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  1. So I'm trying to run my worldserver.exe using ./worldserver.exe I've been googling a bit but havent found a proper guide on how to enable "exec" = allow to run binaries As I saw its by default noexec on debian 9 = disallow to run binaries How do I enable it? Changing user permissions or chmod didn't help at all, it's exec/noexec related
  2. Other than that is has the exact same features? And then again, how comes I've never gotten to a point where I was requested to enter any root user information, I followed the requirements and installation guide exactly until make -install and saw the topic "Install MySQL" and there was only a single text saying "Make sure to remember your root user password from the installed MySQL Server"
  3. So, I've just installed my Linux Debian 9 Server, a few years ago I used to work with it, but my memory is completely erased. I got a VPS, Linux Debian 9, installed the 3 lines from the Linux Requirements guide, been through Core Installation and at the end it tells me to remember the Root MySQL password I've installed: Wait what, I never installed mysql nor had I to enter anything So I go back to the Installation Guide and see Ubuntu installs MySQL and Debian MariaDB, but why? Back when I used Debian 7 I worked with MySQL, is there a specific reason? And then again, why haven't I been to a point where I'm requested to enter my MySQL information Edit: Just like on Windows you get to a point where u want to enter ur mysql user and ur password, I wasn't asked that Thanks in advance
  4. Hey it can't find the CMAKE_C_COMPILER even tho I've installed Community 2015 with V#/++ and Common Tools or w/e it was Edit: Screenshot of (maybe) the Source of the Problem http://imgur.com/a/vrF8x
  5. Yes I know, but thats a way how u can spawn your creatures within the phases.
  6. Ok let's redo this I've took a deeper thought and figured this won't work like I've explained before. Ok: Boss dies, set the Phase, of the NPC he has to talk to, to something different than the player. Spawn another NPC with a new boss and repeat it until u're done with ur instance. Most simple way without scripting tho
  7. Only way coming in my mind is to script that, but there's another option which might work: Example: Talked to NPC1, Creature 1 dies, NPC1 vanishes (changed phase) and NPC 2 appears. Or try a bit with SMART_ACTION_SEND_GOSSIP_MENU 98, TARGET_TYPE = Self Then work with event gossip select (62) and gossip hello (64). You can also work with SMART_EVENT_SUMMON_DESPAWNED (35) to reset the NPC when the player died.
  8. Explain me, what do you want to do then? Do you mean phases like, Phase 1 = Cast only fireballs, phase 2 = cast only frostbolts, phase 3 = cast only arcane blasts? Boss phases
  9. Hey, this might help you out! event_type - 6 - SMART_EVENT_DEATH action_type - 12 - SMART_ACTION_SUMMON_CREATURE target_type - 8 - SMART_TARGET_POSITION (X, Y, Z, O) To set a creature phase use: action_type 44 SMART_ACTION_SET_INGAME_PHASE_MASK with 10 - SMART_TARGET_CREATURE_GUID Not sure about the phase mask but I think that'st he one I used.
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