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  1. Hi, I have master 8.0.1 running and would like the option to login via and LAN IP. It varies depending on where I am located. Server runs on a laptop and can be part of LAN or solo. Presently I change the LoginREST.localaddress= 192.XXX.XX.XXX OR and EDIT auth.realmlist.address either 192.xxx.xxx.xxx or Of course I change the client wtf also. I presently just change the files and dbase record. 1. Is there a way or settings to allow both configurations to run? 2. Is there a way to make it so I only have to change just the realmlist ip and keep the client on and allow the laptop client to log in for either local or LAN configuration? thanks for your thoughts.
  2. clear dbase, rerun with not dbase works. You can clear world and rerun just world.
  3. If you run auth/bnet and then run world, the first thing it will ask is do you want to install dbase. It will then populate the dbase and updates included in the downloaded dbase.
  4. found a reference that discusses this. need to delete a mob from the dbase to fix it.
  5. Master core revision 2f0cbe1a695 , boost 166, MySQL 5.6.43 TDB 735.00_2018_02_19 system win 10, x64, including latest patch OS build 17763.1 and 17763.503 (DISM updated the os) RAM 64 gig I get an exception code of E0gD7363 in the kernelbase.dll What the world.exe shows is; "Unit (entry 1502) is trying to delete its updating movement generator (type 5)! Unit (entry 1502) is trying to delete its updating movement generator (type 2)!" World crash! bnet stays up. this only happens in deathknell. Other zones work, what is odd is that this was working as I progressed thru the deathknell zone. I can reproduce this with a second computer (slight modifications to configuration, install but nothing significant), same thing! This started about a week to week and a half ago. What I have done; I have DISM.exe system, I have scannow the drives. no errors reported. turned off all antivirus/firewalls. I have deleted the world dbase and repopulated the world dbase. Windows memory diagnostic tests, nothing. recompiled server. repopulated the /DATA for server DBC's etc from fresh data. delete client cache files. Server folders location; 1. win 10 /documents and 2. separate harddrive . I would initially think memory failure / harddrive fault but the duplication across two computers makes this very unlikely. suggestion? Help? things to try? I can provide the crash report upon request, best to ask for a snippet if this is a next step.
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