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  1. Shauren

    Use TypeScript to code WoW

    did someone really replace js with lua as output for TS?
  2. Shauren

    Stuck in "dead" status

    send gm commands to /g (works even without a guild because commands are handled before any other chat function)
  3. Shauren

    Glyphs in Auction House

    You could iterate spells linked to profession skills in SkillLineAbility.dbc (and check the created item id) but that will also include craftable materials (example: https://www.wowhead.com/spell=32454/knothide-leather) as well as items that are not supposed to be obtained (they are placeholders to display in profession UI, discovery spells use that)
  4. Shauren

    Battle for Azeroth

    You dont need game_tele for that, you can use .go xyz command instead and use coords
  5. Shauren

    Let's start a new project?

  6. Shauren

    Phasing System

    I am pretty sure blizz only uses one phaseid OR one phaseGroup
  7. Shauren

    Terain Map System

    terrain_worldmap is mapid and phaseid
  8. You should also run sudo update-alternatives --config g++ And check if you dont have CC/CXX environment variables defined pointing to 4.8
  9. Shauren

    The wiki tab links to Nirvana

    isnt wiki editable by anyone?
  10. Shauren

    The wiki tab links to Nirvana

    Better than having it redirect into nowhere
  11. I don't have any knowledge about building on mac, just repeating that mysql 8 is not supported on any platform (not related to mac specifically)
  12. That looks like you are using mysql 8 which is not supported
  13. Shauren

    [master branch] Adding a custom certificate.

    I have never figured out how to calculate the ShaHashPublicKeyInfo field in certificate bundle file so the answer is "it cant be done"
  14. Shauren

    [SOLVED]? about branches on github

    No, the auctionhouse branch has some ah backend changes, not related to any functionality, both of them have the bot