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    This sniffer is closed source, don't ask for new sniffer versions making new threads or on irc, new versions will be released when I have time. The sniffs are only available for TC developers and official contributors because they contain private data. Sniffer only works with LIVE realms and the build number stated on title/key file. How to use it: Put it on your wow directory. Start wow.exe. Start attach_sniffer. login. OR Start Wow-64.exe Use attach_sniffer_64 login. If you want to force WoW to start in 32-bit only mode use Wow.exe -noautolaunch64bit Upload your sniff compresed with zip, rar, 7z or some linux format to some non-anoying file hosting (for example zippyshare, mega, anything without captchas or wait times). Post your sniff at http://www.trinitycore.org/f/forum/13-wdbadbsniffs/ only devs will see your sniff there. Note: When updating sniffer you need to overwrite all old files. Edit by ShinDarth: In order to run the sniffer under GNU/Linux or Mac OS X you have to use the Windows client (Wow.exe) and open it using wine (get the latest version). Note: if you have the Mac OS X client already, you can just download the *.exe and *.dll files of the Windows client and add them to your Mac client folder. Instructions: - open a terminal window and run: wine Wow.exe -noautolaunch64bit Script for wine (save in the same directory as wstc) #!/bin/bash WSTC_COMMAND=$(grep -E -o 'WSTC.exe .*\.wstc' ./attach_sniffer.cmd) set -x wine $WSTC_COMMAND WSTC_7.2.5.24742_Release.zip WSTC-64_7.2.5.24742_Release.zip
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    As outlined in #20103, we're currently making a concerted push for blizzlike instance spawn behavior. As part of this, every instance in the 3.3.5 client needs to have all of its spawns mapped to the corresponding instance boss that causes that group to no longer spawn once defeated. Luckily, we have a tool to help with this. Extract the attached archive into your Interface/AddOns directory, then log onto a 3.3.5 core running commit fcd6fe0 (or newer). Move yourself into the instance you want to map, then invoke /spawngroup to bring up the mapper panel. Use the green plus icon to create one spawn group for each boss in the instance. If there are groups with complex conditions, like "only spawns if any of X, Y and Z are alive", create a separate group for each of them. Scroll down (shift+mouse wheel to scroll faster) and name each of the newly created groups (right-click the respective header). Names should be representative, but have only descriptive value (no need to match the boss name exactly, for example). Start assigning groups to entries and spawns in the "Unassigned" category. Pay attention to detail - not all creatures of the same entry are necessarily assigned to a specific boss. Click on an entry to expand it into a list of its spawn points. Each spawn point can be individually assigned to a group. Click on a spawn point to teleport to it. You can combine this with having the world map open to quickly map disjoint spawn points. Once you are done, click on "Export SQL" to generate a complete instance spawn group script for the instance, then post it here. Because mistakes happen, I'd like at least two, preferably three, copies of each data set, from different people. To find out which instances still need data, take a look at this issue on the tracker - contributions may be posted either there or in this thread. (PS: Feel free to take breaks. The mapper stores any mappings you've already made and will reload them when you bring the panel up again, including across sessions [assuming you log out normally - don't force kill the client.]) (PPS: Invoke /spawngroup while outside an instance at your own peril - it's probably gonna freeze your client for a bit. Lots of spawns there.)
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    Here's a few more. PS: Either you contribute, or you're not helping. Pushing "Like" on the post isn't gonna do anything. azjolnerub.sql theeye.sql magtheridon.sql gruul.sql ragefire.sql utgardekeep.sql
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    Will NOT be updated anymore. Source code https://github.com/Shauren/WSTC
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    TDB 735.00 & TDB 335.64 released.
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    Hello TrinityCore community! I do know that TrinityCore is provided with an anticheat program but how good is the anticheat system? Once I had a repack, it was an old one from TrinityCore, but still I was able 2 hack myself without my anticheat-program detected anything. Also I would like 2 thank @CDawg and @HannibalRoG for their patience when they helped me in my last topic. I can now say that my server is up and running and I was able 2 have 10 people online without any laggs at all!
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    Is it true that now for the use of Sniffer on 7.3 - Blizzard begin to block accounts? So you are silent that there is no information about the update on the new build? *before release 7.3 Blizzard renewed the license agreement. http://eu.blizzard.com/en-gb/company/legal/eula
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    Got it. It caused a 6 month roll back on the characters database but it's fixed. I had to manually run the updates.Before anyone asks of course I was backing up the databases, but the most recent ones were corrupted by this issue and I just happened to have an older local copy I could work with.
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    Hi, I want to use Warden, to detect weather a player is using PQR. First I decompiled PQR and found out that the programm injects some LUA code into the client. If I use /run print(SOME_PQR_VARIABLE) before starting PQR the output will is nil as expected. If I use /run print(SOME_PQR_VARIABLE) after starting PQR the output will is a value/adress/none depends on what I print. In the Warden.h there is this Check LUA_STR_CHECK = 0x8B, // 139: byte luaNameIndex (check to ensure LUA string isn't used I created a warden_ckeck in the DB with: INSERT INTO `warden_checks` (`id`, `type`, `data`, `str`, `address`, `length`, `result`, `comment`) VALUES (1, 139, '', 'SOME_PQR_VARIABLE', 0, 0, '', ''); Unfortunately the client always returns 1. No matter if PQR is injected or not. And this is my Problem. Either way this type of Warden check is not properly implemented yet or I do something wrong with the SQL statement. injected_pqr_code.lua
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    I just have to say that this project is amazing. I am having SO much fun. Thank you, everyone who contributed to it. It took me a couple of days to get everything put together, on my spare debian machine, but it works like a champ (even with older hardware).
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    c++14. (we warned MONTHS before release and make definitively unsupported MONTHS after release)
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    It did, i have been able to work on the core all day without the issue reappearing
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    I have heard of this issue on 7.2.5 but not 3.3.5a are you sure you are not using anything custom and everything is from a fresh start including your core files just checking because everything seems to be working like it should for me including 4.3.4
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    Meh.. Not really explosive. Just defending the fact that people consistently "demand" things from the community and devs. Sometimes they offer money and when they don't get an answer they are the ones that explode. If you knew me, I'm a very very laid back guy
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    Honestly, I think it will be a positive outcome. @Ibeatdungeon, you have to take into consideration, that most players expect the hard grind, including the lack of new features such as, LFD, LFR, old quests you have to look up on "Thottbot", like back in the days. Blizz is (hopefully) giving the players that same feel. The population may slowly fade. But,... you will still have loyalists that just pay. Remember, it isn't about the content.. It's about the community that develops around it. Not to mention, people that have never experienced classic will bitch about missing features that they are accustomed to today's wow. But they will be slammed down by the loyalists to keep it the way it is. Blizz will have to launch a new client with new graphics, etc. It all depends on the outcome and I'm excited to see that very outcome play out.
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    It should be pretty obvious. Just show him how it's configured for "master" https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/blob/master/src/server/bnetserver/bnetserver.conf.dist#L76 Rather than complain, then show both options.
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    Original poster https://www.lifewire.com/what-does-o-p-stand-for-2483372 http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=op http://lmgtfy.com/?q=what+is+op+on+forums A repack is where you wont get support. It's a pre-comiled server package for people that are incompetent on building their own server. You get no updates, you can't fix core problems, and most of the time they are extremely outdated with so many bugs locked into a pre-compiled core that you have to deal with. @Chrisseria2520 You said it best... You just explained that you had a negative experience with a repack (one of the largest) You had a guy that was able to cheat and hack your "repack" and there wasn't a single thing that you could do, due to someone else that created the server in a package nad not able to add special detection and core functions within a repack. Look... People are lazy, i'm not saying you are. But don't let one small issue you run into block you from giving up. It's very very while worth it to compile your own server. Not only can you make custom modifications and keep your package up to date, but you will learn a lot from it and have the confidence to tell your friends that you may be able to fix a certain issue - since you will get support.
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    If you follow all steep here https://www.trinitycore.info/ you must be able to run the server without major problems, assuming you have an unmodified client and using the tools compiled with the server. Just follow the instructions and you will not have problems.
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    To answer your question. Yes it isnt a problem to install both libraries. But please notice that you are using an unsupported version of trinitycore
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    While the guide isnt perfect, it still captures the most important parts and is good enough for the job. Some of the issues you listed sound like user errors. You are clearly presented a way to create a new user in the mysql installer. If you did not have this view, then you are possibly using some other way of installing MySQL that was unexpected or the installer may have changed over time. https://i.imgur.com/ceQRzfk.png https://i.imgur.com/81Rq8Lz.png You are clearly instructed to leave the subdirectory field empty. Then it will not create a subdirectory. Seems you missed this? https://i.imgur.com/XgRZZjT.png The issue was possibly that you had the wrong boost version installed (did not use the provided links to download or accidentally downloaded wrong version) or that you did not restart CMake between attempting to do things like installing boost and configuring - which is mentioned in the guide. It is also possible that the system variables require a relog in windows or restarting the whole machine to take effect - this is not mentioned in the guide. Without the errors and the state of the machine it is hard to tell afterwards what your issue was. It is possible you installed wrong version of openssl accidentally. Unsure if some unconventional location may also be a reason. Most dependency errors during compile I have seen are caused by users installing wrong dependencies. For example 32 bit library when they compile 64 bit. This mostly happens for MySQL and Boost. Another problem has been the new boost and visual studio versions that required the boost finding script to be changed, but I have not checked if that was corrected already - it may have required some manual fixing. For the issues that you somehow solved it would require seeing the errors and possibly what you have installed and how you have set up the environment to figure out. This is why it is hard to imagine what could have been wrong. Even a small mistake can lead to nothing working and it could be that your system is different in some way from the majority of other systems (new versions of software etc.). So if you cannot solve the problems you should post the error messages and environment data, like what bit version you are compiling, and ask for help. In case you are getting errors there is also a troubleshooting section that has some guides for handling specific errors you may encounter: https://trinitycore.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/tc/pages/2130044/Troubleshooting+articles In the beginning the guide encourages you to search the forums and ask for help if you cannot find what you need. - There is even a support channel you can ask help live on irc. Anyone is free to edit the wiki, which means that after figuring out what is missing from the guide you can add it in. That being said this software is probably not being built for the average joe to use. Some knowledge about the used software and programming as well as problem solving is likely expected. It should also be expected that a new user will have problems configuring a project of this size and with this many dependencies - even with a perfect guide. New issues keep rising all the time as used libraries and software is being developed by third parties as well as TC.
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    If you read the message carfully, you'll see that it's just a warning and no build error. Kind regards, Carbenium
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    WDBXEditor was created by barncastle to be compatible with every revision . Personally, it is my favorite, especially when you need to dissect from different revisions with the project that I have been working on.
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    Well, to start things off, here's my version of the spawn dump for everyone's favorite raid instance: naxxdump.sql
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    I have been following this tutorial http://www.model-changing.net/tutorials/article/107-legion-big-tutorials/ to add some new items. I have added like 2 new items but my current problem is that I can't add any stats to the item.
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    More: http://thehackernews.com/2017/07/gsoap-iot-device-hacking.html
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    Bnet server for 4.3.4 is not done or working yet but auth server is working of course and for the realmlist in the database for realm looping make sure it is set to your main IP and not localhost or but instead the main IP. Also make sure in the wow directory you have under realmlist.wtf file the main IP address as well.
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    .debug bg = Toggle debug mode for battlegrounds. In debug mode GM can start battleground with single player. Or if in your case if you want to do a true 1 vs 1. You can temporarily modify world.battleground_template with min players per team to 1 for that particular battleground. https://trinitycore.atlassian.net/wiki/display/tc/battleground_template#battleground_template-MinPlayersPerTeam 1. .reload battleground_template 2. level 80+ alliance queue up for that BG. 3. level 80+ horde queue for the same BG.
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    @Halebawa I think I see your issue, when skimming across the images. more clearly. Your Trinity Realm in the DB needs to be set to 8085. It's at 3724. Port 3724 is your authserver. You mentioned you added a second realm, was that also at 3724? That needs to be 8086 or another port configured. Let me know.
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    It's crashing (closing) immediately due to a configuration issue. In Windows, use cmd.exe to navigate your worldserver.exe path and run worldserver from the terminal via command line and dont double click binary to execute. That will prevent the window from closing. Also, everything should be and not worry about your firewall. Windows whitelists automatically. You should use that for your realmlist.wtf and your DB settings. Once you get an exact error message from the console (without it auto closing), report back what the issue is and we can help get you set up.
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    " has for gossips broken maybe 7.2.0 fuckup. "
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    This is similar, but known: https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/issues/19527 You have to keep in mind that 7.x is still new and the devs+community are collecting as much data as possible. Even for pre-existing npc's wil have a different menu, quest, or text than the previous version. The short answer is, don't compare 335a and master
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    Really? Does this look like the repack support forums? You want support or help, start here... https://trinitycore.atlassian.net/wiki/display/tc/Core+Installation
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    Hello, I was wondering if it's possible to move from using IRC to using a Discord Chat Server. It's cool and.. damn, everyone use it, we are in 2017 P.S. Maybe some1 already use discord? Can you send the invite?
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    https://github.com/TGM/characters_optimization but very likely it will need to be updated.
  40. 1 point for localAdress works well mostly. But is your public IP a static IP? Some provider in some countries change this on a daily schedule. Does your server PC has a static IP ? And did you forward both ports to your server ? (As SarcNBit asked?) Check your ports: https://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/ (ATM they are closed for your given IP)
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    you cannot use manual update and autoupdate at once.
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    On most Macs you can't. Once you go to a higher resolution on a Mac, then exit out, it will clip the screen and you then have to manually modify wtf/confg.wtf. That has been a bug since TBC (2.x), it was fixed in 4.x
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    If it gets deleted, it's probably because you are not using the official extractors for that version. The "VMap file './vmaps/000.vmtree' does not exist" also means it can't read the file, due to unsupported version. You have to extract them fresh from what you compiled. Do NOT download and use unsupported mmaps, dbcs, or vmaps from another source. https://trinitycore.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/tc/pages/2130046/Server+Setup#ServerSetup-Extractors
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    I can help you configure optimal performance for your DB server, but I need to know details of your new server as well as what other services are running on the node. Shoot me a PM in IRC, or trinitycore PM (top right). You can't just share the mysql.conf. MySQL is configured for exactly that server based on the services running and especially hardware. I also use tools to help balance the correct amount of database usage (not too little, and not too much) I don't run JUST a worldserver on the node. It's a separate DB server dedicated for this very purpose as a DB server. Anyhow, you don't want to configure your machine with someone else's conf, that may have more/less memory, storage, etc.. you could do more harm than good, even if it's not noticeable at that very moment.
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    You don't need mariadb (for your version of linux OS). I'm only using mysql. Your cmake config is still viewing marialib. Just blow away the build directory, remove mariadb, load only mysql and start over from cmake, then build. apt-get install libmysqlclient-dev mysql-server
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    You mean, this guy? https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/blob/master/contrib/extractor.bat
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    The repack vmaps will always be outdated and should never be a comparison. Never ever use repack data with TC core. You will have to re-extract vmaps that you compiled.
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    I don't know what commit did it but I noticed you can add an npc now at any high number and the trainers including guards work now when showing up text and options.
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    The client doesn't do anything. This is all server based commands and entries. The npc add command will only spawn what exists in the creature_template table. So if you make adjustments to the npc, it may default +/- to what that is set. As for the npc that don't show up, could be a lack of npc entries in the db, incorrect information, a different phase, etc... I have only played around with 7.x TC. I mainly stay within my 335a world
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    While TrinityCore does not officially support MySQL version >= 5.6, there is a way to get it up and running. You have to remove ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY flag from MySQL's sql_mode variable in the MySQL config file so that all queries can be prepared correctly. (Certain queries used in the core are not compliant to this restriction and need to be rewritten in order to work. Hint: pull request ) If you're unsure how to do this please consult the MySQL documentation on http://search.oracle.com/search/search?q=sql+mode&group=MySQL