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AddItem command


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I am sure this has been addressed but my searches didn't turn up an answer.

When using the .additem command to get any item that contains an apostrophe, such as  .additem [Champion Herod's Shoulder]  Trinity has no earthly idea what that item is. Does the item need to be encapsulated in more than brackets if it contains an apostrophe?

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On 10/12/2021 at 7:29 PM, Aokromes said:

works for me (TM) on wow 3.3.5a

[18:28:46] [Champion Herod's Shoulder]
[18:28:54] You create: [Champion Herod's Shoulder].

so you requested .additem [Champion Herod's Shoulder] at sec 46 but you received at 54 ? (you were exposed :D)

Actually he's right , the command doesn't work for such item names.

TrinityCore rev. 222164a5cc11+


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14 hours ago, Aokromes said:

i pasted the item to use the add item after.

I assume you are using actual item link.
The command is supposed to work with exact item name as well, not just item link. At least from what I recall reading from the command tooltip.
So typing ".additem [Champion Herod's Shoulder]" in plain text to the chat should work and works for items that dont have apostrophe iirc.

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