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View all notifications shows deleted notifications


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If I have, for example, 4 notifications and I choose "View All Notifications", select them and click "delete", they will be back in the list if I get a new notification and click "View all notifications".


This only happens after a new notification appears. If I click "View all notifiactions" after deleting but before any new notifications arrive the page shows "you don't have any notifications".

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+MrSmite after testing by myself and with +Subv 's help I cant repeat this behavior. maybe it was browser render cache? 

Right now I have 8 notifications, the oldest being from Baric "sent yesterday at 02:29 am" in "worldserver.exe at 100% when on flying mounts" and the most recent being from Discover in this thread.


I will delete them all and let you know what happens next time.

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