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    This table exists only to send sniffed hotfixes for db2 files that are not loaded by TC. You should never try to manually insert data into it. If you really must know - blob is simply the entire db2 row written as binary
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    Enabling the Misc items in the cfg will post many undesired items onto the auctionhouse. The best way (so far) to get glyphs to show up seems to be the following - all credit goes to Mightylink @ cmangos. (Haven't verified all id's one by one, but assuming they are correct for wotlk) All you need to do is add all the glyphs to the force include line, this will ignore any settings and make them start appearing at random times. Here are all the glyphs sorted by class: Code: |Death Knight: 43533,43534,43535,43536,43537,43538,43539,43541,43542,43543,43544,43545,43546,43547,43548,43549,43550,43551,43552,43553,43554,43671,43672,43673,43825,43826,43827,45799,45800,45803,45804,45805,45806 Warrior: 43395,43396,43397,43398,43399,43400,43412,43413,43414,43415,43416,43417,43418,43419,43420,43421,43422,43423,43424,43425,43426,43427,43428,43429,43430,43431,43432,45790,45792,45793,45794,45795,45797,49084 Paladin: 41092,41094,41095,41096,41097,41098,41099,41100,41101,41102,41103,41104,41105,41106,41107,41108,41109,41110,43340,43365,43366,43367,43368,43369,43867,43868,43869,45741,45742,45743,45744,45745,45746,45747 Shaman: 41517,41518,41524,41526,41527,41529,41530,41531,41532,41533,41534,41535,41536,41537,41538,41539,41540,41541,41542,41547,41552,43344,43381,43385,43386,43388,43725,44923,45770,45771,45772,45775,45776,45777,45778 Hunter: 42897,42898,42899,42900,42901,42902,42903,42904,42905,42906,42907,42908,42909,42910,42911,42912,42913,42914,42915,42916,42917,43338,43350,43351,43354,43355,43356,45625,45731,45732,45733,45734,45735 Rogue: 42954,42955,42956,42957,42958,42959,42960,42961,42962,42963,42964,42965,42966,42967,42968,42969,42970,42971,42972,42973,42974,43343,43376,43377,43378,43379,43380,45761,45762,45764,45766,45767,45768,45769 Druid: 40896,40897,40899,40900,40901,40902,40903,40906,40908,40909,40912,40913,40914,40915,40916,40919,40920,40921,40922,40923,40924,43316,43331,43332,43334,43335,43674,44928,44922,45601,45602,45603,45604,45622,45623,46372,48720,50125 Mage: 42734,42735,42736,42737,42738,42739,42740,42741,42742,42743,42744,42745,42746,42747,42748,42749,42750,42751,42752,42753,42754,43339,43357,43359,43360,43361,43364,44684,44955,44920,45736,45737,45738,45740,50045 Warlock: 42453,42454,42455,42456,42457,42458,42459,42460,42461,42462,42463,42464,42465,42466,42467,42468,42469,42470,42471,42472,42473,43389,43390,43391,43392,43393,43394,45779,45780,45781,45782,45783,45785,45789,50077 Priest: 42396,42397,42398,42399,42400,42401,42402,42403,42404,42405,42406,42407,42408,42409,42410,42411,42412,42414,42415,42416,42417,43341,43370,43371,43372,43373,43374,45753,45755,45756,45757,45758,45760 | And here are all the glyphs together you can just copy and paste into the config: Code: |43533,43534,43535,43536,43537,43538,43539,43541,43542,43543,43544,43545,43546,43547,43548,43549,43550,43551,43552,43553,43554,43671,43672,43673,43825,43826,43827,45799,45800,45803,45804,45805,45806,43395,43396,43397,43398,43399,43400,43412,43413,43414,43415,43416,43417,43418,43419,43420,43421,43422,43423,43424,43425,43426,43427,43428,43429,43430,43431,43432,45790,45792,45793,45794,45795,45797,49084,41092,41094,41095,41096,41097,41098,41099,41100,41101,41102,41103,41104,41105,41106,41107,41108,41109,41110,43340,43365,43366,43367,43368,43369,43867,43868,43869,45741,45742,45743,45744,45745,45746,45747,41517,41518,41524,41526,41527,41529,41530,41531,41532,41533,41534,41535,41536,41537,41538,41539,41540,41541,41542,41547,41552,43344,43381,43385,43386,43388,43725,44923,45770,45771,45772,45775,45776,45777,45778,42897,42898,42899,42900,42901,42902,42903,42904,42905,42906,42907,42908,42909,42910,42911,42912,42913,42914,42915,42916,42917,43338,43350,43351,43354,43355,43356,45625,45731,45732,45733,45734,45735,42954,42955,42956,42957,42958,42959,42960,42961,42962,42963,42964,42965,42966,42967,42968,42969,42970,42971,42972,42973,42974,43343,43376,43377,43378,43379,43380,45761,45762,45764,45766,45767,45768,45769,40896,40897,40899,40900,40901,40902,40903,40906,40908,40909,40912,40913,40914,40915,40916,40919,40920,40921,40922,40923,40924,43316,43331,43332,43334,43335,43674,44928,44922,45601,45602,45603,45604,45622,45623,46372,48720,50125,42734,42735,42736,42737,42738,42739,42740,42741,42742,42743,42744,42745,42746,42747,42748,42749,42750,42751,42752,42753,42754,43339,43357,43359,43360,43361,43364,44684,44955,44920,45736,45737,45738,45740,50045,42453,42454,42455,42456,42457,42458,42459,42460,42461,42462,42463,42464,42465,42466,42467,42468,42469,42470,42471,42472,42473,43389,43390,43391,43392,43393,43394,45779,45780,45781,45782,45783,45785,45789,50077,42396,42397,42398,42399,42400,42401,42402,42403,42404,42405,42406,42407,42408,42409,42410,42411,42412,42414,42415,42416,42417,43341,43370,43371,43372,43373,43374,45753,45755,45756,45757,45758,45760
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    I wrote an article explaining why I hate most of the World of Warcraft private servers. This is my personal opinion and if you are a developer I ask you to read the disclaimer first. I'd appreciate your feedback about it, enjoy! https://github.com/FrancescoBorzi/why-I-hate-wow-private-servers/blob/master/ENGLISH.md
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    spell.dbc. spellworks shows you the info inside them. or https://tcubuntu.northeurope.cloudapp.azure.com/aowow/
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    Hello, Sorry for my Bad english! i have a problem with Trinitycore and (Linux Debian) the Compile is Works. My problem is the DBC; MAPS and vMaps.. why can generate this on Linux? Greetz
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    updating visual studio AND cmake.
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    Just download the client from battle.net app, even a trial (or "starter" as they call it now) is enough
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    /bin /data <-- here (need to edit path in *.conf files which in /etc) or another variant
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    Hey folks, I'm currently building a BfA repack, following Windows Server Setup, and at the bottom of this page it says "4. Move the vmaps, maps, dbc, cameras and gt (master only) folders to the same directory as the TrinityCore binaries." Which TrinityCore binaries is it referring to? Sorry for sounding like a div, Isk.
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    update your core, i fixed that.
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    Since we are targeting C++17 compilers, GCC 6.3, clang 4 and Visual Studio 2017 under version 15.7 will become unsupported after summer We give this warning to allow people to ready their systems with enough time to update (it's very likely Debian 10 will be shipped on 2nd quarter 2019). (Visual Studio 2019 release date is on 2nd quarter 2019) https://clang.llvm.org/cxx_status.html https://gcc.gnu.org/projects/cxx-status.html#cxx17
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    It sounds like you connect both worldservers into the same character database, you need to separate them and share only auth (and world if you dont want to customize anything for only one realm)
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    You don't need the client at all after extraction (but you will need it again if there are fixes/changes done to extractors, to extract again), you can also delete Buildings
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    Hi, i'm not a expert at this full topic. But have fight this issue for myself. I have solve this with this steps. Software Version use, base on the Wiki. Visual Studio 2019 (MSVC 16.2) Boost 1.70 (set Env BOOST_ROOT=C:/SDK/boost_1_70_0) Setup from boost_1_70_0-unsupported-msvc-14.2-64.exe cmake 3.15 (cmake-3.15.1-win64-x64.msi) Fix on the Master Branch. Remove or Rename \TrinityCore\cmake\macro\FindBoost.txt. So cmake pickup lastest FindBoost.cmake from C:\Program Files\CMake\share\cmake-3.15\Modules\FindBoost.cmake . To find Boost 1.70.0. Fix TrinityCore\CMakeLists.txt . Add cmake_policy(SET CMP0074 OLD) Fix src/common/Utilities/TaskScheduler.h with patch from 3.5.5 for Visual Studio 2019 see https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/pull/2363 Keyword use const . Line ~123 /// Container which provides Task order, insert and reschedule operations. struct Compare { OLD: bool operator() (TaskContainer const& left, TaskContainer const& right) NEW bool operator() (TaskContainer const& left, TaskContainer const& right) const Mybe this helps a bit.
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    I figured it out. I still had set in a couple of places. I had to change the IP address in the following locations: Database: auth.realmlist.address and auth.realmlist.localaddress to 10.x.y.z bnetserver.conf: LoginREST.ExternalAddress=10.x.y.z LoginREST.LocalAddress=10.x.y.z Client: World of Warcraft\ _retail_\WTF\Config.wtf SET portal "10.x.y.z"
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    Hello, Which DB table, or Core files conatins the player level up spells? I need to find some spells, and modify them for a class. For example: - Hunter Disengage Spell auto place on action bar on level up. I want to change the Disengage level requirement for placing on the actionbar level req.
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    for anyone wanting to test the beta irc <--> discord relay : https://discord.gg/HPP3wNh
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    Don't look now: (Rules Quote) My nick has nothing to do with a private server or otherwise. I didn't break ANY rules. Now, please stop trolling. I am done with this thread because I can see where you're trying to lead it. I feel no need to further school a 38 year old on whether or not an emulated game server is known or unknown to Blizzard and the legalities of running a server privately OR publicly. So edit this post away or try to reverse the fact that you jumped to a conclusion; just as you did the post before this one. Please, cry to someone else about the rules when they actually break them instead of hounding people asking normal questions. I think you get off on being rude to others here (most of them younger than you) as some sort of ego trip? Power issues? Wanna be a moderator or something? I dunno, but you need to get more attention at home or something (seriously)... I read a lot of your rudeness to others on this forum, and for no reason! Just people a little confused or asking for help is usually followed up by complete rudeness in most of your responses. Please, don't bother responding, banning, suspending, or whatever else your going to do to my account. People (members) don't want this type of interaction when trying to learn something new; and for an "educational" piece of software I find that contradictory to its main goal or purpose. So let's get this straight, you wont miss me and I wont miss you any; pretty much a clean wash. I just maybe wanted someone to go review your performance (Paranoia or Para-whatever). And hey, if your grandfathered in here and "buddies" with the rest of the crew they should weigh that one out too. I understand the "good Ol' Boy" system. Protect your friends, no matter how wrong they are. So, I know telling you all this is a losing battle forum wise. Your nick certainly fits you: A paradox is a logical statement or group of statements that lead to a contradiction or a situation which (if true) defies logic or reason, similar to circular reasoning. Typically, however, quoted paradoxical statements do not imply a real contradiction and the puzzling results can be rectified by demonstrating that one or more of the premises themselves are not really true, a play on words, faulty and/or cannot all be true together. To the Trinity Programmers and Moderators, Thanks, it's been a fun ride and I'll still be downloading source. Thank you for your time and experience.
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