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  1. Just remember one thing. Seeing how as you are working with multiple servers, the server you need to have SQL's updated on, will need to have git set for that particular branch, or you'll get errors.
  2. Use the Checkout Branch command in git.
  3. If It were me, I would delete EVERYTHING, I do mean EVERYTHING, then goto the Wiki and follow it step by step. It sounds like you have something crossed up some where, some how.
  4. Did you compile the latest extractors when you compiled the server?
  5. Do you have a 7.2.0 client? If so patch it to 23911 and then do like Aokromes said, re-run the extractors. I ran into that problem yesterday. I was doing everything with the previous client 23875, that was the wrong thing to do. TC is updating the client as well. Not like 3.3.5a where it was the same client all the time.
  6. 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 14.0\VC\bin\CL.exe' try using the VS 15 2017 Win64.
  7. Hello all, after going through the core set up for Win, I noticed the wikki says I should have bnetserver.pdb and worldserver.pdb files in my build folder. I do not have those two files. I compiled using VS 2017. I also noticed that it says I need those two files for the 3.3.5 server as well, but I have never seen those 2 files in my 3.3.5 build folder before. Are those 2 files for OS's other than Winblows or did I miss something? I am currently trying to get the master branch up and running.
  8. Does the CATA worldserver.conf have it's realm id set to 3 as well?
  9. Are you trying to access WotLK with a CATA client?
  10. Yes, but make sure both worldserver.confs point to the same auth database. You'll run 1 authserver and 2 worldservers.
  11. In the CATA worldserver.conf, change: LoginDatabaseInfo = ";3306;Trinity;********;cata-auth" to point to the WotLK auth database. LoginDatabaseInfo = ";3306;Trinity;********;auth" and it should work then.
  12. Are the ports open on the router?
  13. Which client are you using? CATA or WotLK?