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  2. you mean https://github.com/The-Cataclysm-Preservation-Project/TrinityCore.git is the best choice? they used bnserver,but it will never connect! wo try build TC master branch , bnserver is perfect.. they don't even have a community forum!!
  3. Don't use port in config.wtf SET portal "192.168.x.x" instead of SET portal "192.168.x.x:xxxx" that fixed it for me
  4. I had this problem. fixed it by removing the port in config.wtf. SET portal "192.168.x.x" instead of SET portal "192.168.x.x:8085"
  5. I have this exact same problem. Any updates? Did I setup the Arctium launcher incorrectly? it launches the game and appears to use the config.wtf file because changing IP:PORT causes different errors...
  6. TrinityCore branch master rev aa742c8752d35f3d1a216a4a8ac6a4987cc4da7e Compiles and runs fine in both debian amd windows 10. both x64. I am using arctium launcher thingy. when I log in, no matter what settings I put anywhere, I get a we can't log you in with what you just entered. BLZ51900003 I did bnetaccount create [email protected] test I have tried, when on windows for server and client, and with in all the places... auth.realmlist and in config file LoginREST.ExternalAddress= LoginREST.LocalAddress= it should allow me to connect, but it does not. also, in config.wtf I have: SET portal "" but I have tried ports 8085, 8092, 1119... and nothing. 8092 is what I put for LoginREST.Port though I have tried 8086 etc. if I put a wrong IP in config.wtf, such as it will time out and give me another error, so at least I know it is trying to connect to my server. Here is the connection log: 1/21 10:21:03.351 Connection Initialize 1/21 10:21:12.702 Glue Start Login 1/21 10:21:12.702 BattleNet Attempt Logon 1/21 10:21:12.802 BattleNet Front Disconnected 1/21 10:21:12.802 Glue Fatal Error: 3 1/21 10:21:12.810 BattleNet Defer Disconnect 1/21 10:21:17.145 Connection Destroy I have searched all over this site for 2 days, and all I found was 2 bits of info. first was to add the port in config.wtf and the second was nonsense, something about using 192.168.0.x instead of 192.168.1.x but that doesn't seem like it would be a problem. really don't want to redo my network to test that. I have a TC 335a realm running perfectly fine on my linux machine. I can connect. My friend in Canada can connect (I am in texas) so I know it isn't a firewall thing, especially since my windows firewall is disabled. I can give any information requested, except my passwords, of course
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  8. it's a pity! because in my heard,trinitycore is the best project! i want 4.3.4 or 5.4.8. any good suggestions? looking forward to your reply as always.
  9. no, that's a different project, not trinitycore.
  10. As per the title I can't build in visual studio I only get this error when it's done. I have applied the patch like normal in trinitycore then used cmake and everything is fine but I don't know how to do it in visual studio. I find no guides on this nor anyone even having this issue which is weird.
  11. hi, master. i found a branch 434. i wonder is it supported? git : https://github.com/The-Cataclysm-Preservation-Project/TrinityCore.git looking forward to your reply.
  12. 1/15 11:16:34.612 Login program=WoW platform=Win locale=zhCN 1/15 11:16:34.646 Component WoW.Win.15595 1/15 11:16:34.662 Component WoW.base.15595 1/15 11:16:34.678 Component WoW.zhCN.15595 1/15 11:16:34.695 Component Tool.Win.2756 1/15 11:16:34.730 GRUNT: state: LOGIN_STATE_CONNECTING result: LOGIN_OK 1/15 11:16:34.750 Connecting to 1/15 11:16:34.770 GRUNT: state: LOGIN_STATE_FAILED result: LOGIN_BADVERSION 1/15 11:16:34.787 Disconnected from 1/15 11:16:34.806 Client initiated Disconnect from 1/15 11:16:34.823 GRUNT: state: LOGIN_STATE_FAILED result: LOGIN_BADVERSION 1/15 11:16:34.837 Login program=WoW platform=Win locale=zhCN 1/15 11:16:34.854 Component WoW.Win.15595 1/15 11:16:34.870 Component WoW.base.15595 1/15 11:16:34.887 Component WoW.zhCN.15595 1/15 11:16:34.904 Component Tool.Win.2756 connection.log Wow_Patched.exe Battle.net_Patched.dll and
  13. Barry Zhang, I use Arctium Wow Launcher. But i have this error... And also i use SET PORTAL "IP:8085"
  14. 4.x client wow.exe need something proxy to game server? maybe use bnetserver.conf all need like Arctium WoW Launcher.exe? Am I right? need help!!!
  15. you need Arctium WoW Launcher.exe to launch wow.exe and set port wtf like this: SET portal ""
  16. And finally, it is possible to write server emulators in programming languages other than C++, like Ruby, PHP, Go, C#, or even C? Because I have not found any WOW server emulators in these programming languages either.
  17. The only non-TC based server emulator that I found for WoD or later expansions, is Mangos Five, but the repositories for that contains just a dummy emulator, (only the files required for compilation). It does not emulate anything (at least for now).
  18. Hello, I have the same error. I have test to use an other client or update sources but always the same error.
  19. Consider changing the realm list through editing config.wtf and putting "SET portal <IP adress> instead. Also if you want to continue using 6.2.4a, consider forking it, you may be able to continue the development of this version
  20. the 1st never existed on trinitycore, the second yes, you can search for 7.3.5 tag on github.
  21. Right now, TC supports WotLK (3.3.5) and SL (9.x) clients. My question is, did TC support MoP (5.4.8) or Legion (7.3.5) clients at some point? Because I could not find anything about this and I would like to fork and continue development of these versions.
  22. How hard is to develop an independent (i.e, not based on another) WOW server emulator? Over the last years, decompilers have appeared that can speed up the development, as one could decompile the client to figure out the protocol, but some things are heavily obfuscated (like the Battle.net protocol, apparently). Also Blizzard has made it hard to develop a emulator for expansions after WotLK, e.g by introducing a phasing system in Cataclysm and in WoD, making a Battle.net server mandatory, introducing a new container format (CASC) and reworking the phasing system (removing the phase names). Furthermore, all emulated servers must be populated with maps, DBCs, and others to prevent the world from being "empty".
  23. Thank you! It worked! SET @NPCID = 108767; SET @GUID = 748407; SET @HP = 7315; UPDATE `creature_template` SET `HealthModifier` = 2, `RegenHealth` = 0 WHERE `entry` = @NPCID; UPDATE `creature` SET `curhealth` = @HP WHERE `guid` = @GUID;
  24. WorldSocket::InitializeHandler ByteBufferException Invalid string value () found in ByteBuffer occured while parsing initial packet from console print this. anyidea?
  25. look how the final boss of shadow labyrinth works.
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