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Broke my Worldserver-kicked for overspeed ping


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So... last night dozed off in the middle of a Deadmines run so I logged and went to bed. When I logged back in this evening it seems that my server has become borked. When I logged back in my toon was still in Deadmines but all the mobs were unresponsive and showed 'Unknown' for the name. Tried the unstucker, disconnect. GM tele $home, disconnect. Log back at hearth location- more Unknown NPCs, disconnect. Cleared client cache... Check server console and I was getting disconnected because...

WorldSocket::HandlePing: [Player: xxxxxxx (GUID Full: 0x0000000000000002 Type: Player Low: 2, Account: 2)] kicked for over-speed pings (address: 192.168.1.xxx)

Tried creating a new player to test with and it is happening with new toons too.


Suggestions? Pinging my domain returns with <1ms, but in-game latency is 8-9k. Is it possible for this to be a corrupted database? Corrupted client files? GM account stays logged in but shows the effects of the lag. I'm still waiting for it to catchup from the string of .teles I fired off. I don't expect disabling the ping checks to fix this... worldserver is using 0.02% of one core (2 dual-core processor machine) and 12% of system memory.

/edit: 3.3.5 server, recent-ish build, same with DB. Server is currently powered down but if specific revision is insisted on I'll boot it later to get it.

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