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  2. I assume you are using actual item link. The command is supposed to work with exact item name as well, not just item link. At least from what I recall reading from the command tooltip. So typing ".additem [Champion Herod's Shoulder]" in plain text to the chat should work and works for items that dont have apostrophe iirc.
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  4. i pasted the item to use the add item after.
  5. Hello Is there a way to make Emerald Forest not a raid/dungeon zone? For a normal player you need to be in raid to enter. I wanna change so its just a normal pve zone. Thanks in advance Regards
  6. so you requested .additem [Champion Herod's Shoulder] at sec 46 but you received at 54 ? (you were exposed :D) Actually he's right , the command doesn't work for such item names. TrinityCore rev. 222164a5cc11+
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  8. UPDATE `creature` SET `spawndist` = 7, `MovementType` = 1 WHERE `id` = XXX;
  9. Hello. When setting movement types on a creature it does not work. If i put 1 on a npc/creature it should random move like it says. But it does not work. It just stands still.. MovementType The creature's default movement type. 0 Idle; stay in one place 1 Random movement inside the spawndist radius 2 Waypoint movement
  10. works for me (TM) on wow 3.3.5a [18:28:46] [Champion Herod's Shoulder] [18:28:54] You create: [Champion Herod's Shoulder].
  11. After searching extensively I finally found a database that would show me item IDs. So this is a bug and there is no workaround for the apostrophe issue other than using item IDs?
  12. I am sure this has been addressed but my searches didn't turn up an answer. When using the .additem command to get any item that contains an apostrophe, such as .additem [Champion Herod's Shoulder] Trinity has no earthly idea what that item is. Does the item need to be encapsulated in more than brackets if it contains an apostrophe?
  13. Hello, I can't find build.info file for 8.3.7 client. How to solve this problem?
  14. check https://github.com/TrinityCore/WoWSimpleRegistration
  15. hey guys. i try to create web application in python with flask for this core but for creating hash in battlenet_accounts table i cant figure it out how it work exactly. if someone could help, that would be nice. i'm following this part of code to making this: strtoupper(bin2hex(strrev(hex2bin(strtoupper(hash("sha256",strtoupper(hash("sha256", strtoupper($username)).":".strtoupper($password)))))))); my python code: username = "admin" password = "admin" # To uppercase username = username.upper() password = password.upper() # username to hash username = hashlib.sha256(username.encode('utf-8')) username = username.hexdigest() # combine username(hash) with password and convert to uppercase username_password = str((username + ":" + password).upper()) # hash username and password and convert to uppercase username_password = hashlib.sha256(username_password.encode('utf-8')) username_password = str(username_password.hexdigest()).upper() # convert hex to bin username_password = "{0:08b}".format(int(username_password, 16)) # rev string username_password = str(username_password[::-1]) # convert bin to hex username_password = '%08X' % int(username_password, 2) # string to uppercase username_password = str(username_password.upper()) print(username_password)
  16. Hi, I am trying to make a novice shaman NPC (from echo isles area) attack the tikki target with a lightning bolt (spell 20802). I have tried using a Smart Script and C++ script (see below) but no luck. I looked at other scripts provided within the trinitycore source code for guidance. Yet, I am not able to get the NPC to attack the target. Below is a sample class with the intended actions scripts. Neither is working. I am able to create Smart scripts using cosmetic spells with no problem. However, the cosmetic spells do not provide the spells and the rotation I want to use. Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated. I am able to compile the code below without errors. The C++ creature script has also been assigned to the NPC (server restarted of course). I tried creating this script in the latest version of trinitycore (shadowlands) and older trinitycore code (legion, BFA, etc). Thanks so much. Is it a limitation of the Wow Client? #include "ScriptMgr.h" #include "ScriptedCreature.h" enum Spells { SPELL_LIGHTNINGBOLT = 20802, SPELL_HEALINGWAVE = 72014, SPELL_FLAMESHOCK = 58940, //TESTING SPELL_CHAINHEAL = 72014, //NPC=38326 - Darkspear Shaman SPELL_BOLT = 73212 }; enum Events { EVENT_LIGHTNINGBOLT = 1, EVENT_HEALINGWAVE = 2, EVENT_FLAMESHOCK = 3 }; enum Creatures { HIT_TARGET = 38038 }; class npc_shaman_trainee : public CreatureScript // Used by the Darkspear Shaman Novice trainee to attack a tiki practice target. { public: npc_shaman_trainee() : CreatureScript("npc_shaman_novice") { } CreatureAI* GetAI(Creature* creature) const override { return new npc_shaman_traineeAI(creature); } struct npc_shaman_traineeAI : public ScriptedAI { npc_shaman_traineeAI(Creature* creature) : ScriptedAI(creature) { } EventMap events; void Reset() override { //_Reset(); events.Reset(); if (Creature* target = me->FindNearestCreature(38038, 50.0f)) me->CastSpell(target, SPELL_LIGHTNINGBOLT, true); } void EnterCombat(Unit* /*who*/) override { events.ScheduleEvent(EVENT_LIGHTNINGBOLT, 8000); events.ScheduleEvent(EVENT_HEALINGWAVE, 12000); events.ScheduleEvent(EVENT_FLAMESHOCK , 10000); } void KilledUnit(Unit * /*victim*/) override { } void JustDied(Unit * /*victim*/) override { } void UpdateAI(uint32 diff) override { if (!UpdateVictim()) return; events.Update(diff); // if (me->HasUnitState(UNIT_STATE_CASTING)) // return; while (uint32 eventId = events.ExecuteEvent()) { switch (eventId) { case EVENT_LIGHTNINGBOLT: if (Creature* target = me->FindNearestCreature(HIT_TARGET,525.0f,true)) { if (me->GetVictim() == target) { //if (Unit *target = SelectTarget(SELECT_TARGET_RANDOM, 1)) DoCast(target, SPELL_LIGHTNINGBOLT, true); } events.ScheduleEvent(EVENT_LIGHTNINGBOLT, 8000); } break; case EVENT_HEALINGWAVE: DoCast(me, SPELL_HEALINGWAVE); events.ScheduleEvent(EVENT_HEALINGWAVE, 12000); break; case EVENT_FLAMESHOCK: if (Creature* target = me->FindNearestCreature(HIT_TARGET, 525.0f,true)) { //if (Unit *target = SelectTarget(SELECT_TARGET_RANDOM, 1)) DoCast(target, SPELL_FLAMESHOCK, true); } events.ScheduleEvent(EVENT_FLAMESHOCK, 10000); break; } } DoMeleeAttackIfReady(); } }; }; class npc_test : public CreatureScript { public: npc_test() : CreatureScript("npc_test") { } CreatureAI* GetAI(Creature* creature) const override { return new npc_testAI(creature); } struct npc_testAI : public ScriptedAI { npc_testAI(Creature* creature) : ScriptedAI(creature) { instance = creature->GetInstanceScript(); } InstanceScript *instance; EventMap events; void Reset() override { events.Reset(); } void EnterCombat(Unit* /*who*/) override { if (Creature* thrall = me->FindNearestCreature(38038, 100.0f, true)) thrall->SetReactState(REACT_AGGRESSIVE); events.ScheduleEvent(EVENT_LIGHTNINGBOLT, urand(2000, 5000)); } void JustDied(Unit* /*Kill*/) override { } void UpdateAI(uint32 diff) override { events.Update(diff); if (me->HasUnitState(UNIT_STATE_CASTING)) return; while (uint32 eventId = events.ExecuteEvent()) { switch (eventId) { case EVENT_LIGHTNINGBOLT: if (Unit* target = SelectTarget(SELECT_TARGET_RANDOM, 0)) { me->CastSpell(target, SPELL_LIGHTNINGBOLT, false); } events.ScheduleEvent(EVENT_LIGHTNINGBOLT, urand(12000, 15000)); break; } } DoMeleeAttackIfReady(); } }; }; void AddSC_GameAreaNPCS() { new npc_shaman_trainee(); new npc_test(); }
  17. we are looking to use cmake 3.18.4 so ready to upgrade your debian systems to 11.
  18. Hello TrinityCore members, I wanted to mess around with 6.2.4a build 21742, I've downloaded/compiled the trinitycore TrinityCore-6.2.4-21742 from github I've got connection_patcher.exe among other files in my release build I've got client with same patch TrinityCore-6.2.4-21742 I patched the client(all successful) with patcher i've got from compiling source. When i run WoW_Patched.exe i get error message https://imgur.com/a/ZZQI3J9 can anyone help me i'd appreciate it a lot!
  19. Allright, internal network works fine, now i want to have access from the internet. I did everything from the guide (ports are open) but it doesnt work as expected. I can see the realms but nothing else happens after I choose a realm: Realm List Stucked in Loggin in Settings: Data Table Realmlist table I would really appreciate your help a last time
  20. Hello Borg9, your thoughts are correct - grab a sql editor of your choice (i personally use HeidiSQL) and establish a connection to your database. You can use any user for that database that has the rights to change the table you aim for. If you are unsure about your username / password, you can find this data in both, your authserver.conf and worldserver.conf at "LoginDatabaseInfo". Afterwards you locate your Auth Database and the realmlist table to modify your ip adress. It should roughly look like in the following screenshot: Your authserver.conf and worldserver.conf both have a setting that is called: # BindIP # Description: Bind auth server to IP/hostname # Default: "" - (Bind to all IPs on the system) BindIP = "" If there is your old ip, change it too. ( is fine and should work for you) All that is taken from a recent version. If yours is several years old, there could be differences. If you need further assistance, feel free to join in irc or discord
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