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Investigate the Alchemist Shop

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Hi !

I'm using last version of 3.3.5 TC branch (with TDB 335.19061), and we have an issue with the mage lvl 20 class quest (Investigate the Alchemist Shop).

This bug has been reported and partially fixed by different people, as seen on this github page : https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/issues/18997

I tried to re-apply this :


The ghosts are now selectable but the box cannot be placed neither.

Conclusion : at the moment, this quest is supposed to be fixed in #9717, but there are still problems with it. A c++ rewrite has even be proposed in 2014. This seems to be tricky though.

Anyone here could maybe help me about it ?

I'm trying to fix it for 3 days by myself, and quite confused now...

Thanks in advance


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