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    • By vehementis
      Hello TrinityCore Community,
      I am actually trying to setup a server using the master branch by building it from Core.
      I am developer and experienced with setting up servers and other software.
      Now I'm looking into setting up a wow Server to get some experience with it.
      I followed the Guide in the Wiki to set up the master branch on Windows (normally I'm working on Linux but using my Gaming PC for this right now).
      I got it running so far that the bnetserver is starting up fine as well as the worldserver. As soon as I try to connect from game to bnetserver I get this message "You have been disconnected. (BLZ51901023)".
      Here the important part of my bnetserver.conf
      Thats the bnet.log
      That's the content of my auth.realmlist table
      If i use PuTTY to connect to IP on Port 8085 tahts what i get
      So I think there shouldn't be a Server side Problem.
      Most likely there is a Problem With my Client. Client-side I Changed the WTF/Config.wtf
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