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    Just download the client from battle.net app, even a trial (or "starter" as they call it now) is enough
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    Hey folks, I'm currently building a BfA repack, following Windows Server Setup, and at the bottom of this page it says "4. Move the vmaps, maps, dbc, cameras and gt (master only) folders to the same directory as the TrinityCore binaries." Which TrinityCore binaries is it referring to? Sorry for sounding like a div, Isk.
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    /bin /data <-- here (need to edit path in *.conf files which in /etc) or another variant
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    update your core, i fixed that.
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    This table exists only to send sniffed hotfixes for db2 files that are not loaded by TC. You should never try to manually insert data into it. If you really must know - blob is simply the entire db2 row written as binary
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