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    MariaDB, what is that? Install Guide Debian 9

    Other than that is has the exact same features? And then again, how comes I've never gotten to a point where I was requested to enter any root user information, I followed the requirements and installation guide exactly until make -install and saw the topic "Install MySQL" and there was only a single text saying "Make sure to remember your root user password from the installed MySQL Server"
  2. So, I've just installed my Linux Debian 9 Server, a few years ago I used to work with it, but my memory is completely erased. I got a VPS, Linux Debian 9, installed the 3 lines from the Linux Requirements guide, been through Core Installation and at the end it tells me to remember the Root MySQL password I've installed: Wait what, I never installed mysql nor had I to enter anything So I go back to the Installation Guide and see Ubuntu installs MySQL and Debian MariaDB, but why? Back when I used Debian 7 I worked with MySQL, is there a specific reason? And then again, why haven't I been to a point where I'm requested to enter my MySQL information Edit: Just like on Windows you get to a point where u want to enter ur mysql user and ur password, I wasn't asked that Thanks in advance
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    Compile or cmake problems

    Hey it can't find the CMAKE_C_COMPILER even tho I've installed Community 2015 with V#/++ and Common Tools or w/e it was Edit: Screenshot of (maybe) the Source of the Problem http://imgur.com/a/vrF8x
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    [HELP] pls help me with this

    Yes I know, but thats a way how u can spawn your creatures within the phases.
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    [HELP] pls help me with this

    Ok let's redo this I've took a deeper thought and figured this won't work like I've explained before. Ok: Boss dies, set the Phase, of the NPC he has to talk to, to something different than the player. Spawn another NPC with a new boss and repeat it until u're done with ur instance. Most simple way without scripting tho
  6. antiantianti

    [HELP] pls help me with this

    Only way coming in my mind is to script that, but there's another option which might work: Example: Talked to NPC1, Creature 1 dies, NPC1 vanishes (changed phase) and NPC 2 appears. Or try a bit with SMART_ACTION_SEND_GOSSIP_MENU 98, TARGET_TYPE = Self Then work with event gossip select (62) and gossip hello (64). You can also work with SMART_EVENT_SUMMON_DESPAWNED (35) to reset the NPC when the player died.
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    [HELP] pls help me with this

    Explain me, what do you want to do then? Do you mean phases like, Phase 1 = Cast only fireballs, phase 2 = cast only frostbolts, phase 3 = cast only arcane blasts? Boss phases
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    [HELP] pls help me with this

    Hey, this might help you out! event_type - 6 - SMART_EVENT_DEATH action_type - 12 - SMART_ACTION_SUMMON_CREATURE target_type - 8 - SMART_TARGET_POSITION (X, Y, Z, O) To set a creature phase use: action_type 44 SMART_ACTION_SET_INGAME_PHASE_MASK with 10 - SMART_TARGET_CREATURE_GUID Not sure about the phase mask but I think that'st he one I used.