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    Hi, i'm not a expert at this full topic. But have fight this issue for myself. I have solve this with this steps. Software Version use, base on the Wiki. Visual Studio 2019 (MSVC 16.2) Boost 1.70 (set Env BOOST_ROOT=C:/SDK/boost_1_70_0) Setup from boost_1_70_0-unsupported-msvc-14.2-64.exe cmake 3.15 (cmake-3.15.1-win64-x64.msi) Fix on the Master Branch. Remove or Rename \TrinityCore\cmake\macro\FindBoost.txt. So cmake pickup lastest FindBoost.cmake from C:\Program Files\CMake\share\cmake-3.15\Modules\FindBoost.cmake . To find Boost 1.70.0. Fix TrinityCore\CMakeLists.txt . Add cmake_policy(SET CMP0074 OLD) Fix src/common/Utilities/TaskScheduler.h with patch from 3.5.5 for Visual Studio 2019 see https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/pull/2363 Keyword use const . Line ~123 /// Container which provides Task order, insert and reschedule operations. struct Compare { OLD: bool operator() (TaskContainer const& left, TaskContainer const& right) NEW bool operator() (TaskContainer const& left, TaskContainer const& right) const Mybe this helps a bit.
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