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    I have heard of this issue on 7.2.5 but not 3.3.5a are you sure you are not using anything custom and everything is from a fresh start including your core files just checking because everything seems to be working like it should for me including 4.3.4
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    Meh.. Not really explosive. Just defending the fact that people consistently "demand" things from the community and devs. Sometimes they offer money and when they don't get an answer they are the ones that explode. If you knew me, I'm a very very laid back guy
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    Server side part of it was completed (in same state as current 7.2.5) and is available on a different branch https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/tree/7.3.2 Only client part remains
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    The host file you need only to change if you use a dynamic dns server like https://www.noip.com/ (I don't know if this service works for Trinity core.) First change on your server PC network setting so that you have a static IP and forward your ports to this IP afterwards. With a dynamic public IP you have to inform your friends about this IP every time it changes and they have to change the IP in the realmlist. (Or you use a ddns service). Additional you have to change the IP every time in the auth database realmlist and restart the server. In both config files (auth + world) there must be this (should be the default value): BindIP = ""
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    Well...this is a spanish video-tutorial but maybe it can help you: trinity public server By the way, I remember that old versions as 3.3.5 used differents ports but I'm not sure if it has changed and trinity 3.3.5 use the same ports than legion now... Check your server configs for knowing it...
  6. 1 point for localAdress works well mostly. But is your public IP a static IP? Some provider in some countries change this on a daily schedule. Does your server PC has a static IP ? And did you forward both ports to your server ? (As SarcNBit asked?) Check your ports: https://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/ (ATM they are closed for your given IP)
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    you cannot use manual update and autoupdate at once.
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    Is there a reason why you don't use the other hash or different method for the web app
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    This issue has been started with a fix already but it isn't being pushed yet because it is not ready yet
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    Just wondering since trinitycore only supports 3.3.5a and 7.2.5 why would you want 6.2.4 when you can get the other ones or even the higher one after that or even 4.3.4
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    Yeah use the bat file because if you get errors we can help you better if you get any errors we will know what they are.
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    Don't worry because I noticed most people are forgetting about the REST fields and they change everything else other then the REST fields, it is easy to do lol
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    use the batch file stated on wiki.
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    you need mysql strict mode to be disabled to allow the update system to work properly, and after that, i suggest you to drop your world database and leave core to import the database.
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    Tickets reporting incidents in a granular manner are being closed in favor of keeping tickets that describe large, vague, and obscure issues. For instance, I reported that Skittering Spiderlings in The Hinterlands are attackable rather than lootable only to get that ticket closed in favor of keeping a ticket titled Cataclysm Zones - Quests + Phasing. So now, rather than tackling the spiderling issue, which is an easy fix, we can't apply the solution until the Cataclysm ticket is solved entirely. That is bad policy. The process of Incident Management has been developed, polished, and heavily tested for more than thirty years and separates incidents from problems. The way that @DoctorKraft managed this ticket is the right way to do so: a User-Acceptance Tester (UAT) reported an issue and @DoctorKraft then created a separate ticket that explains the technical problems causing that incident for developers to solve. It allows specialization by having testers reporting issues while developers focus on building code that testers can then test. Furthermore, putting everything into a single huge ticket describing large, vague, and obscure issues goes against the paradigm of divide-and-conquer in software development. That paradigm establishes that the best way to solve a big issue (such as 'Westfall is not scripted') is by breaking the problem into many small problems (such as Quests 'Hot On the Trail: The Riverpaw Clan' and 'Hot On the Trail: Murlocs' are available before completing quest 'Murder Was They Case That They Gave Me' and Two-Shoed Lou is not phased in after getting quest Meet Two-Shoed Lou). That paradigm allows developers and scripters to fix tiny problems that incrementally solve the big issue, rather than having to wait for the entire big issue to be solved in order to apply the fix. Moreover, this policy discourages UAT testers from testing the core. For example, if I wouldn't have tested the Hero's Call Board in Ironforge (which is considered a Cataclysm zone) we wouldn't have discovered that there is a feature missing in the core. Same thing when I tested Rune of Fire in Dun Morough (which is also considered a Cataclysm zone) which allowed us to find that the spell Burn Constriction Totem does not support the `conditions`.`SourceTypeOrReferenceId` for CONDITION_SOURCE_TYPE_SPELL which is also a core issue. But what incentives do I have now to continue to do UAT if the time and effort I spend in such testing is worthless since my reports will get closed on behalf of tickets that describe large, vague, and obscure issues? I suspect this is one of the factors why Ohloh reports a -31% decline in contributors to this project in the last twelve months. If you discourage contributors like UAT testers to participate, what do you expect? I don't think that's what we want as a community. Fortunately, the incident management process in software development has been well documented and developed in the past thirty years. There's no need to reinvent the wheel. But if we want to make this project flourish and more successful that what it already is, we should start adopting best practices and encouraging people--particularly UAT testers--to contribute rather than disincentivize them.
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    He basically did the example one which is the default instead of changing the right one for realm list by it showing when he runs realm the local host ip instead of showing in realm list
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    Ubuntu is what your missing lol all joking aside a reference error try and recompile again with updated repo
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    WTF?!! Did you read what I just posted? This is NOT a business!! @Ibeatdungeon, Ask the dev or OP why it was closed, they don't have to give an answer. This is a contributed project. It's not even in the guidelines for devs to say why they closed an issue. Now... with that said.. yes I agree: some explanation would be nice, however, it's entirely up to the devs to adapt a "polite" mannerism to issues while closing and/or commenting.
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    You are comparing ITIL process to an open public project? Also, I am a bit confused when you say "tickets". Are you referring to forum posts and/or open requests on git? I read your wall of rant and I'm at a complete lost on what your requesting within Help and Support. This isn't a company, and some the of the practices (regardless of ITIL) don't need to be adapted, hence contribution factor and NOT a "business".
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    You would be shocked how many people don't search google first just checking lol
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    Well it isn't as stable as 3.3.5a but it is much better then 7.2.5 or even 7.3.2 and I have tested it's up time and it is really good no problems with crashes or downtime so I am really happy with it right now, there was a logging out problem is disconnects for a while until I changed some things with the core authentication but things are running smooth.
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    Actually they still do play and the reason I know this is because my uncle is one of them that still plays 4.3.4 with other employees, but not saying that is all they do I know work comes first lol
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    Like Aokromes said 3.3.5a is the most stable but 4.3.4 is fun too I like playing on that server so you can also run that one for fun, I play on it all the time when I get free time from work that is lol
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    This is a modified version of 7.2.5 and that is why you are having issues with fps you need to not use the client from them, and the feed is also tearing it down when it goes looking for the realm so please use another version.
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    Actually you can find torrent ones by going to google.com and searching for 3.3.5a and one good source is piratebay if when searching just also add that one if you need to find a good source and there are other good sites out there. if you still have problems finding one let me know I will give you a link but google is your friend
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    Actually 4.3.4 is a great version to use I run my server also using 4.3.4, 3.3.5a and 7.3.2 but the funnest one for me is Cataclysm 4.3.4 and you can compile one yourself if that is what version you are wanting to run here is the link for that version. https://gitlab.com/trinitycore/TrinityCore_434/tree/4.3.4
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    Actually the only reason this is still working some what is because Blizzard employee's still play version 3.3.5a, 4.3.4, and 5 but after that the news feed is cut off but the images like the background doesn't show because the rendering system they used is not running anymore when the news feed is streamed so that is why you are not getting the background. This has nothing to do with the firewall blocking it.
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    I am voting for Telegram channel. Anybody on my side?
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    Here's a few more. PS: Either you contribute, or you're not helping. Pushing "Like" on the post isn't gonna do anything. azjolnerub.sql theeye.sql magtheridon.sql gruul.sql ragefire.sql utgardekeep.sql
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    I have been following this tutorial http://www.model-changing.net/tutorials/article/107-legion-big-tutorials/ to add some new items. I have added like 2 new items but my current problem is that I can't add any stats to the item.