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  1. General

    1. Releases and Announcements

      Official releases and general information

  2. Help and Support

    1. Help and Support

      Have a problem with Trinity instalation, update or maintenance? Post your question here.

      Before posting on Help and support, please take a time to read the stickies most of your questions about instalation or update problems have the answer
      -- -- -- HERE -- -- --, if you read this before trying to make one new thread you will save a lot of time.
      If you are starter we suggest you to stay on 3.3.5a branch.
      Please, don't create new threads if your problem fits any of the questions on the 1st link, post on the existing threads.

      Don't send PMs asking for support, they will be ignored, PMs don't helps community.

      Crashes and Bug reports belongs to bugtracker, before reporting a bug read
      -- -- -- THIS -- -- --

      If you are looking to create, update, install a non-blizzlike patch posts your questions on Custom Code and Requests.
      Repacks aren't supported for help and support ask help to repacker.



  3. Offtopic

    1. Trinitycore.org Website issues

      This forum is for posts about any issues you are having with this website. Can't send a PM? Post it here. Getting some sort of error viewing a page? Post it here.

    2. Chillout Room

      This forum is for posts that have nothing to do with the usage / development of Trinity. Got a joke? Post it here. Got a gripe about American Idol? Post it here.

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