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  1. doesnt work, need better description on how to use the command if possible or needs to be checked properly, the command doesnt work it says it should
  2. How do I use the .damage command? I cant do damage from a spell or school damage like fire, it only does .damage #damage amount and nothing else, can someone help?
  3. i, how do I check for a spell cast ? What I mean exactly is like in spell script check if the player has casted a certain spell like if(playercastspell == IDofSpell) or something along those lines any help is appreciated
  4. I found the problem. It's Warden, you must disable it or else it will cause this error
  5. Hi, I'm getting an error with wow Error#132 when I log in just after typing in my username and password and it gets to connecting part, why is this and how do I fix it if anyone can tell me? I tried the connection patcher but it didnt fix it though
  6. Hi as the title states I'm just curious as to how well is the 4.3.4 branch? What I mean is how stable is it and how are the spells, talents, skills, items, npcs and other things in the database? I'm not really interested in the scripts as I can see that easily, but wondering about all this other stuff I mentioned. If anyone could let me know how its all working on a scale of 1 - 10 or something or % wise it would be great. Thank you.
  7. Hi, is there anway to modify the max affected targets of a spell? and perhaps also the targeting of a spell with a spell script? Any Help is appreciated.
  8. mmm is there nothing we can do with SMART_EVENT_DATA_SET & SMART_ACTION_SET_DATA ?
  9. ah wait hold on the phase i meant was the boss phase like event phase not like phase ingame whether they're visible or not if u know what i mean
  10. ah well i think so, well heres what im currently doing ill explain. i have a npc who im using for gossip and when i talk to him and click the gossip menu option thingy, he summons a creature and activates an object, and thats all working just fine, and what i want is when that creature that he summoned dies like on that creatures death event i want the gossip npc to like update or go to next phase so that when i go talk to him again he will summon the next creature, so basically what im after is when a certain event happens on 1 npc i want this other event to happen on this other npc if that makes sense, so its basically going to work like the instance trial of the crusader/champion works where u talk to the announce and the events happen and the boss spawns if you get what i mean. hope it wasn't confusing for you.
  11. ah i appreciate the help but i already knew how to do that haha, and its not what im looking for but never the less thank you for at least trying
  12. im trying to do some smartai, and what i want to do is when this npc dies(npc1) make this npc(npc2) do go to next phase or do something i heard that i need to use SMART_EVENT_DATA_SET and SMART_ACTION_SET_DATA but there is almost no info on these or how to use them, so can anyone please help me out with this someone sent me this example but i dont understand it http://paste2.org/AAyUKwB2
  13. it wont ban for using wow emu hacker and i have it setup properly
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