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[HELP] pls help me with this


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im trying to do some smartai, and what i want to do is when this npc dies(npc1) make this npc(npc2) do go to next phase or do something i heard that i need to use  SMART_EVENT_DATA_SET   and   SMART_ACTION_SET_DATA  but there is almost no info on these or how to use them, so can anyone please help me out with this someone sent me this example but i dont understand it http://paste2.org/AAyUKwB2

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Hey, this might help you out!

event_type - 6 - SMART_EVENT_DEATH


target_type - 8 - SMART_TARGET_POSITION (X, Y, Z, O)


To set a creature phase use: action_type 44 SMART_ACTION_SET_INGAME_PHASE_MASK with 10 - SMART_TARGET_CREATURE_GUID

Not sure about the phase mask but I think that'st he one I used.

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ah well i think so, well heres what im currently doing ill explain.

i have a npc who im using for gossip and when i talk to him and click the gossip menu option thingy, he summons a creature and activates an object, and thats all working just fine, and what i want is when that creature that he summoned dies like on that creatures death event i want the gossip npc to like update or go to next phase so that when i go talk to him again he will summon the next creature, so basically what im after is when a certain event happens on 1 npc i want this other event to happen on this other npc if that makes sense, so its basically going to work like the instance trial of the crusader/champion works where u talk to the announce and the events happen and the boss spawns if you get what i mean.


hope it wasn't confusing for you.

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Only way coming in my mind is to script that, but there's another option which might work:


Talked to NPC1, Creature 1 dies, NPC1 vanishes (changed phase) and NPC 2 appears.


Then work with event gossip select (62) and gossip hello (64).

You can also work with SMART_EVENT_SUMMON_DESPAWNED (35) to reset the NPC when the player died.

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