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  1. You are correct! Was just doing some duckduckgo on my problem and it has something to do with my paths, but as you stated ./authserver and ./worldserver in the bin folder worked like a champ. Thanks for the help every one and the linux commands as well. Close this please, Aokromes.
  2. I'm getting this on CMAKE: "CXX target worldserver cotired without unity build." Good or bad?
  3. Well, I'm starting to think it may be something to do with debian. I rebooted and logged into the user account Trinity to redo all this with. I then started by pulling a fresh new pull from the repo using "git clone -b 3.3.5 git://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore.git" And followed the rest of the steps 1 at a time. I did the cmake configuration and generation, then used 'make' and when it was finished hit the return key for the 'make install' part. Tried to run servers and still get the "bash: worldserver: command not found" error. [email protected]:~/server/bin$ worldserver bash: worldserver: command not found [email protected]:~/server/bin$ dir authserver mmaps_generator vmap4extractor mapextractor vmap4assembler worldserver [email protected]:~/server/bin$ The funny thing though, is I can still run the servers. I see them listed as running on the System Monitor, and can log in with my client straight to my character.
  4. Same result. I can get them running when I use the Files window and navigate to the /trinity/server/bin folder and double click on them. I'll try re-pulling from repo and go through the process once again. *Going to play with the CMAKE switches. I used the default according to the wiki, but I also noticed -DSERVERS=1 not set.
  5. I tried that, but it comes back with: [email protected]:~/server/bin$ authserver bash: authserver: command not found
  6. Is there a particular way to start world and auth servers for 3.3.5a on Linux so that you can execute commands like adduser in the command line or something? On winblows 7 there was a dos box that started up when starting up the servers, and I could add users and use other commands in the worldserver's dos box. TrinityCore rev. a10870571558 2018-09-03 22:06:51 +0200 (3.3.5 branch) (Unix, RelWithDebInfo, Static) (worldserver-daemon)
  7. Billy

    Ubuntu 18.04 LTS question

    What ever. Anyway moving on, is it possible to pull from github to a neutral server machine using winblows to store the info, and then point cmake on debian to that machine to configure the files for compiling on the debian machine?
  8. Billy

    Ubuntu 18.04 LTS question

    Well, that's just great. Debian doesn't support Opera web browser, which mean they want you to use something that google can track you with. Screw that.
  9. Billy

    Ubuntu 18.04 LTS question

    Thank you for the answer, Aokromes. Guess I'll see if I can get debian 9 to install.
  10. Billy

    Ubuntu 18.04 LTS question

    Was reading the Wiki for a linux setup and noticed for Ubuntu it states "AVOID UBUNTU LTS versions." Is there a particular reason to avoid them?
  11. Well, guess I'll just stop posting thing I find wrong with the core now. I'm not signing up to anything that microsux has bought out. Microsux fucks every one of us over so hard it's not funny. So Aokromes be ready to cann alot of shit.
  12. Players are logging off while at one location, but when they re-login their character is not where it was when they log off. Has happened to me as well. Was in the rest area in Astranaar, went to log back in and was at the Flight master at Astranaar instead. When this happens, the rest state does not properly shutdown. Have to go back into the rest area then leave before it shuts down the rest state. In other words, I can run all over the place, go into combat and finish, and still be gaining rest state. Edit: Forgot to add rev of core...sry. TrinityCore rev. 41982aa30026 2018-08-12 14:17:26 +0200 (3.3.5 branch) (Win64, RelWithDebInfo, Static) (worldserver-daemon)
  13. Billy

    Glyphs in Auction House

    I have recently come back and started doing all this again. I noticed on the glyph part of AH you also need to set this line in the worldserver.conf for glyphs. # AuctionHouseBot.Items.Misc # Description: Include misc. items. # Default: 0 - (Disabled) # 1 - (Enabled) AuctionHouseBot.Items.Misc = 1 I had set all my other settings like I wrote before, but AH was still not showing glyphs. After setting the line above, glyphs started coming in once again. So I'm guessing glyphs are listed as Misc items now.
  14. If it's a word search, shouldn't it have found something on the other words as well? After all 'account' and 'characters' has been used on this board plenty of times, but there are no results for them, only the word 'for', and it's only 1 result for that word. Thanks for the info about not needing an account id.
  15. As you can see in the attached image, my search perimeter. This has been a problem for years, and would venture to say one of the main causes of questions getting repeated an awful lot.