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    • By ikir
      Hi guys! I'm thinking to reopen my private server for my friends... I was thinking of Vanilla this time to enjoy and try original mechanics (speed stronger vs certain enemies, some abilities not working on undead etc...). But the issue would be raid, 40 players were insane. Probably we would be like 10-15 players. So I would need to balance RAID and make it doable in 10-15 players. IS there any way in the config file to change npc in a specific instance?
    • By Diablo Azteca
      Hello all 
      I am still new to all this repack and owning a server stuff lol.
      Well I got a 3.3.5a server but i am trying to get a 6.2.4 server going as well but cant seem to link them both and run them at the same time either since they are both different repacks or expansions.
      Is there any way I can have multiple expansions going at once and all be linked together as 1 server in all?? 
    • By Ajaxhore
      As title says:
      Will the 6.x branch become 7.x when new expansion comes?
      Or will it stay as 6.x and TC wont proceed to next expansion?
    • By DarkSiZe
      Hi Everyone i have a question i see 2 version on the main site
      i wil open my  server soon but with version should i pick where not too much bigs are in the server
      3.3.5 and 6.x.x
      but with version is the best of these is 6.X.X al huge bugs fixed or can i better pick Wotlk Version for now ? of is there still much work to do on version 6.X
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