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  1. Hello and welcome Acciderk, i can only suggest you to read over the Loot Article in the wiki, since what you are missing here is a loop through the loot reference table. The Lich King (c.e. 39168) has 5 directly attached items in his default loot template, one if them requires to be on a quest. Every other loot comes from loot references (also part of said template). I attached a picture to make this more visible/clear:
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  2. There are a lot of things that could have been written better or different, but without trying to compile this myself, there is something that really bothers me and i would say this could potentially result in your crash: You spamforce the boss an attackorder here on every update diff. The more i think about this, the more i wonder where he even gets "target" from in this case? That should not even compile. In general, there is a pretty basic and simple pattern you can follow in UpdateAI: void UpdateAI(uint32 diff) override { if (!UpdateVictim()) return; events.Update(diff); if (me->HasUnitState(UNIT_STATE_CASTING)) return; while (uint32 eventId = events.ExecuteEvent()) { switch (eventId) { case EVENT_NAME: stuff that should happen; break; default: break; } if (me->HasUnitState(UNIT_STATE_CASTING)) return; } DoMeleeAttackIfReady(); }
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