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How to make a NPC show like half HP in game?


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7 hours ago, Rochet2 said:

Are you on 3.3.5 or master branch? 280552 is quite high spellid and is likely only on newer patches. Did you try casting the spell yourself? Maybe it would need to be cast instead of applied as aura.


Try the hp column in creature table instead.


I used the master. And I\ve tried cast to myself and the npc, still nothing happen.

Change the curhealth, but it has full_health in game. Did I miss something?

Thanks to your reply anyway.

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On 1/8/2022 at 1:11 PM, Aokromes said:

look how the final boss of shadow labyrinth works.

Thank you! It worked!

SET @NPCID = 108767;
SET @GUID = 748407;
SET @HP = 7315;
UPDATE `creature_template` SET `HealthModifier` = 2, `RegenHealth` = 0 WHERE `entry` = @NPCID;
UPDATE `creature` SET `curhealth` = @HP WHERE `guid` = @GUID;

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