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Problem with vmap4assembler

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Hey all,

i hope that I am right here with my request - was not sure where to adress ist elsewhere - did not want to open a git issue :/

I have some trouble after I assemble the vmaps with vmap4assembler.

I am using master branch to build all things. So far everything was working till the assembly.

I am running Debian9.11 - freshly installed.

I get an error:

Error reading ModelSpawn, file name too long! - Stops at Map532 and then jumps to the calculation - no more maps after 532 get processed it seems and extractor stops with


Calculating model bounds for map 532...

readfail, op = 0

Creating map tree for map 532...


Converting Model Files


readfail, op = 0

error converting 

exit with errors


Hope I posted all at the right position here :)


Thanks a lot for helping in advance!!


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