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Stuck on Creating MySQL Database Step


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I've been reading and re-reading, and scouring the forums trying to find the answer, and I think I've finally hit the wall. I'm just not super familiar with MySQL, it's Workbench or Command Line Interface. I did copy and paste the commands in the guide, into the MySQL CLI, but I'm not sure any of that worked. Someone more skilled than I might be able to determine if it did. 

I also can't find the auth, characters, or world db's. Are those single files, directories of files, or something that you'd only see when created in MySQL?

Also, I downloaded the 7 zipped "TDB" file, but after it was extracted, I'm not able to see the two files inside. Shouldn't I be able to see the TDB_world and TDB_hotfixes files? Yeah, I'm lost.

I'm hoping some kind soul out there would be willing to help me get this past the end zone. 

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In the folder /TrinityCore-3.3.5/sql/create you'll find a file create_mysql.sql

With the command line you'll want to go to this directory then perform  the following command

>mysql -u root -p < create_mysql.sql

the -u means user and -p means password. You will have to set the user (root or another user) up after you install mariadb. There's a script that comes with ariadb for initial setup.


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