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  2. mobs doing things without scripts

    so, i was looking at the northshire peasants http://www.wowhead.com/npc=11260/northshire-peasant and they are chopping at tree's and gathering wood as they would on retail. but the thing is, i can not for the life of me figure out how, there does not seem to be a script or anything assigned to them. if anyone could shed some light on how this is happening. that would be awesome. trying to fix alot of the little things like this that are missing ect. the northshire peasants are the only ones i can find that are gathering wood as they should.
  3. Hi there, First of all: glad to see how good TC is going nowdays, thank you contributors! I got 2 questions: 1) Where are Player_Stats_Per_Level defined? Which C++ formula/DBC/SQL defines of how much health per level does the player have? I'm looking forward for the way to set it to be STATIC. 2) Smart_Scripts -> SMART_ACTION_ADD_POWER (and few more) has "PowerType" as an action_param1 I found this in SharedDefines.h: (and I suggest you to put it in here: https://trinitycore.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/tc/pages/2130108/smart+scripts) POWER_MANA = 0, POWER_RAGE = 1, POWER_FOCUS = 2, POWER_ENERGY = 3, POWER_UNUSED = 4, POWER_RUNE = 5, POWER_RUNIC_POWER = 6, POWER_SOUL_SHARDS = 7, POWER_ECLIPSE = 8, POWER_HOLY_POWER = 9, POWER_ALTERNATE_POWER = 10, // Used in some quests MAX_POWERS = 11, POWER_ALL = 127, // default for class? POWER_HEALTH = 0xFFFFFFFE // (-2 as signed value) What can I do to mod HEALTH with this, since I cannot use negative values or "0xFFFFFFFE" in DB collumn ? SmartAI works well with MANA etc. - tested.
  4. That's the point. It's impossible to extract game data for 3.3.5a from a current 7.x.x client... You definitely need a 3.3.5a patched one to get the needed files...
  5. Operating system: Windows 10 TDB version: TDB_full_335.63_2017_04_18 Description: Hello, this is my first time to setup a 3.3.5 WoW server. Should I have downloaded a wow client from 3.3.5 and extracted from that? because I have just extracted from the current version of World of Warcraft. I followed all steps, but when I came to extract and runned extractor.bat it created vmap folder, but it is empty and it gave me these errors: dbc/db2: Extracting World\Wmo\Band\Final_Stage.wmo No such file. Couldn't open RootWmo!!! Done! vmap: no locale found Opening Data\common.MPQ Error opening archive 'Data\common.MPQ': Does file really exist? Opening Data\common-2.MPQ Error opening archive 'Data\common-2.MPQ': Does file really exist? Opening Data\expansion.MPQ Error opening archive 'Data\expansion.MPQ': Does file really exist? Opening Data\lichking.MPQ Error opening archive 'Data\lichking.MPQ': Does file really exist? FATAL ERROR: None MPQ archive found by path 'Data'. Use -d option with proper path. mmaps Extracting World\Wmo\Band\Final_Stage.wmo No such file. Couldn't open RootWmo!!! Done! This is what, my folders look like: Expected behaviour: It should have made folder named: dbc, maps, vmaps, mmaps, cameras, gt. Steps to reproduce the problem: I followed this youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvb0uRuXjLw
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  7. As a GM I'm invisible to others?

    Did you read what I posted? It's not in the config file. It's in the RBAC system.
  8. Warden PQR detection

    Hi, I want to use Warden, to detect weather a player is using PQR. First I decompiled PQR and found out that the programm injects some LUA code into the client. If I use /run print(SOME_PQR_VARIABLE) before starting PQR the output will is nil as expected. If I use /run print(SOME_PQR_VARIABLE) after starting PQR the output will is a value/adress/none depends on what I print. In the Warden.h there is this Check LUA_STR_CHECK = 0x8B, // 139: byte luaNameIndex (check to ensure LUA string isn't used I created a warden_ckeck in the DB with: INSERT INTO `warden_checks` (`id`, `type`, `data`, `str`, `address`, `length`, `result`, `comment`) VALUES (1, 139, '', 'SOME_PQR_VARIABLE', 0, 0, '', ''); Unfortunately the client always returns 1. No matter if PQR is injected or not. And this is my Problem. Either way this type of Warden check is not properly implemented yet or I do something wrong with the SQL statement. injected_pqr_code.lua
  9. Shadows of Argus

    Omg....you are really awesone and you did a great work, a lot of thanks ^^.
  10. Last week
  11. As a GM I'm invisible to others?

    Sounds 2 me that it's enabled in config. Go to ur world.conf and check ur settings under GM settings gl
  12. Shadows of Argus

    Server side part of it was completed (in same state as current 7.2.5) and is available on a different branch https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/tree/7.3.2 Only client part remains
  13. As a GM I'm invisible to others?

    you have to enable it in the RBAC system. auth.rbac_permissions: id=40 "Allows to add a gm to friend list." It's disabled by default, due to security for GMs. So that once a GM logs onto the server you dont want to be bombarded by requests/tickets/help/etc... by players that now know you are online.
  14. As a GM I'm invisible to others?

    Nope - it didn't work. Used both commands. I can see my son in the game but he can't see me. When he clicks Add Friend and enters my character name it says "Player not found". What else could be wrong?
  15. Shadows of Argus

    Hello everyone, in this topic i want to ask #TCDevTeam about updating core to patch 7.3 or higher. I know about problems with new blizzard protection (binary obfuscate), and i understand this delay But, if it's not a secret, i just want to know on which stage of development #TCDevTeam on this moment? x) Sorry guys if you receive a lot of same question in your pm every day, and you tired on answer on it. Wish you love and luck <3
  16. TrinityCore Discord Channel

    I also upvote on Telegram
  17. if you use 3g/4g very likely you are under a NAT / CGNAT so external connections never can reach your lan without external tools.
  18. As a GM I'm invisible to others?

    .gm off .gm visible on
  19. Dbc, Maps, mmaps, Vmaps problems

    I am having the No locales detected while trying to get the WoW 7.2.5 maps extracted for my server. I've been reading through some forum posts (https://community.trinitycore.org/topic/1518-trouble-with-your-trinity-install-starting-login-readme-1st-faqs/?tab=comments#comment-47677), however, nothing seems to be getting me to my "ah ha" moment. I'm wondering about a common.dll or a .build.info file issue but my client doesn't seem to have either of these files. Info on my setup; Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS TrinityCore HEAD is now at 15b1aaf... TDB 720.00 - 2016/04/18 WoW Legion 7.2.5 24742 Client I've attached a text file containing my commands used and the output of each. Figured the file was a better way for that information rather than spamming a long thread post. Below is the information I receive trying to extract the maps /fileshare/WoW725.24742$ /fileshare/TC7/server/bin/mapextractor TrinityCore rev. 15b1aaff4189 2017-04-19 00:25:43 +0100 (HEAD branch) (Unix, Release, Static) (Map & DBC Extractor) <Ctrl-C> to stop. ______ __ /\__ _\ __ __/\ \__ \/_/\ \/ _ __ /\_\ ___ /\_\ \, _\ __ __ \ \ \/\`'__\/\ \ /' _ `\/\ \ \ \/ /\ \/\ \ \ \ \ \ \/ \ \ \/\ \/\ \ \ \ \ \_\ \ \_\ \ \ \_\ \_\ \ \_\ \_\ \_\ \_\ \__\\/`____ \ \/_/\/_/ \/_/\/_/\/_/\/_/\/__/ `/___/> \ C O R E /\___/ http://TrinityCore.org \/__/ Error opening casc storage '/fileshare/WoW725.24742/Data': FILE_NOT_FOUND error opening casc storage '/fileshare/WoW725.24742/Data' locale enUS Error opening casc storage '/fileshare/WoW725.24742/Data': FILE_NOT_FOUND error opening casc storage '/fileshare/WoW725.24742/Data' locale koKR Error opening casc storage '/fileshare/WoW725.24742/Data': FILE_NOT_FOUND error opening casc storage '/fileshare/WoW725.24742/Data' locale frFR Error opening casc storage '/fileshare/WoW725.24742/Data': FILE_NOT_FOUND error opening casc storage '/fileshare/WoW725.24742/Data' locale deDE Error opening casc storage '/fileshare/WoW725.24742/Data': FILE_NOT_FOUND error opening casc storage '/fileshare/WoW725.24742/Data' locale zhCN Error opening casc storage '/fileshare/WoW725.24742/Data': FILE_NOT_FOUND error opening casc storage '/fileshare/WoW725.24742/Data' locale zhTW Error opening casc storage '/fileshare/WoW725.24742/Data': FILE_NOT_FOUND error opening casc storage '/fileshare/WoW725.24742/Data' locale esES Error opening casc storage '/fileshare/WoW725.24742/Data': FILE_NOT_FOUND error opening casc storage '/fileshare/WoW725.24742/Data' locale esMX Error opening casc storage '/fileshare/WoW725.24742/Data': FILE_NOT_FOUND error opening casc storage '/fileshare/WoW725.24742/Data' locale ruRU Error opening casc storage '/fileshare/WoW725.24742/Data': FILE_NOT_FOUND error opening casc storage '/fileshare/WoW725.24742/Data' locale ptBR Error opening casc storage '/fileshare/WoW725.24742/Data': FILE_NOT_FOUND error opening casc storage '/fileshare/WoW725.24742/Data' locale itIT No locales detected What might I be missing to get me onto the next step? I've been successfully compiling/running the 3.3.5 client and TC server for years and now trying to make the jump to Legion without success has 100% made me realize how much I don't understand and fully appreciate everyone's work and knowledge here. setup_notes.txt
  20. Hello, I've just set up a 3.3.5a server, primarily for my kids, family, and friends to enjoy. I have set my account to GM level 3. I seem to be invisible in the game to others - if they type in my character name for a friend request "Player not found" is returned. However, I am able to add anyone as a friend without issues. As a GM am I hidden from view and unable to receive friend requests? If so, is there any way to make myself visible? Thank you.
  21. @Magnuss I found the error, i have a 4g box and i think is just not working on this 4g box ! I test to put my server online on a simple box and that's working, so hamachi was the best option to stay on my 4g box and play with friends, thx for your help bro
  22. @keonys Your screenshoots looks well so far. But in the morning a port check to this given IP told me they are closed. Don't know if your IP has already changed again or your server was down. May you want to send a screenshot of your router settings. But at the moment I can't say anymore. A possible way to check your network connection including port is using Telnet. If you have a Telnet client start it like that: telnet [IP] [Port] f.ex.: telnet 8085 to test a local connection or: telnet 8085 to test your public ip If your network is working the server will send some not human readable cryptic signs (about 30 signs) back to you. Press enter and in the TC world console appears a network error message like this: client [IP] sent malformed packet. Before you must configure your world.conf and enable Logger.network.
  23. Hey, I'm stuck. I've port forwarded and all, but I cannot connect to my server from an external IP. Made sure to use the patcher and all. Got the right version I think since local connects work. Master branch. When I connect, I get to the realm list, but when I pick trinity, I get disconnected with this error: WOW51900328 Maybe I'm bad at reading but I couldn't find much on google. Edit: Disregard that I am a noob. To the people who are experiencing this in the future: When they say "edit the database with HeidiSQL" make sure you click the data tab near the top, cause the default value tab isn't how you do it and no matter how many times you restart, default values isn't going to take hold..
  24. Ok so, I don't take a dns (and i don't touch the host file ^^) ; now my ip is static and my ports are forwared on the router and on the firewall ; Im going to inform my friends about the ip changement, np ; Yes, i change my ip on the database every time, like the realmlist on my wow client ; BindIP was at "" all the time. Annnnnnnd that's not working ^^' http://prntscr.com/hm57h7 http://prntscr.com/hm57tn (in french, sorry) Idk why it's not workiiiiiing :'( EDIT : Im going to put some other screen if you want to see what i have : http://prntscr.com/hm5av9 http://prntscr.com/hm5b40 http://prntscr.com/hm5cgw http://prntscr.com/hm5cxp
  25. Cannot Find ZLIB

    i have the same problem, using Ubuntu 16.04 and have zlib 1.2.8 installed here: -- Detected 32-bit platform -- UNIX: Using default configuration directory -- UNIX: Using default library directory -- UNIX: Configuring uninstall target -- UNIX: Created uninstall target -- UNIX: Detected compiler: /usr/bin/cc -- Using mysql-config: /usr/bin/mysql_config -- Found MySQL library: /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/libmysqlclient.so -- Found MySQL headers: /usr/include/mysql -- Found MySQL executable: /usr/bin/mysql -- Found git binary : /usr/bin/git * TrinityCore revision : 94f425c6d5e9 2017-12-10 12:22:17 +0100 (3.3.5 branch) * TrinityCore buildtype : RelWithDebInfo * Install core to : /home/glene/server * Install libraries to : /home/glene/server/lib * Install configs to : /home/glene/server/etc * Build world/auth : Yes (default) * Build with scripts : Yes (static) * Build map/vmap tools : No * Build core w/PCH : Yes (default) * Build scripts w/PCH : Yes (default) * Show compile-warnings : No (default) * Use coreside debug : No (default) * Show source tree : Yes (hierarchical) * Use GIT revision hash : Yes (default) CMake Error at cmake/macros/FindBoost.cmake:1204 (message): Unable to find the requested Boost libraries. Boost version: 1.58.0 Boost include path: /usr/include Could not find the following Boost libraries: boost_system boost_filesystem boost_thread boost_program_options boost_iostreams boost_regex No Boost libraries were found. You may need to set BOOST_LIBRARYDIR to the directory containing Boost libraries or BOOST_ROOT to the location of Boost. If you still have problems search on forum for TCE00020. Call Stack (most recent call first): dep/boost/CMakeLists.txt:44 (find_package) CMake Error at /usr/share/cmake-3.5/Modules/FindPackageHandleStandardArgs.cmake:148 (message): Could NOT find ZLIB (missing: ZLIB_LIBRARY) (found version "1.2.8") Call Stack (most recent call first): /usr/share/cmake-3.5/Modules/FindPackageHandleStandardArgs.cmake:388 (_FPHSA_FAILURE_MESSAGE) /usr/share/cmake-3.5/Modules/FindZLIB.cmake:124 (FIND_PACKAGE_HANDLE_STANDARD_ARGS) dep/zlib/CMakeLists.txt:13 (find_package) -- Configuring incomplete, errors occurred! See also "/home/TrinityCore/build/CMakeFiles/CMakeOutput.log". See also "/home/TrinityCore/build/CMakeFiles/CMakeError.log". i'm new to this sorry...
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