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  2. Good night, I'm trying to fix some spells, and I'm stuck in a part of Prismatic Crystal mage spell, the problem is when the crystal is just summoned, the player selected target must change to the crystal, I've been trying the SetTarget() and SetSelection() functions with crystal summoned GUID but either does not work, the selected target not change. I've been researching and I read that there is not SMSG opcode to change target but only to clear target which is SMSG_CLEAR_TARGET, and any opcode in server side to change the current selected target, as it does in retail, could you help me giving me some orientation about how to make player target the crystal when the spell is casted? Video to see how it works: Thanks for you time.
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  4. For the benefit of the community, I think I may have figured out the issue. I am waiting on someone with the time to validate my theory. I may have found a few port number discrepancies in the AuthServer DB viewing it with HeidiSQL. I will confirm if it is the issue or not......just need a higher experienced mind to view it.
  5. Trinitycore now supports 7.1.5 not 7.1.0
  6. someone who can send me via pm a link to download 7.1.0(2322) wow client?
  7. --- Canned message start --- It appears the issue in the original post was solved, so this thread shall be closed. Should you encounter any other difficulties, please open a new thread. --- Canned message end ---
  8. thx Ref: Anything else, please?
  9. What Nay meant is that you should have left the path empty because it uses the correct path for your machine then.
  10. Hi, actually I had to change these instructions since I was using a x86 MySQL... So instead of using Program Files I changed it to Program Files (x86). I guess that this is where the mistake happened.
  11. I wouldn't need to add port numbers to all the ip addresses, would I?
  12. Just ran through the directions again. This mystifies me still. Any other thoughts on what might be the issue? When I try to log in on Client, nothing appears in Worldserver.
  13. I could be wrong but I believe the distance check in Creature::CanCreatureAttack handles that.
  14. Last week
  15. Yo guys, Anyone to tell me how's and where evade range is generated/defined? Seem like it is diff for diff mobs and NPC, but im interesing in changing/looking for data in 4.3.4 or 3.3.5a. Thanks.
  16. Error persists even with in its proper place.
  17. I have created the account with .account create soap password end I set the permission with .account set gmlevel soap 3 -1 but return me 401 ... Unauthorized
  18. Contents of Client Data directory.
  19. @Aokromes - Thanks. If did not exist in the data directory, would creating one solve the issue?
  20. you must edit not on data directory.
  21. Well, i had the same issue, in the config file of your soap, where soap username/ pass is you should put the credentials from an account created using the old command .account not the new one, first you need to turn on worldserver.exe, then create an account using this command .account create username password(old fashion way please pay attention), then .account set gmlevel username 3 -1.
  22. I am working on creating my 3.3.5 server on a different box from my Master server. I don't know why I am having so many issues considering I have followed directions as I did Master flawlessly. By comparison, 3.3.5 has been one phenomenal headache. Onwards I march though. Perhaps you lot can help me with what ails me. After installing everything as directed to in the Requirements | Core Installation and Configuring / Compiling, etc...... I successfully opened WorldServer / AuthServer but got this on client boot..... Going back and forth to my setup directions, I thought I followed it all fine. My your reference.... Realmlist within Data/enUS for reference..... AuthServer Config...... WorldServer Config...... Test account was successfully created using test:test, which is what was failing on login attempt with client. Running Windows 10. Can anyone glance over these please and advise me? Maybe I missed something, but I thought I followed it all to the letter. Thanks!
  23. method Relocate? example plz
  24. Read don't import other databases than the noted there.
  25. Hello all, so I've been using the precompiled binaries in an attempt to get my work 3.3.5a server up and running but I've hit a roadblock. I believe I have followed all instructions correctly but something appears to be off. I started the worldserver and building the World DB went off without any issues. It correctly picked up the "Full" DB and then patched from there. Where I have issues is when it moves onto Character DB. I did import sql/base/character_database.sql, when I launch I get the following error. (See file attached) DBErrors.log
  26. Hello again! So, now that my server is running and working pretty flawlessly mostly, however I ran into a rather peculiar issue where basically, my server (both authserver and worldserver up and running) is accessible to those who logs in, but for those who logs in much more later (such as 1 hour later) would find the realm offline... However for those who logged in earlier, would be still able to easily connect to the realm without any issues unless they were inactive for more than 1 hour then it would appear as offline. Well, I am not sure what is exactly causing this? I've never heard of this issue and I tried looking around but I didn't know how to call it. Ordinarily connecting to realms and whatnot is ports issues but all of my ports are opened (3724 and 8129 TCP/UCP) and was working fine earlier just that if you don't log in early you won't be able to. So I have no idea what could be causing that... Help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you all. Danare
  27. Wouldn't hurt. Nuke and pave.
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