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    How to add Waypoints to a creature: Note: I'm just adding a copy paste tutorial without further information on the DB-Structure behind it, because i know, you will understand this soon enough.Example: We want to add this Guy some waypoints 1.) Get the latest sniffer from http://community.trinitycore.org/topic/9849-trinity-cores-sniffer-for-wow-62020338/ 2.) Log in on retail and start the attach_sniffer and follow the Creature until it has completed it's whole path. It's important, that you DO NOT RUN OUT of sight of this mob, else the path will look really creapy. 3.) Close the sniffer if the Path is completed one time 4.) You will see a .pkt - file in your wow directory now 5.) Download and compile https://github.com/TrinityCore/WowPacketParser 6.) Go to the Releasefolder after you finished compiling 7.) Copy the .pkt-file and move the file with drag-and-drop over the WowPacketParser.exe Note: It's recommended to keep these settings <add key="DBEnabled" value="false" /> in WowPacketParser.exe.config 8.) Now you will see a .txt file in your releasefolder 9.) Download and compile https://github.com/Kittnz/WaypointCreator (Branch 6.x) 10.) Go to the release folder and open up the Waypoint Creator.exe 11.) Import the .txt-file 12.) Search for the entry in the searchfield (in this case entry: 74228) 13.) Result: - Rightclick on the table and hit: Create SQL 14.) In the SQL-Output you will now find: Use the command: .go 1923.215 -4636.423 33.2019 to see if you are on the right position 15.) Go ingame (Tc-Server) and choose a fitting creature which is near the path. In this case it's creature with GUID: 286504 - You always find the right guid if you select the creature and type: .npc info 16.) Replace the XXXXXX in SET @NPC := XXXXXX; with the GUID -> SET @NPC := 286504; 17.) Repeat this for all other Paths
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    First off are you just exiting the window when the server is on or are you actually using the command on the server to shut down or restart the server for both realm and world? Also can you post your config files link them so I can see what your settings are if you can please thanks.
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    Two new full world database has been upload to Github Releases. TDB 735.00 (2018/02/19) was released for the master branch (previous release TDB 720.00 from 2017/04/18). TDB 335.64 (2018/02/19) was released for the 3.3.5 branch (previous release TDB 335.63 from 2017/04/18). Notes: If you are installing a new DB you only need the 2 full SQLs plus any file at /sql/updates/world/ and sql/updates/hotfixes/ on Trinitycore repository. On 3.3.5: single full SQL file plus any file at /sql/updates/world/
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    Actually no, the example you used has 4 npc's running behind eachother. You need to find the first npc for the correct path, it will have a lot less points. The 3 other npc's will use more points because they run in formation thus having more points then needed
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