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  2. That seems fine. The problem is probably in one of the DLLs that you copied to the worldserver directory.
  3. how to fix it? type the values into item_sparse? I tried but not work.
  4. Detected 32-bit platform MSVC: Enabled large address awareness MSVC: Enabled SSE2 support MSVC: Disabled Safe Exception Handlers for debug builds MSVC: Enabled increased number of sections in object files MSVC: Overloaded standard names MSVC: Disabled NON-SECURE warnings MSVC: Disabled POSIX warnings MSVC: Disabled generic compiletime warnings Found MySQL library: D:/Program Files (x86)/MySQL Server 5.5/lib/libmysql.lib Found MySQL headers: D:/Program Files (x86)/MySQL Server 5.5/include Found MySQL executable: D:/Program Files (x86)/MySQL Server 5.5/bin/mysql.exe Found git binary : C:/Program Files/Git/cmd/git.exe * TrinityCore revision : 047c6f072ba0 2017-02-25 22:13:00 +0100 (master branch) * Install core to : C:/Program Files (x86)/TrinityCore * Build world/auth : Yes (default) * Build with scripts : Yes (static) * Build map/vmap tools : No (default) * Build core w/PCH : Yes (default) * Build scripts w/PCH : Yes (default) * Show compile-warnings : No (default) * Use coreside debug : No (default) * Show source tree : Yes (hierarchical) * Use GIT revision hash : Yes (default) Boost version: 1.60.0 Found the following Boost libraries: system filesystem thread program_options iostreams Found OpenSSL library: optimized;D:/Project/OpenSSL-Win32/lib/VC/ssleay32MD.lib;D:/Project/OpenSSL-Win32/lib/VC/libeay32MD.lib;debug;D:/Project/OpenSSL-Win32/lib/VC/ssleay32MDd.lib;D:/Project/OpenSSL-Win32/lib/VC/libeay32MDd.lib Found OpenSSL headers: D:/Project/OpenSSL-Win32/include * Script configuration (static): | +- worldserver | +- Commands | +- Custom | +- EasternKingdoms | +- Events | +- Kalimdor | +- Maelstrom | +- Northrend | +- OutdoorPvP | +- Outland | +- Pet | +- Spells | +- World | Configuring done Generating done
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  6. Compile with Visual Studio.
  7. Somewhere, somehow, you are mixing 32 bit vs 64 bit DLLs. Can you post your CMake output?
  8. Since we are targeting C++14 compilers, GCC 4.9 and Visual Studio 2015 will become unsupported 1 month after the release of Debian 9. We give this warning to allow people to ready their systems with enough time to update (it's very likely Debian 9 will be shipped on 2nd quarter 2017). (Visual Studio 2017 release date is March 7)
  9. I don't know what core you are using but its not TC, our hotfix database item_sparse table does not have any fields with the names like on your screenshot
  10. no pathc~ version is 22950 7.15
  11. Try delete cache folder in wow installation folder. What patch is this on?
  12. Hey Guys, I browse a lot of time and try different ways to fix but i dont get it. I read the Wiki and use the Search function. I use cmake to get the .sln (VS 2015 v14.0) 32bit before i install the mySQL 5.5.54 (32bit) (installer) cmake find the include dir. and the other. i copy the libmysql.dll and the dll's from OpenSSL 1.0.2k 32bit (not light) to the bnetserver.exe directory (right?) but now i get the 0x00007b error because i do all right and i dont know why... which mysql version you can recommend? or what i do wrong? i do all things from the wiki step by step.
  13. Their values are the same in SQL But show different in the game Somebody help~ my discord:[email protected]
  14. Last week
  15. Also, we don't support sunwell core.
  16. when i use vmap4extractor,it's worg can any one help me ?
  17. A new massive guide to opensource, coming from GitHub:
  18. Thanks for the replies guys. I just changed my Active Solution Configuration to RelWithDebInfo as the guide stated. However, my script still isn't working properly using the .exe's from the RelWithDebInfo folder. Well, it's hard to explain but it's kind of working. The function I made makes an SQL query to a table that contains what spec has what spells, and when I use the .exe's from Release or RelWithDebInfo, it's like it's not seeing the changes I made to the database. It still changes my spells properly for the warrior class which I did first. Sorry if this isn't making sense, I'm at a loss. Edit: Hey everyone, I seem to have solved my issue. I had an incorrectly named patch file and once I fixed that things started working again. Thanks for the help guys.
  19. Maybe a developer can weigh in here, but it shouldn't take 2 days. What other process' are you running on the box?
  20. Xeon 2 x E550 8c / 8t 2 GHz+ 16 Go ECC I do not understand why is so long ...
  21. Jesus, 2 days...? I'm running a very bare Ubuntu 16.04 LTS server. Using an HP z800 sitting on a shelf in my office. Takes 2 minutes and 14 seconds to compile the core(w tools), then about 2hours and 52minutes to extract everything. And yes, the z800 is overclocked with all hyperthreading enabled., but that should NOT take 2 days. Are you extracting on a rasberry Pi ? And No, I'm not Andy
  22. I am on debian and I take 2 days just for generate move maps :/ And today I do not understand why it's so long 6h and maps are still to be generate :/ Never had this problem before.
  23. 3h for aller maps dbc vmaps and mmaps with RelwithDebug mode ?
  24. I can try tonight on my Ubuntu box. I just extracted on linux last week, since i had some dbc errors that mysteriously went away. Anyhow, last week it was close to about 3 hours total for all vmap, mmaps, etc..
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