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  3. Hello, I followed Aokrome's core installation successfully along with all maps. However, I wish there was a step by step manual for the linux database like Aokrime's linux core manual I'm using Ubuntu Focal. Is there a manual for the database? (prefer step by step manual) I didn't proceed the DB part yet because of I wasn't sure about the sql version compatibility that might causes possible DB commands error. Thank you so much.
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  5. https://github.com/FusionGen/FusionGEN There are some guys from ac web who updated the best cms ever fusion but it does still have vulnerabilities so use it on your own risk :D
  6. again, hotfixes is master branch only. anyway i reworded that.
  7. Ah, right thanks you. This is what I had already downloaded but wasn't sure as the guide appears to indicate differently. But also, this 7z file contains just one file .sql file - TDB_full_world_335.21021_2021_02_15.sql. Not "TDB_world_" and "TDB_hotfixes_" files as the guide would have people expect. Anyway, after confirming this, I now have a working server. Thanks for your help.
  8. Not sure if I understand what you have said. I have downloaded the 3.3.5a branch db as I have downloaded the 3.3.5a server.... I do not see anylink to download TDB_full_*.7z the green Download button... I'm a systems engineer and the following is confusing, even to me. Might be fine for someone who has done this before or wrote it...... Downloading the database Download the latest database compilation from TrinityCore Downloads (you may need to click on Next at page footer to see the proper TDB files). - Nope - not seeing this... Note that there are different databas
  9. you have download 3.3.5a branch db, you are trying to find master branch only file.
  10. I have followed the guide more or less ok until it came to populating the MySQL Trinity databases in the guide https://trinitycore.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/tc/pages/2130092/Databases+Installation as below:- From the unpacked 7z folder copy the SQL files that start with "TDB_world_" and "TDB_hotfixes_" (master branch only) to the directory where your worldserver binary (worldserver on linux or mac, worldserver.exe on windows) is (DON'T RENAME THOSE FILES OR AUTOMATIC SETUP WILL FAIL). In the guide, the line "Download the latest database compilation from TrinityCore Downloads (you ma
  11. Some Wiki GM commands are outdated or dosen't even exist. For example .learn all gm it was replaced I guess by .learn all blizzard (tested on TC rev. hash/commit: 2f9e386) Thanks in advice .
  12. no. and don't post the correct one, it's disabled because a very good reason.
  13. delete from disables where entry in(650); -- Enable Trial of the Champion and Mmaps I guess something like this woud be , run this query in world database.
  14. You can actually edit the DBC files by hand to add, delete, or edit any abilities, however you will also have to create a patch for the client side to understand those changes. For example on my server I changed blizzard, rain of fire, and hurricane to have cast times instead of being a channeled spell. Stoneharry made a very easy to use spell editor exe to help people
  15. Lol I see what you meant... but still I want to unlock it in RDF for testing purposes. Any way to do that ?
  16. you can enter walking on normal mode and see why it's disabled.
  17. Can it be enabled anyways, even if it is broken ?
  18. it's disabled because it's broken.
  19. Really sorry for the stupid question,but please tell me how can I enable TOC dungeon in RDF ? It’s currently disabled/ locked and I can go there using RDF .
  20. @magnet try with expansion 9. Work fine for me.
  21. Many thanks, appreciate you responding and leading me in the direction I need to go.
  22. Not sure where to report this, didn't want to open a new thread, does someone still have admin rights in the new Confluence setup? Perhaps @Aokromes? It would be nice if someone can remove the spam comment on the Networking page, there seem to be no ways for reporting it...
  23. there is no db data for shadowlands. you will need to find map ids and teleport to them with go xyz.
  24. Having this same issue and can't figure out how to solve. Any advice would be really appreciated to this newbie. Using TDB Full_World 837_2010_2020_10_20.sql, Worldserver.conf is set to expansion 8, auth_account expansion is set to 8. Not sure what else I'm missing. Shadowlands is the only place I haven't figured out how to tele to. "Teleport location now found" Not sure what else I can do. ty
  25. Hello, I'm compiling my first server on a linux vps (debian 10), and i have an issue. My VPS can support only 20Go and i already have finished my server. All is fine i have a lot of place but the problem is that when i run worldserver it block after that the server start. I did some research and it's because i must exctract with my tools to have map dbc.... And the problem now is that i have to install wow on my machine to extract all and i dont have enough place in my vps. I tried to put these exctractors in my client on Windows but it's not supported. Can i have some help? Thanks
  26. ok it was du to the client.
  27. But that builld DOES have a git tag... https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/tree/8.3.7/35662
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