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  2. thank you Master!!
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  4. updating visual studio AND cmake.
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  6. hello How do I solve this?
  7. Yes, google (actually, better to use duckduckgo or yandex for such things) No, as Shauren said 'I guess' to the first, yes to the second. You'd have to 'modify' a shitload of things If you're hellbent on using WoD (personally, I don't see why you would be. TC Master has all WoD content, and more, and the difference in available tools between WoD and BfA is, to my knowledge, negligible), it would make more sense to find an existing WoD core - there are some - and modify it, if you have to.
  8. Yeah, but if i remove the latest content from te core, and i change the client type and version in the core, its possibile it can be run, or i have to modify too much things in the core for run? Maybe better, if i write a new core for it? But okay, the spell system it's different, so i have a lot of job with this project, but maybe better, then a new core... :S
  9. No, you cannot. Master branch is on latest 8.3.0 version
  10. The wow 6.2.4en(eu) client still available somewhere? And if i get it one, can i connect to the server with the master branch?
  11. I need a tc_bundle.txt Client I can't find it anywhere please help
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  13. https://ericlippert.com/2020/03/27/new-grad-vs-senior-dev/
  14. Hi all, It took me a whole lot some time to prepare my Debian 10 buildserver, but I finally got around to do so. Please find new packages up in the repo! I have updated the TS with the new paths. Please note that builds for Trinitycore on Debian 9 have been broken for a month or 2 because some of the build dependencies changed to versions that are not available in Debian 9 (for example SSL). Also, I'm winding down on my own server as I don't play WoW any more. I will keep compiling the packages for the forseeable future, but I will not port them to Debian 11 (slated for ~Q2 2021). Please find all the scripts and recipes in the TS to roll your own :-)
  15. Now i am not asking if it is 100% blizzlike, but what i am curious about, is in the terms of function and working. Like what are the % of quest working? Previous content from past expansions working? what are the current major issues? Spells and such working? I am really curious as I want to dive into a wotlk build from tc, but i dont think i am finding any information on what is and isnt working.
  16. Ok so Navicat Ip and MySQL as to be, so do you know where is the problem ? I change Ip on authserver.conf and worldserver.conf and open ports on firewall and routeur. But it does not work. Actually i only can run authserver.exe and worldserver.exe ONLY with as Ip, it not works with my public IP. Even with no change of database connection IP and MySQL Ip. I tried tu put Ip and Port with the symbol "two points" (xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:3306) instead of "xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx;3306". authserver.exe detect database but cannot connect... Can you explain me where is my problem please ?
  17. Hey guys! After a few years I downloaded and just compiled newest Trinitycore (3.3.5a branch). Everything went smoothly, but I am unable to respawn anything in the game via .respawn command. Command didn't output anything. Well, didn't do anything at all. Has anything changed? Am I missing something? Thanks!
  18. NEVER put your public ip as database connection, NEVER allow mysql to reach from outside your local network.
  19. Hello everyone. First i am sorry for my language, i am french i have some troubles for writing and understanding english. I have create a server Wow 3.3.5 with TrinityCore tutorial on my PC and i want to invite friend, by changing IP on authserver.conf and worldserver.conf and start authserver.exe, but it deosn't work. I try to open the ports on my routeur and add them into Firewall but it doesn't change. I don't know but maybe i need to change the Ip of MySQL server from to my IP but it is not possible. My objective is not to put my server on a dedicated external machine, just to keep it on my PC and invite friend on it. That's all. It is impossible to me to continue without help...... Edit : I succeded conecting to database by recreate it and asking a Full Stack IP. Now i tried to re-create database and my worldserver.conf is : LoginDatabaseInfo = "xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:3306;root;Leonis2020;auth" WorldDatabaseInfo = "xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:3306;root;Leonis2020;world" CharacterDatabaseInfo = "xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:3306;root;Leonis2020;characters" And Authserver.conf is : LoginDatabaseInfo = "xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:3306;root;Leonis2020;auth" (don't worry for password i have put a not secret ont and i will change). So with that my Server.Log is : And Auth.Log : If someone as a awnser i ask you for it. Thx for advance Leonis. En Français : Bonjour à tous. J'essaie de faire un serveur WoW sur mon PC. J'ai réussi mais maintenant j'aimerais inviter des amis dessus. Dans le Tutorial de Trinity j'ai vu qu'il fallait changer l'IP dans les fichiers authserver.conf et worldserver.conf, mais impossible de démarrer le serveur (voir lignes de commandes). Idem en ouvrant les ports. Et impossible de changer l'IP du serveur de MySQL, il ne marche qu'avec Je me retrouve bloquer. Si quelqu'un a la solution à mon problème je cherche de l'aide. Pour l'instant mon but est juste d'héberger le serveur sur mon PC et d'inviter des amis. Il n'est pas question de louer un serveur dédié. Merci d'avance Leonis
  20. Salutations, I have looked in numerous places, and can't seem to find the answer I am seeking. I have installed TC on Win7, and never had issues with this, but it seems Win10 is saying no. Basically, I am just trying to get the connection live so that only I can access my server when I am abroad with my laptop. I am only running 3.3.5, and have forwarded both ports, 3724 & 8085. It feels like it's getting sent out, but it won't receive. Of course, as long as I am on the server comp, and using local, it has no issues, but it won't connect on the network level either. I have spent the better part of two days now trying to scour through to find this for myself, but as I said, no luck. Any and all help would be helpful. A little more detail: when entering login info, it just says 'connecting', than times out. I feel there might be something I am missing, but for the life of me can't figure it out...so, I am asking for help. Bare with me, I am older, and prefer detailed step by step, or you can even point me in the right direction for this information. Sincerely, Spudmasher
  21. master branch is heavy alpha branch, like wiki states, if you want to play you need to stick to 3.3.5a branch.
  22. At the issue with the hangin character is easy to solve. Just log out and in again and you can play. However alot of bugs. you should be familar with GM commands to solve alot of quests
  23. Same issue with the 33724 client. Extracted maps, dbc, etc. Starting worldserver.exe installs the TDB 820 and then throws lots of errors for a few minutes before getting to the prompt. I can log in and create a character, see the cinematics but then the character "hangs" above the world and can't move while the server throws more errors. Can anyone please tell me which client version / TDB worked when you created your server?
  24. Just so I understand you completely: I should forget about upgrading my WOD and just download the client form BNet? :)
  25. Just download the client from battle.net app, even a trial (or "starter" as they call it now) is enough
  26. Hello guys. 1st: I've tried compiling and running 3.3.5a with great success. Repacks too. Had lots of fun Now I'd like to "get my hands dirty" and I am thus compiling the aka Master. I think I need the correct client to extract the right maps etc My current Retail Blizz is WOD and I am willing to pay them for the latest version if it helps me pull the maps for but I am not certain if that is the correct way of doing it since the latest version from Blizz would be a newer version ?? I am guessing that a downgrade is out of the question cuz I've never heard about it being possible Would "Arctium WoW Client Launcher" help me in any way here? So now I am asking: how would you do it? /GG
  27. /bin /data <-- here (need to edit path in *.conf files which in /etc) or another variant
  28. Hey folks, I'm currently building a BfA repack, following Windows Server Setup, and at the bottom of this page it says "4. Move the vmaps, maps, dbc, cameras and gt (master only) folders to the same directory as the TrinityCore binaries." Which TrinityCore binaries is it referring to? Sorry for sounding like a div, Isk.
  29. If client and srv on the same machine then if client and srv on other/different computers then (addr in the same network as the server) as example -- in database table 'realm' & config files *.conf also port forwarding ( srv in VirtualMashines or subnetworks, network boundaries)
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