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Auction House Bot Question

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I notice there are a lot of inconsistencies with items that are available on the auction house. I have doubled and tripled the maximum amount of items for each rarity (white, green, blue, purple) but it looks like it just puts in more of the same items.

If I look in Trade Goods -> Leather, and search "Leather" i'll see a few stacks of light leather and then a whole bunch of stacks of level 80 trade goods and almost nothing in between.

And if I look in Glyphs one day, there will be some for Warriors and maybe one or two for Mage and literally nothing else for any other class, and the next day there aren't any Glyphs available whatsoever.


Is there something I can do to ensure that there is a more even spread of item availability? Do I have to manually force each item I want to be included in the auction house?

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