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  4. Hi, I have an issue with Dressing room (when you SHIFT + left click an item). So the problem is when I open the Dressing room, the model won't rotate with the mouse its like its locked, so I can't rotate. If someone got the same problem or solution for the problem, please share it with me. Thanks.
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  6. Hi there, I was wondering where I could find the 9.0.5 client, which I understand is what we need for the current Trinitycore? Many thanks..
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  8. I've made a 3.3.5 private server for personal use, but I'm noticing significant lag: any action I try to take, like using abilities, picking up items, talking to NPCs, etc., takes entire seconds to complete. And it doesn't seem like my system resources are fully utilized at all. In any case, my specs are: CPU: i7-6770k RAM: 16GB Network bandwidth: at least up to 20MB/s Is there anything I can do to speed things up? EDIT: according to WoW my latency can get above 1000ms (highest I've seen is 1065), but I'm not sure if that's the problem as the "latency" I'm experiencing can last up to 3 seconds. Another thing to note is that that machine that both the database and the server are on is the same machine that I'm playing from, and everything is on an PCIe SSD.
  9. I'm using 3.3.5, on Windows OS, and when I try to login, I get the error that the information I have entered is not valid, with log LOGIN_UNKNOWN_ACCOUNT (once I got that I "cannot login at this time, please try again later", with the log giving LOGIN_DBBUSY for failed login, but I cannot reproduce this). When I try to use a "test, pass:test" account, I get an error that this account has been closed. Am I launching WoW the wrong way? How am I supposed to launch it? I'm using a client I downloaded, in it's own separate folder, on the same drive. The guide said to not run using the launcher, what's the launcher, is it Wow.exe? EDIT: I changed realmlist.wtf to set realmlist, now it works.
  10. Wonderful info, Much appreciated!
  11. Hey Acciderk, that Screenshot was taken from a my personal copy of AoWoW. Jackpoz is also managing one for Trinitycore, you can find it here (link specified to your test npc). This is a WoWHead style webdatabase, made for private servers like TC. You wont find the details from my screenshot in an public version, since this is taken from staff/admin view but the general idea of it is being a user-database. The Code of this project is public accessible here. Since i expect you to be interested in the loot generation, ill save you some time and also link you the respective code file. Have a nice day!
  12. Quick follow up to this, @Jinnai if you're still around. Can you tell me where you took that screenshot from? I'm assuming it's a web/php version of a query to the database, looked around on this site and saw there were some old projects (2012-2014) for something like, but I couldn't find anything current.
  13. Thank you for your response. I didn't quite understand the reference table when I was reading through originally but it's starting to make more sense now that you put it this way. And of course I'm losing those references with my join, so I'll have to rethink the approach. This is quite helpful, now I have something more to play with, thanks again!
  14. Hello and welcome Acciderk, i can only suggest you to read over the Loot Article in the wiki, since what you are missing here is a loop through the loot reference table. The Lich King (c.e. 39168) has 5 directly attached items in his default loot template, one if them requires to be on a quest. Every other loot comes from loot references (also part of said template). I attached a picture to make this more visible/clear:
  15. Hi there. I'm helping some friends with a sql project, trying to utilize the various tables within trinitycore 3.3.5a. I downloaded world database from TDB 335.21061 and have been working with that. I've read through the help pages on the confluence site, which were quite helpful in establishing relationships thus far. I've been able to transform most of what I was after, but I'm running into a snag with the creature_loot_template table. Either I'm misunderstanding the relationship with this table and creature_template, or the version of the table I have is missing some data. select cl.Entry, c.name, c.minlevel, c.rank, i.name, i.entry from test.creature_loot_template cl inner join test.creature_template c on cl.Entry=c.lootid inner join test.item_template i on cl.Item=i.entry where c.entry = 39168 ^ Running this gives me The Lich King (3) 's loot, aka Heroic Lich King 25's loot. But when I run it, I only see the "items" that drop from him, not the gear. The ultimate goal is to tie the gear in with the item_template table. I thought I was onto something with the creature_loot_table, but again only saw items. I'm wondering if maybe I didn't get the full table? Or maybe that info is somewhere else. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  16. very likely he is using wow 9.1.0 client instead 9.0.5
  17. i just made it work, i used lutris, just changed the file from the battlenet launcher to the arctium launcher and set it to use wine instead of lutris
  18. Hey! I just want to update you. It seems like it worked! The last Time i've looked the Server had an Uptime of 8 Days. Thank you for helping! I really appreciate it!
  19. Is there a folder called "gt" that contains these files in the same location where you put your maps, vmaps, etc? The folder and its content is required to start the worldserver. Additional Info here: https://trinitycore.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/tc/pages/2130046/Server+Setup
  20. https://prnt.sc/18qcod2 This is the error I am getting, then worldserver crashes as one might expect. I read the forums and saw someone else had a similar problem several years ago, leading to them getting the answer that they should run extraction again. I tried that myself and did not get any further successful results.
  21. there is no contain after cata.
  22. So I'm not sure exactly what I'm doing wrong or this stuff just doesn't exist. So I'm running the master branch of TrinityCore which allows me to use patch 9.0.5 the closes DB I found to that patch was TDB 837.20101 so I downloaded that DB and let the world server import the DB In console I get a ton of errors about missing creatures, quests, etc. I login to the game and no NPC/Creatures are spawned in BFA Locations or Legion Locations Shadowlands is completely empty but for that I figured hey it's still need still being worked out so I understand that but I figured TDB 835 would have BFA spawned in & legion spawned in so am I doing something wrong or is this how the DB just is for this patch?
  23. There are a lot of things that could have been written better or different, but without trying to compile this myself, there is something that really bothers me and i would say this could potentially result in your crash: You spamforce the boss an attackorder here on every update diff. The more i think about this, the more i wonder where he even gets "target" from in this case? That should not even compile. In general, there is a pretty basic and simple pattern you can follow in UpdateAI: void UpdateAI(uint32 diff) override { if (!UpdateVictim()) return; events.Update(diff); if (me->HasUnitState(UNIT_STATE_CASTING)) return; while (uint32 eventId = events.ExecuteEvent()) { switch (eventId) { case EVENT_NAME: stuff that should happen; break; default: break; } if (me->HasUnitState(UNIT_STATE_CASTING)) return; } DoMeleeAttackIfReady(); }
  24. I think you have to compile it on the server that you wanna upload it. Why? I think when you compile it, it bounds the Paths to your Computers. Example: When you compile it on your computer the paths that the server has to read out will be something like that: xgamerninjax/Trinitycore/server/src/... So when you move it onto the Server (where it has other paths i believe) then the server has to read out the path xgamerninjax/Trinitycore/server/src/... but it can't because the Server is not having this Path. Idk if that is exactly the Problem put i'm trying to help and that would be my thinking right now
  25. Hey everyone! I've starting with scripting on a Trinitycore Server and now i'm facing a little bit of a Problem. I've created a custom boss and sometimes when you attack the boss, the whole server crashes and sometimes it doesn't - other than that he works completely fine. So it's just the Problem, that sometimes the Server crashes on pulling him. So i think it has something to do with the Initialize i believe? The Boss is on a custom instance map. This is my first Boss script so i'm sorry when it's a bit messy. Open the Spoiler for more Informations and the Script of the Boss:
  26. you cannot add the 3, you need to add your lan ip of server there.
  27. As I suspected, it turned out that the hosts file edits were unnecessary. The real issue was a recursive rule in my firewall not configured correctly. Once I fixed my mistake I'm not able to connect to my server internally and externally.
  28. I suppose I should have mentioned that my firewall is a Sonicwall NSA4500. It's not a consumer router but an enterprise-grade firewall appliance. Nevertheless... I edited the hosts file and added these lines: wow.mydomain.com 192.168.x.y wow.mydomain.com 50.251.a.b wow.mydomain.com and then restarted both authserver and worldserver but I still cannot connect to it.
  29. you NEED to edit the hosts file to can connect internally and externally. you usually cannot connect from lan to wan on domestic routers and because you need to edit hosts.
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