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  2. I'm surprised I even remember my password.
  3. Hey all! I'm back from the dead! Working to get my devices cleaned up again to make room for dev patch work and get back in the game. Those who remember me, good to see you! Those who don't nice to meet ya!
  4. Greetings, Is there any way to change the extractors to load all of the patches instead of only up to patch-5.mpq? The reason is that I have many patches in my project, some contain custom maps, others contain resources (objects) for those maps and I can't narrow it down enough to get just 1 patch without making it be over 10 gigabytes in size. Any help greatly appreciated.
  5. in case someone wonders what means "over cataclysm" only wow 4.3.4 spawns are completed. there are few spawns on mop and higher expansions but not completed at all.
  6. OS: Debian Bullseye (11) 3.3.5a I am trying to locate the server files on a drive that I mount through fstab rather than on my root drive 'File System'. Edit: Nevermind, done another get clone and it seems to have worked itself out.
  7. Thanks for the replies! I was using openssl3 and did not have the legacy.dll. I installed openssl 1.x and recompiled it and did get to log in. Is there any benefits from using the newest Openssl?
  8. When using openssl 3 you must also copy "legacy.dll" from openssl installation directory in addition to libcrypto-3-x64.dll and libssl-3-x64.dll
  9. be sure you use at least openssl 1.1 if it still fails get 3.0
  10. I am working on new server and I followed the installation guide and I everything compiled with no errors. I did have some issues with database that I resolved and then I created an admin account with gm level 3 and at the end when I try and log in with my wow it goes to the server picker and when when it is supposed to show the characters screen the server crashes and I get this crash log. https://pastebin.com/VeneUhLg I did a search on here and google but I was not able to find anything that helped. I have not messed with this stuff since 2008 so I am a little rusty. If you need anything else let me know and I will try and get it asap.
  11. trinitycore never had 5.4.8, the rest of versions aren't supported nor updated. the cataclysm preservation proyect maintains 4.3.4 branch but ain't supported by this forum.
  12. --- Canned message start --- It appears the issue in the original post was solved, so this thread shall be closed. Should you encounter any other difficulties, please open a new thread. --- Canned message end ---
  13. They refresh after auctions expires. Want more items use the world config. Just have to mess with the configs. It's not 100% to set it this way to work.
  14. This? https://github.com/trickerer/Trinity-Bots
  15. May not answer your question. But I've always let the players know on the how to connect page to /join world which will create a channel upon joining it. Of course this will only work if cross faction chat is aloud.
  16. Patches are done before a compile. If you use the main trinitycore npcbots instead of the pre made compiled version then you can add the other patch you want then compile the core. It tells you how to patch before compiling on the trinitycore npcbots page: https://github.com/trickerer/Trinity-Bots Or if you don't want to compile your own then you will have to find a teleporter script to add to the database.
  17. Hello! A very long time ago, on the github (TrinityCore), I met versions other than 3.3.5 (for example, 4.3.4, 5.4.8, 7.3.5, 8.3.7). Now I see only the master version =, 3.3.5 = 3.3.5a.12340. Could you please tell me where other versions can be found?
  18. Hi, I'm using the TrinityCore with Bots: https://github.com/trickerer/TrinityCore-3.3.5-with-NPCBots and now i will patch the telenpc into my Core: https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCoreCustomChanges/compare/3.3.5-base_patch...3.3.5-tele_npc_3.diff So there are no instructions on how to apply such patches, I have to ask here. How can I install and use the patch in my core? So how exactly do I have to go about it now? pls help me
  19. Sorry am a bit of an idiot installed wrong version of openssl didnt think it mattered i got it working and running made a character thanks for developing this so people like me can play it..... anyway ignore the above post...:P
  20. Hello ive been banging my head against a wall for 3 days now ive googled over and over to find a solution but cannot find answers ive compiled trinity core setup databases and im at the last step of the process where you login the problem i have is that everytime i login it crashes the worldserver.exe and the login attempt fails and i cant understand the crash logs it just says something about assertion failed authserver remains open also if it matters world server doesnt require auth server to be open but i open auth first and ive tried switching them around to no success trying to connect via localhost also attached is a crash log from the crashes folder dunno if its the right one its not a repack that im using its cloned from github ive followed every step of the guide and ive read it multiple times to ensure that i got each step right its the 3.3.5 branch thank you for your time and assistance b9450bcdd092+_worldserver.exe_[30-6_1-45-3].txt
  21. case 62482: // Grab Crate { if (!unitCaster) return; if (unitTarget) { if (Unit* seat = unitCaster->GetVehicleBase()) { //if (Unit* parent = seat->GetVehicleBase()) this code wrong? TrinityCore\src\server\game\Spells\SpellEffects.cpp line 3558 can't work..
  22. it's closed because it's bugged.
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