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Hey !!!

Just a little question :

I need a MOB for a quest, spawn it with ".npc add" ; Change its faction id ".npc set factionid" to attack him, but it's not attackable. With ".npc info", i see it's "imune to PC/NPC". Is there a way to use the ".npc set flag" command ingame to make him attackable ?

Thx !!!! :)

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4 hours ago, Morphau said:

You are in gm on ? If yes set you gm off

Yep, i'm on "gm on" ; But that doesn't change nothin'. For alot of mobs, the faction id is enough to fight ; But sometimes, mobs remains on player imune. I know the trigger is in the database, and i just want to know if the flag command in-game can change this state :) 

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58 minutes ago, Ascathor said:

Iirc gms get factionid 35, so you are not getting attacked (by most npcs. Bosses are an expection here). If you go out of gm mode, your faction is restored and normal faction check is done.

I'm always gm off ; Just activate gm to set the mobs. And when it's done, the mob is in red (ex : horde or another ennemy) but i can't attack or select it. (No blade icon). And it's only on few mobs, not all. Usually it's not a problem, change faction id and go fight. But sometimes, i can't attack even if the mob is an ennemy. And when it's ok, the trigger PC/NPC imune is off in database. I just want to know if i can trigger immunity directly in-game. 

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