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  2. The ICC Buff here is what I was speaking to, +30% might just be too much when the numbers are in the billions. (zone in, get 73822, die). I would expect to see /eventtrace to show some of this (in addition to the elusive combat log). When I google 255 server stats, there is plenty of talk about dealing with silly numbers. But who knows what the patches are on this server as well.
  3. Don't know if this was brought up and one thing that you have to take into consideration, that regardless of where your health is at (example: it could 10 billion hp), some debuffs work by percentage. So the insta death could possibly be working it down from a 99% intentionally. I don't remember ICC placing a debuff on you when you enter, but also adding to what IbeatDungeon is stating that the high numbers could possibly be.. well.. too high.
  4. I don't know all the custom stuff that you have on your server nor any details on what causes the death, perhaps the ICC buff (+20%) causes some problem with the massive numbers you are pushing? This has to people a known issue for people that run 255 level servers (stats that are beyond variable limits, interpreted as NaN or zero?, aka death) I am not sure .cheat god will protect you from null health, I believe it only protects you from external damage. I have died plenty of times when the damage self-inflicted (from debuffs). The client event log should be, 'gained buff' 'has died' or similar if it's the ICC buff. I don't know how patches are supported for trinitycore issues, but check out the rules of the road and post one.
  5. realmlist table

    Anyone else getting problems with the 4.3.4 branch since the updates with the newest commit where it will let you join into the world but other times it won't this was fine until the updates from 5 days ago. Sometimes it works and others it don't and when I restart server it does then picks times not to work again. Everything was fine until updates.
  6. @Ibeatdungeon Okay that worked but still why is it killing my level 255 armour should not matter?
  7. Assuming you are on Windows and using the Master branch. It's selected by your OS (using default).
  8. Yesterday
  9. thanks i found the problem, it was the assignment of the config dir on compile, instead of /home/trinity/etc it was /home/trinity/conf. anyway, so thats solved, but still i see this error 2017-04-26_22:45:57 INFO [server.loading] Loading Group instance saves... 2017-04-26_22:45:57 ERROR [sql.sql] [1055] Expression #1 of SELECT list is not in GROUP BY clause and contains nonaggregated column '' which is not functionally dependent on columns in GROUP BY clause; this is incompatible with sql_mode=only_full_group_by 2017-04-26_22:45:57 ERROR [sql.sql] Unhandled MySQL errno 1055. Unexpected behaviour possible. 2017-04-26_22:45:57 INFO [server.loading] >> Loaded 0 group-instance saves. DB table `group_instance` is empty! The core loads however, so its not a big deal i think... but still.
  10. Hello guys, i've got a huge problem. From second to second, my server started to lag (latency more than 12k). Clients recieves this latency from "Authenticating" message when he tries to log in. I used old core, so i've updated it, but it did not help. Problems are on two different VMs which have only same db. Does someone know how to resolve this problem, or at least, where to look up on it? Thank you for your time and answers. Both auth and world server works in console fine. TC before update:TrinityCore rev. 905685516092+ 2016-07-23 15:46:33 +0200 (3.3.5 branch) (Unix, Release, Static) with TDB 335.60 TC now: latest EDIT:Moved Auth DB to other server, but problem presists
  11. Hello.. I have machine which have 4 cores.. But Trinity uses only 2. How can setup Trinity to use 4 cores?
  12. Assuming you are on Windows... Sounds like you didnt copy or configure the authserver.conf.dist and worldserver.conf.dist. Follow the instructions and get your conf files set-up and configured, then we can talk about the DB error you received. Go to the very last step on this page.
  13. So this works when you have a normal (level 80, no hacks) character? What does the combat log say you died of? This works fine for me, level 254 as well. create new character. .character level 80 .tele citadel zone in
  14. Yes, master branch auth database IS structurally backwards compatible with 3.3.5 master branch has additional tables not present in 3.3.5 (all of bnet) and columns (Region/Battlegroup in realmlist table)
  15. Sorry I might of been a bit brief so here is all the details. Client: 3.3.5a 12340 build Server Core: TrinityCore rev. 6892404b270f+ 2017-04-26 04:20:38 -0300 (3.3.5 branch) (Win64, Release, Static) also same thing in the last release TDB 335.63 (also samething in .62) Character Class, Level, GM status: Gnome-Mage, 255, Account level 3 gm mode off Instance ignore raid requirements enabled in the worldserver configs Custom armour for mage that has 10m stats except intellect that is 6.5m Using the .tele Icecrown to get to the location and then making myself to the ICC raid enterance and going in unraid grouped you can enter but soon as you enter and it loads you die and first though maybe of the raid group thing so I made myself in a raid group with 1 other player and same thing on 10 man raid settings.
  16. There are a myriad of ways to read this I will try and rephrase and you can clarify, but in the end you should make a github issue for this ... so in 335 current build, (seems unlikely though with 1.7 billion health) when you enter the raid portal in normal difficulty you are instantly killed (by what in the command log)? And this works any other way (such as when you are in an actual raid?) Is this raidid in use and you are continuing? My guess is that the first hallway event has spawned out of control with the traps being set off and the Deathbound Ward attacks are getting you in the NPC area, they do decent damage and effect the whole hallways and npc area all the way back to the portal inside the instance, since the DW's stack death can be ... but not instant death for me. Maybe .cheat god and investigate what is killing you, unless you are truly dying upon zoning in.
  17. Are you saying that master's auth database is backward compatible with 335? Otherwise, can you elaborate how the mixed world servers from 335 and master are not compatible with having 335 auth run on master's auth? For 335 and master, both the world cli and soap allow creation, deletion, modification of accounts, bnets, bans, mutes, otp. In the wow client side, soap and console, changing passwords, character customizations, etc all work. Population 'low/med/high' works. I don't see any sql errors or erroneous behavior. I can imagine at scale I could be missing something, I don't think I have reached over 100 client connections. If allowing 335 to use master's auth is not compatible, are you also saying that multiple 335 worlds cannot use a single 335 auth (obviously after the config realmid and the realmlist table is sorted out)?
  18. When I want to do the ICC and kill the lich king when I enter in a raid group or not in a raid group with the ingore raid group requirement enabled in the configs the raid kills me instantly when I have 1.7b health from armour and can't revive and have to use the unstuck command to teleport myself away. Is this a bug or can anyone help me as I want to test my server thoroughly so that there is no bugs or very little/minor ones?
  19. I just updated my core, and got the following errors. Error while configuring Appender Auth in Logger server.authserver. Appender does not exist and on the end of starting the worldserver. 2017-04-26_14:28:51 ERROR [sql.sql] [1055] Expression #1 of SELECT list is not in GROUP BY clause and contains nonaggregated column '' which is not functionally dependent on columns in GROUP BY clause; this is incompatible with sql_mode=only_full_group_by 2017-04-26_14:28:51 ERROR [sql.sql] Unhandled MySQL errno 1055. Unexpected behaviour possible. the core refuses to start, using revision: f42ff8c6ba0609c2f774440dd30981356c1ffd63 no custom content or patches.
  20. CDawg : I think he want to know if a TC server is running on the server, to display a "Server Online/Offline" message You can't just ping, ping will just tell you your hardware is up and can response. If you want to specifically check if TC is running, you must check if the server is listening on worldserver port (8085 on master if i remember well) Check this :
  21. They are not compatible in the way that you can run one and connect from both clients but they can share the same database (even if you run them both at the same time - but you need to use the database structure from master, there are more fields in tables)
  22. I see, so auths are compatible, yes? I could just get the same auth with no problems.
  23. Last week
  24. How is this related to TC, and what are you trying to accomplish by pinging the server through an application?
  25. So what i should have to do? how do i can check if the server is open, if i do a ping it ping to host, not to the server, so what you recomend me? Ping pingSender = new Ping(); IPAddress address = IPAddress.Parse(""); PingReply reply = pingSender.Send(address); if (reply.Status == IPStatus.Success) { serverStatus.Checked = true; } else { serverStatus.Checked = false; }
  26. I run 335 & master out of the box in 'prod' like this essentially from a small gitlab ci / chef. in this example its two ip addresses for consistent ports, but it could be changed for port changes on a single address. This provides 335 and master on the same machine and 335 using the master auth. when a user with a different client logs in they will see incompatible for the other client-server version pair as would be expected. In the 'nonprod' i have the same scheme, different addresses, and the userbase sees those as ptr/dev which they cannot login into/create on. If something like this should be written up it would e my pleasure, i can revise it step by step and mark it up for confluence. These are my notes. *** TC *** tc builds - 335 (tc335) * world server is only running, auth and bnet are not * auth is provided by master * tc335 stack binds to (eg, *server.conf, BindIP = "", SOAP.IP = "") * worldserver.conf RealmID = 1 (needs to be in tc_master_auth.realmlist) - master (tcmaster) * auth, bnet, world servers are running * 335 support is provided * tcmaster stack binds to (eg, *server.conf, BindIP = "", SOAP.IP = "") * worldserver.conf RealmID = 2 (needs to be in tc_master_auth.realmlist) *** MYSQL *** mysql> show databases; +----------------------+ | Database | +----------------------+ | information_schema | | tc_335_auth | <-- not used | tc_335_characters | | tc_335_world | | tc_master_auth | | tc_master_characters | | tc_master_hotfixes | | tc_master_world | <- dual realm (335 + master, realmid= #) +----------------------+ 8 rows in set (0.08 sec) mysql> select id,name,address,localaddress,localsubnetmask,port,gamebuild from tc_master_auth.realmlist; +----+----------+--------------+--------------+-----------------+------+-----------+ | id | name | address | localaddress | localsubnetmask | port | gamebuild | +----+----------+--------------+--------------+-----------------+------+-----------+ | 1 | tc335 | | | | 8085 | 12340 | | 2 | tcmaster | | | | 8085 | 23937 | +----+----------+--------------+--------------+-----------------+------+-----------+ 2 rows in set (0.00 sec)
  27. Its enough to just change the DB names in configs (and in DB hurr durr). I use this all the time to hop through the 5 different core/patch combinations I have.
  28. The easiest way, as it wouldn't require any changes to the database or TrinityCore, would be run multiple virtual machines using VirtualBox. You could set up very small Debian 8 based VMs that have only enough installed to build and run SQL and TrinityCore (and the VirtualBox Guest Additions) from the command line, which should only use about 6GB of HD space each. And the nice thing is that you could make one, then simply duplicate it. Once they are setup, you could use Linux file sharing to make your two sets of TrinityCore and server directories available to either your "bare metal" OS or an another VM where you use your preferred IDE, text editor, etc. It would take a while to set it all up, but once did you would have two separate servers with a unified work environment. You could even run both servers at the same time if you wanted. You would need at least 8GB of RAM to do this in a testing environment. 3GB min per VM when building using 4 threads (4.5GB if building with 6 threads) and about 2GB per VM when just running the server while testing things.
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