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How to find Client of the Master branch?

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Hello everyone, I have installed several clients of the master branch 8.3.7 (35435) and I have not obtained results when connecting to the local server that I have.

I have thought about starting to use 8.3.7 in order to learn new things outside of 3.3.5a but this has blocked me.

If you'd be so kind as to point me to a client or if Trinity has one.

First of all, Thanks.

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sorry for my poor english, I'm belgian french speaking.


I've installed the 8.3.7 (35435) master branch too.

I'v tried the Standard retail client with arctium launcher but i doesn't work.

All my parameters are good, linux server firewall ports are open, LAN adresses and DB are correctly assigned/modified in the auth DB (realmlist),  and in the bnetserver.conf and worldserver.conf.


I've downloaded an enUS retail client and the WTF file are correctly modified.

I've downloaded the arctium launcher and put the wow retail files in the files directory as said in the explanation.

I click the Arctium Retail Wow launcher.exe, the wow.exe file's launch but when after logged in I'm disconnected.


Any idea?


Thanx for further help



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