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Error #134 on Wow.exe since update yesterday


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I have an up-to-date 6.x build that was working fine until I tried opening wow_64_patched.exe today, I got error #134:

"Unable to open DBFilesClient\MovieOverlays.dbc: Can't find file in build manifest"

Could this be related to the update to 6.2.2 that happened earlier today?

I wanted to post this here in case it was some silly mistake I made before I put it on the issue tracker.


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I'm not sure it even has updated.  The datestamp on Wow.exe hasn't changed, battle.net says version 20338.

Plus, it's not attempting to contact the trinitycore server.. I've yet to wireshark the windows box to see what it's actually doing but my guess is blizzard have changed something that the patched client is still pinging blizzard for, and it's broken it.

Try this with bnetserver and worldserver not running (to eliminate that).

Run patched wow.exe with portal set to IP of your trinitycore machine (or www.google.com, or anything really).  You'll get the error.

Run patched wow.exe with portal set to EU/US.  Login screen appears.

Only difference is the value of the portal string, and no packets are seen on the server side... Countermeasures perhaps?


Edit: Add error log. 

2015-09-01 23.21.00 Error - 9192.txt

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The patcher has a -e option to disable updates, have you tried that?

​i think it works i am in-game, so. don't work if patched a client with that critical error, you will need to download client again. Works 100% Portugal em grande! ;)

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Here is the thing - even if you do not update your client to latest retail patch, clients CASC handling defaults to online mode and tries to open online file index (which clearly is current blizzard patch 6.2.2). To force the client to use local casc index you have to launch it with "-uid wow_####" command line arg (replace #### with your locale)

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I've tried to launch my game with -uid wow_enUS but i'm still getting the error. I've tried disabling read-only and running everything as administrator and that didn't work either. Any ideas?



Did you even verify what you changed? Your screenshot clearly shows a missing space between -uid and locale name

Also none of this should be neccessary as right now we are on the same version as retail -

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Maybe we should introduce something like https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:No_personal_attacks here...
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