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soul shards aura


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soul shards aura must generate up to 3 soul for warlock

if soul is over 3 it'll decrease soul shards to 3 but below 3 not work(must generate soul shard to 3)

i wrote this script but could not hook aura

it just work if i use .cast 246985 in game.

can you please help me how to hook this aura?


SPELL_WARLOCK_SOUL_SHARDS                        =247054,


// 246985 - Soul Shards

class spell_warl_soul_shards : public SpellScriptLoader
    spell_warl_soul_shards() : SpellScriptLoader("spell_warl_soul_shards") { }

    class spell_warl_soul_shards_AuraScript : public AuraScript

        bool Validate(SpellInfo const* /*spellInfo*/) override
            return ValidateSpellInfo({ SPELL_WARLOCK_SOUL_SHARDS });
        void HandleApply(AuraEffect const* /*aurEff*/, AuraEffectHandleModes /*mode*/)
            GetCaster()->CastSpell(GetCaster(), SPELL_WARLOCK_SOUL_SHARDS, true);
        void Register() override
            OnEffectApply += AuraEffectApplyFn(spell_warl_soul_shards_AuraScript::HandleApply, EFFECT_0, SPELL_AURA_DUMMY, AURA_EFFECT_HANDLE_REAL);           

    AuraScript* GetAuraScript() const override
        return new spell_warl_soul_shards_AuraScript();

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