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  1. Yes, master branch auth database IS structurally backwards compatible with 3.3.5 master branch has additional tables not present in 3.3.5 (all of bnet) and columns (Region/Battlegroup in realmlist table)
  2. They are not compatible in the way that you can run one and connect from both clients but they can share the same database (even if you run them both at the same time - but you need to use the database structure from master, there are more fields in tables)
  3. Do git checkout 0b0d4c4011b1be37590104dae6a5b7a6ae378eef to go back to last supported 7.1.5 version
  4. I liked it more when they also had a history of cdn configs for past builds
  5. authservers are compatible (up to wod, old auth code removed from client) if you just add the neccessary build info
  6. report libssl-dev version (the package used for compile), not openssl version (binary openssl tools) your error message indicates that libssl-dev version is 1.1.0
  7. Use absolute path for DataDir config, not relative (this standard linux path behavior, not TC specific)
  8. I don't know what core you are using but its not TC, our hotfix database item_sparse table does not have any fields with the names like on your screenshot
  9. yes (isnt that guide from ancient times - from before cmake on windows?)
  10. When using visual studio please DONT use Release build ever, use RelWithDebInfo, the difference is tiny but it is actually possible to debug crashes
  11. but you CAN put in the string in realmlist, the catch is that the machine that runs your authserver must be able to resolve that address to ip (you cant send the string to client)
  12. download 1.0.2k then? any 1.0.x version works (1.1.x does not)
  13. irc is just fine
  14. gcc is SLOW, it might produce slightly better optimized binaries but i wouldnt use it for any kind of dev builds, you should switch to clang at least