file, that setting this to 1 can break some quests, so users are not confused.

What do you think?

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