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    Here's a few more. PS: Either you contribute, or you're not helping. Pushing "Like" on the post isn't gonna do anything. azjolnerub.sql theeye.sql magtheridon.sql gruul.sql ragefire.sql utgardekeep.sql
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    It should be pretty obvious. Just show him how it's configured for "master" https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/blob/master/src/server/bnetserver/bnetserver.conf.dist#L76 Rather than complain, then show both options.
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    Original poster https://www.lifewire.com/what-does-o-p-stand-for-2483372 http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=op http://lmgtfy.com/?q=what+is+op+on+forums A repack is where you wont get support. It's a pre-comiled server package for people that are incompetent on building their own server. You get no updates, you can't fix core problems, and most of the time they are extremely outdated with so many bugs locked into a pre-compiled core that you have to deal with. @Chrisseria2520 You said it best... You just explained that you had a negative experience with a repack (one of the largest) You had a guy that was able to cheat and hack your "repack" and there wasn't a single thing that you could do, due to someone else that created the server in a package nad not able to add special detection and core functions within a repack. Look... People are lazy, i'm not saying you are. But don't let one small issue you run into block you from giving up. It's very very while worth it to compile your own server. Not only can you make custom modifications and keep your package up to date, but you will learn a lot from it and have the confidence to tell your friends that you may be able to fix a certain issue - since you will get support.
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    If you follow all steep here https://www.trinitycore.info/ you must be able to run the server without major problems, assuming you have an unmodified client and using the tools compiled with the server. Just follow the instructions and you will not have problems.
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    To answer your question. Yes it isnt a problem to install both libraries. But please notice that you are using an unsupported version of trinitycore
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    Well, to start things off, here's my version of the spawn dump for everyone's favorite raid instance: naxxdump.sql
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    More: http://thehackernews.com/2017/07/gsoap-iot-device-hacking.html
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    Hello, I was wondering if it's possible to move from using IRC to using a Discord Chat Server. It's cool and.. damn, everyone use it, we are in 2017 P.S. Maybe some1 already use discord? Can you send the invite?
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    Not to bump this, but figured out how to set the timer. Now I need to set it to cast a spell if the timer runs out. During testing, however, the timer counted down to 4 seconds, then the spell vanished...
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    On most Macs you can't. Once you go to a higher resolution on a Mac, then exit out, it will clip the screen and you then have to manually modify wtf/confg.wtf. That has been a bug since TBC (2.x), it was fixed in 4.x
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    I thougth the same, so weird. +credit for helping people
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    @HannibalRoG and @CDawg, well have u guys ever been compiling ur own Trinitycore? I mean what version of different programs do u use? I just want 2 make sure, that I am not using some kind of wrong version or something?
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    I gave you credit , I don't normally touch credit thingy, however, extracting from a corrupt or broken client is actually pretty common. Good catch!
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    Maybe here you can download full client https://www.dkpminus.com/blog/wow-3-3-5a-download-wrath-of-the-lich-king-client/
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    @Chrisseria2520 As long as you do not use the original client without any modification and the tools that are compiled with the core you will still have problems extracting the datas and running the server BTW who is dedicated to giving bad reputation in the post where it is trying to help people? Poor unfortunate.
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    If it gets deleted, it's probably because you are not using the official extractors for that version. The "VMap file './vmaps/000.vmtree' does not exist" also means it can't read the file, due to unsupported version. You have to extract them fresh from what you compiled. Do NOT download and use unsupported mmaps, dbcs, or vmaps from another source. https://trinitycore.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/tc/pages/2130046/Server+Setup#ServerSetup-Extractors
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    Hi everyone, in the attempt to reach this milestone, I wrote a technical description of the situation up to now on WPP's issue tracker - GitHub.
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    Came late to the party and you appear to have found the solution I am actually running several diff servers (one specifically for a build), so that if anything is being built or upgraded it will only blow up one server and not affect the running world. TIP: Remember to update your boost libraries (for Linux) when it calls for a specific version on the build box or core update. The mysql client libraries and boost must match exactly or you get a mismatch error.
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    Pretty much what Aokromes said, I kind of took a break and only started working on this today
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    soon(TM) It will be done when it's done.
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    While TrinityCore does not officially support MySQL version >= 5.6, there is a way to get it up and running. You have to remove ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY flag from MySQL's sql_mode variable in the MySQL config file so that all queries can be prepared correctly. (Certain queries used in the core are not compliant to this restriction and need to be rewritten in order to work. Hint: pull request ) If you're unsure how to do this please consult the MySQL documentation on http://search.oracle.com/search/search?q=sql+mode&group=MySQL
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    Hi, i just want to know if you have any news about the 7.3? thxx
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    There is no support to modify client, wod models change some dbc files, that probably is the cause of your error. Try to extract from original client 3.3.5 without any modifications. Also with that modification you get a lot of exception from your client when you try to reach an area that its not complete in your dbc.
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    No estimate time release date.
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    I've been wondering the same thing for a long time, though I think it's waiting for the entire Argus content to be released before it can support 7.3.0. In any case, that question can only be answered by a staff member
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    Trying to get back into messing with TC a bit more, and I'm planning to actually set up proper CI and keep things more separated between a build server and an application server. As part of that, I want to make sure I'm packaging what I need and nothing else for deployment. What do I need - or not need - installed on the application server, assuming that I'm moving over binaries from a build server?
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    For reference - for others doing this, I only needed to install libboost-all-dev libmysqlclient-dev mysql-client to run TC on its own application server. This can be considered solved.
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    Maybe nobody wants to update it or just doesn't have time But seriously if there really are issues with 7.3.0 it would be nice to know which kind of issues
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    If you compile server on different machine, i suggest you to install visual studio on same machine you need to debug core.
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    @ewk the opcodes change usually when the first or second number in version change, if only change the thirth or build opcodes usually are intact. Tray as you said, you'll know right away if it works or not. In your case you have 7.2.5 24330 the last version in 7.2.5 is build 24742, that only change build, opcodes will be exactly, just try, you dont lose anything.
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    I remember you I hope everything is ok
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    method Relocate? example plz
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    void HandleDummy(SpellEffIndex /*effIndex*/) { if (Unit* caster = GetCaster()) { if (Player* _player = caster->ToPlayer()) { if (GetSpellInfo()->Id == SPELL_MONK_ZEN_PILGRIMAGE) { _player->SaveRecallPosition(); save player position _player->TeleportTo(870, 3818.55f, 1793.18f, 950.35f, _player->GetOrientation()); tele new position } else if (GetSpellInfo()->Id == SPELL_MONK_ZEN_PILGRIMAGE_RETURN) { // need help return player save position _player->RemoveAura(SPELL_AURA_ZEN_PILGRIMAGE_RETURN); remove aura } } } help plz
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    Shauren `hotfixes`-->`hotfix_data` Explain the purpose of the table and column values P.S Grand thanks)
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    That warning indeed comes from boost - there is nothing we can do about it except wait for next boost release
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    @ewk Client can download from blizzard for free, i think, or take another version, for example WoD and open World of warcraft launcher.exe, it upgrade your client to latest version.
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    @ewk Wait a few days, the version supported by the server will be 7.3.0, just wait... in the meantime update your client
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    Hello HannibalRoG! I don't think it's the wod model who is causing the problem. But I will try with Dalaran-WoW's client instead! Yesteday I made a discovery. I gave up since Vmaps couldnt work correctly, so I downloaded Jeutie's Repack instead. btw, I had no problem earlier this weak installing and setup Jeuties Repack but when I tried 2 run Worldserver it gave me the exact same error as my first post on this thread did. Even tho that I downloaded JEuties: (DBC, Vmaps, Mmaps, etc). So this night I've been resetting my whole computer, and I am trying again now to compile the server.
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    I use Linux, and compile and extract 3.3.5a. (Ubuntu Server 16.04). Like I said before, this really isn't a "version" issue. If you compiled TC (3.3.5a), the issue is with your client asset extraction. Not making any assumptions on the OP, but with my experience, most of the time it's an OP that doesn't like the answer, even if it's the right one.
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    @CDawg that depends on whether it is master or 3.3.5, as I said, with so little information you can not help much. In master its a bit diferent.
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    I know there is currently no easy way to obtain an official 7.2.5 client but do not download clients from untrusted sources. I'm afraid this has nothing related to TrinityCore.
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    If you do not give more details of what you intend to do we can not help you. If you want to connect the client to a server on your own pc you must follow all the steps of the wiki.