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  1. It seems to be a problem with some mysql versions, will look at it
  2. Will NOT be updated anymore. Source code https://github.com/Shauren/WSTC
  3. Block connection for some players

    Since you are using soap to send account creation commands then you can just send the kick command (.kick)
  4. Shadows of Argus

    Server side part of it was completed (in same state as current 7.2.5) and is available on a different branch https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/tree/7.3.2 Only client part remains
  5. Compilation with -fsanitize=address

    DB2FileLoaderRegularImpl is master branch, not 3.3.5
  6. 7.3

    Pretty much what Aokromes said, I kind of took a break and only started working on this today
  7. Compile or cmake problems

    That warning indeed comes from boost - there is nothing we can do about it except wait for next boost release
  8. [SOLVED]Missing gossip_menu_option_trainer in wpp

    WPP now supports it as of https://github.com/TrinityCore/WowPacketParser/commit/62e3cab188c9622596eaee1e8b052e6610f8ef64
  9. Updated to
  10. Quest Log Storage Location

    Unlike CMaNGOS, we don't store completed and turned in quests in character_queststatus table but move them to character_queststatus_rewarded
  11. [SOLVED]SOLVED - error opening casc storage

    --- Canned message start --- It appears the issue in the original post was solved, so this thread shall be closed. Should you encounter any other difficulties, please open a new thread. --- Canned message end ---
  12. [SOLVED]SOLVED - error opening casc storage

    It would certainly help you to stop trying to use tools designed for legion client on wotlk client. Build extractors from 3.3.5 branch, not master
  13. Dbc, Maps, mmaps, Vmaps problems

    The only fucked up thing is your configuration/installation 7.2.5 works exactly the same as 7.2.0 did (assuming you updated everything properly)