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    Will NOT be updated anymore. Source code https://github.com/Shauren/WSTC
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    TDB 735.00 & TDB 335.64 released.
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    You could have just asked for it. The reason I didn't throw it up on a gist or dropbox public site was due to people pinging me outside of TC and bugging me for updates and filling up my email/discord channel for the armory. The web app layer is not 100% working. So no... my 1400+ posts have never been about an "every man for himself" attitude. Next time, *your* approach could be, "Hey CDawg, why not share it publicly?"
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    Two new full world database has been upload to Github Releases. TDB 735.00 (2018/02/19) was released for the master branch (previous release TDB 720.00 from 2017/04/18). TDB 335.64 (2018/02/19) was released for the 3.3.5 branch (previous release TDB 335.63 from 2017/04/18). Notes: If you are installing a new DB you only need the 2 full SQLs plus any file at /sql/updates/world/ and sql/updates/hotfixes/ on Trinitycore repository. On 3.3.5: single full SQL file plus any file at /sql/updates/world/
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    Got it. It caused a 6 month roll back on the characters database but it's fixed. I had to manually run the updates.Before anyone asks of course I was backing up the databases, but the most recent ones were corrupted by this issue and I just happened to have an older local copy I could work with.
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    I just have to say that this project is amazing. I am having SO much fun. Thank you, everyone who contributed to it. It took me a couple of days to get everything put together, on my spare debian machine, but it works like a champ (even with older hardware).
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    How to add Waypoints to a creature: Note: I'm just adding a copy paste tutorial without further information on the DB-Structure behind it, because i know, you will understand this soon enough.Example: We want to add this Guy some waypoints 1.) Get the latest sniffer from http://community.trinitycore.org/topic/9849-trinity-cores-sniffer-for-wow-62020338/ 2.) Log in on retail and start the attach_sniffer and follow the Creature until it has completed it's whole path. It's important, that you DO NOT RUN OUT of sight of this mob, else the path will look really creapy. 3.) Close the sniffer if the Path is completed one time 4.) You will see a .pkt - file in your wow directory now 5.) Download and compile https://github.com/TrinityCore/WowPacketParser 6.) Go to the Releasefolder after you finished compiling 7.) Copy the .pkt-file and move the file with drag-and-drop over the WowPacketParser.exe Note: It's recommended to keep these settings <add key="DBEnabled" value="false" /> in WowPacketParser.exe.config 8.) Now you will see a .txt file in your releasefolder 9.) Download and compile https://github.com/Kittnz/WaypointCreator (Branch 6.x) 10.) Go to the release folder and open up the Waypoint Creator.exe 11.) Import the .txt-file 12.) Search for the entry in the searchfield (in this case entry: 74228) 13.) Result: - Rightclick on the table and hit: Create SQL 14.) In the SQL-Output you will now find: Use the command: .go 1923.215 -4636.423 33.2019 to see if you are on the right position 15.) Go ingame (Tc-Server) and choose a fitting creature which is near the path. In this case it's creature with GUID: 286504 - You always find the right guid if you select the creature and type: .npc info 16.) Replace the XXXXXX in SET @NPC := XXXXXX; with the GUID -> SET @NPC := 286504; 17.) Repeat this for all other Paths
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    Hi folks, Having issues compiling? Don't want to wait for an hour to compile a new server? Want a steady stream of updates? Well then, you came to the right place! With the following instructions, one can install their own TrinityCore server using pre-compiled packages. The current state of the 2 branches is: - 3.3.5a: fully functional and installable using the instructions in this topic - master: Still WIP, the packages are compiled and in the repository, but still need to be tested and validated against the installation instructions. == Background == There are 3 packages, server, database and tools:The database package will also install MariaDB from the default Debian Repository Server package: pre-compiled version using the instructions provided on the TrinityCore wiki. Date and commit-hash are included in version tag. By default this package will also install database, but it is possible to run the database on a remote server. And it will not overwrite any configuration files in place without asking. Database package: Contains TDB335.62 with all the database updates provided by the commit. Also contains a slightly modified auth_database (which has to be setup with the provided script), so you can control the server while it's started without console (in order to run it as a service, details below). Tools package: contains the extractors, so you can run them on your desktop with the client instead of uploading a copy to the server. I also included a script that will queue all the commands you need to generate a data package for your TC server. This package isn't supposed to run on the same system as the server (because it would require you to upload a complete WoW client to your server). The packages come with a default configuration to support service control by SystemD. A few details: /opt/trinitycore - server files and data files /var/log/trinitycore - server logs /var/run/trinitycore - PID files See https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/issues/18069 for more info on how and why == Update frequency == These packages will be recompiled everyday at midnight, compiling/uploading takes about an hour per tree, so expect fresh packages: - 3.3.5a: around 01:30 AM CEST - master: around 3:30 AM CEST The script will automatically download the latest TDB version if it is updated in the source files. If there are any changes with the configuration files (new options added etc.) I will add them as soon as I can. == Installation Instructions == This instruction will help you setup a TrinityCore server on a Debian Jessie server with it's own local MySQL server. If you require a seperate MySQL server, please adjust where needed. All packages provided are only tested on Debian Jessie stable (with updates). It is in your best interest to read the entire instruction first before installing! Install a server with Debian Jessie and log in on it You don't need anything except the basic install! Add the following line to /etc/apt/sources.list deb http://repo.element-networks.nl/ custom main Add the repository key for package verification wget http://repo.element-networks.nl/public.gpg -O - | apt-key add - Update your package lists apt-get update Install the server 3.3.5a: apt-get install trinitycore-server3.3.5 master: apt-get install trinitycore-server-master NOTE: This command will install the TrinityCore server and all it's dependencies (including a MariaDB server) If you want to run a seperate database server, run this command with '--no-install-recommends' to skip the installation of the database package. FIRST TIME ONLY: Run the following script to setup the databases setup_database.sh If you run the database on a different server, run the script on that server. Also, change worldserver.conf and authserver.conf accordingly! Extract the MAPS, MMAPS and VMAPS using the extractors. Pro-tip, if you have a (fast) Linux (gaming) desktop, do the following: Install the trinitycore-tools3.3.5 package on your desktop with the WoW client. apt-get install trinitycore-tools3.3.5 Go to your WoW client folder and run the script cd /to/my/wowclient generate_data_package.sh After extracting all the maps, mmaps, vmaps and dbc's it will ask you the following question: # Your data package is in /to/my/wowclient/trinitycore-data.tgz # Would you like this script to apply it on your server? y/N If you select yes, it will ask you where to upload the data package See https://trinitycore.atlassian.net/wiki/display/tc/Linux+Server+Setup for all the details surrounding the extracting process. Start the server! systemctl start trinitycore-authserver.service systemctl start trinitycore-worldserver.service You can control the server using the following command: telnet localhost 3443 Username: admin Password: ChangeMeNOW! Change the password for the admin account: .account set password admin NEWPASSWORD NEWPASSWORD Create a new user .account create USERNAME PASSWORD Press Enter again to log out Set your client's realmlist to your newly installed server GameClientDir/Data/enUS/realmlist.wtf Note: enUS could also be enGB if you have a European version of the client Start your game, log in and enjoy! == Updating == Updating the server to a newer version is very easy, I do it using the following script: #!/bin/bash # Upgrade the TrinityCore server to the latest build # Stop running server systemctl stop trinitycore-worldserver.service # Upgrade packages, change the packagename if you wish to run the 'master' branch apt-get update apt-get upgrade trinitycore-server3.3.5 trinitycore-database3.3.5 -y -o Dpkg::Options::='--force-confdef' -o Dpkg::Options::='--force-confold' # Start server systemctl start trinitycore-worldserver.service == Feedback == Any feedback is appreciated! I have been running my test-server with this setup for a few days now and it is still alive and kicking. However, my userbase is quite small (5) and I would like to know if the current way of updating is doable. Thoughts, feelings, emotions?
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    should be fixed in https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/commit/389092ab23ab04c700a0e9be8301e8c3e2424d86
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    A small summary: i7-6700K 4GHz 4cores 8threads 5min Ryzen5 1600 3.20GHz 6cores 12threads 5-6min i5-3570K 3.40GHz 4cores 4threads 8min Intel Xeon E3-1231 3.4GHz 4cores 8threads 5min i7-2820 QM 3.4GHz 4cores 8threads 5-6min for building 3.3.5 I was actually expecting a larger difference.. hm. mmap extraction probably shows a lot bigger difference. But guess that isnt as helpful.
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    It seems that this is a common issue suddenly. Every month people post that they have issues regarding the NPC equipment. (not necessarily on these forums..) The issue is often that people seem to convert the item_template to item.dbc. Item_template does not contain all item entries that item.dbc contains. For this reason, replacing the original item.dbc with a generated one will usually lose data which leads to problems. Not all items in the game are accessible to players. This is why not all items have data in item_template. The items that are not available to players may not have damage or other such stats (or we cannot read that data). These items are cosmetic and used by NPCs. Let's say for example that there is some special item like a lantern that guards use. For convenience, the NPC equipment system uses item entries from item.dbc. This lantern may not be available for players since we don't want them to use lanterns, but the displayid and such data must be associated with the entry through item.dbc. What you can do is to add only your edits to the item.dbc or you can extract the data you are missing from item.dbc to DB so that the converter has all the needed information. I think the easiest solution would be to try convert the item.dbc into an SQL which uses INSERT INGORE. That way you can make a copy of your item_template, run the item.dbc sql to it and then generate the dbc file and then delete the DB table that contains the dbc info for extraction purposes.
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    on 1 month we pushed 222 commits (fixes) on 2 months 388, no, 1 or 2 months is not "up-to-date", not even 1 week is.
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    Either im doing something wrong or there is something wrong with the lastest commits to Master branch. Fully updated, and everything is as it shall be, but I get the error seen in the .txt doc. This is newest commits as of today 19. february. >> Applying update "2018_02_08_00_world.sql" 'BACDF70'... Warning: Using a password on the command line interface can be insecure. ERROR 1264 (22003) at line 1: Out of range value for column 'RaceMask' at row 1 Server.txt
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    @Selia yes, try this https://dl.ashamane.com/7.3.2/ @micckkk for your client too
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    Where are you running the binaries? Did you create a bin directory and place your mmaps, vmaps, etc... in said directory? I'm just trying to see if you ran everything correctly but just running the binaries in the wrong directory. It can't find your updates directory. "/home/sysadmin/git/3.3.5/sql/updates/world". Bottom of doc: https://trinitycore.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/tc/pages/10977309/Linux+Core+Installation -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/path/to/where/you/want/core/to/be/installed It will create the following structure: <path>/bin/ - binaries will be placed here <path>/etc/ - config files will be placed here
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    Here's a few more. PS: Either you contribute, or you're not helping. Pushing "Like" on the post isn't gonna do anything. azjolnerub.sql theeye.sql magtheridon.sql gruul.sql ragefire.sql utgardekeep.sql
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    Hello A small presentation: I’m Yehonal an old dev of wowemu ( by WAD ) and original MaNGOS. Founder of Mangos Zero and dev of TrinityZero. Introduction: Recently i’ve proposed to trinitycore a new structure that allows to separate core functionalities using a modular architecture. This structure allows you to use this project as a real MMO framework. In few words you can choose to: Download only the framework and develop your MMO application Download the platform, based on framework above, to implement an application that supports wow client, or just download the entire server application. Download other modules that extend application above ( For example: AHBot, Duel Reset and other custom things ) This kind of approach allows to enlarge the project audience and possibilities. Unfortunately it hasn’t been accepted The Project: http://www.azerothcore.org I’m here to present you a new Project , called AzerothCore. It’s based on Sunwell Core and of-course TrinityCore and Mangos , but completely restructured to allow: Modules creation: as said , you’re currently able to create/install modules that extends core functionalities without touch any line of core code. So you can have installable extensions that don’t require patches, such as: Duel Reset, Transmog etc. You can also easily publish yours that can be pinned by our staff and included in our official extensions list. More info: here Doing Versioning right: We have various stable and supported versions. Instead master branch is always in development. We have an API that will only change between major revisions and you don’t have to take care about compatibility updating your minor versions More info: here Create something that just work: We’ve based our project on Sunwell Core because they fixed 90% of game contents. Yes, they made a lot of hack fix, but we’re working on code enhancement. However we’re not hack-aware and we won’t be: if we’ve to release a major revision, it must work at least as the previous one and must be stable. So we can accept patches with hack fix and fix in a cleaner way in master branch instead. Fully Open-Source and Free Tools We’ve based our infastructure on github and all its service to guarantee you open and reliable services. We’re also working on a webserver that will contain a demo of all our supported applications. Such as Shin’s tools and a limited game server for demo/testing purpose only. What do you think about this? Help us to develop this great project!
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    TC's mysql requierement is 5.1 or higher. updating to 5.6 won't fix nothing. The problem indeed, lies here. He needs mysql client and server to be the same.
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    Actually no, the example you used has 4 npc's running behind eachother. You need to find the first npc for the correct path, it will have a lot less points. The 3 other npc's will use more points because they run in formation thus having more points then needed
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